Savour a 2 bedroom villas with a oasis of tranquility

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Savour a 2 bedroom villas with a oasis of tranquility

Bali is an island of paradise. Not just for tourist but also for investors. Many foreign visitors to Bali at first soon become and investors and built their own dream villas here. Visitors from all parts of the world have rented the most beautiful of these privately owned villas that because of investors who before just visit Bali and soon wnat to make Bali as their second home.

There are so many private villas in bali to choose from. There are private villas for every body. From honeymoon coules, small families to a big families. Most Bali villas are available in Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Ubud, Sanur and some of Nusa dua area and Tanah lot area. Currently there are around 400 registered private villas in Bali open for business and the number could be double because some of them is not registered for renting porpuses.

Small families will enjoy a 2 bedroom villas with a haven of tranquility for those seeking total relaxation and leisure at the very first place. Of course, all 2 bedroom villas in Bali are also blessed with the premium surroundings overlooking the exotic views.

A 2 bedroom villas is most suitable for small families with 2 children. It’s a cost effective holiday option because most private villas comes with trained full-time cooks, maids, houseboys, gardeners and security staff, spa & beauty treatments free or at nominal cost, personal laundry, local telephone charges, high-speed Internet access and an air-conditioned car with a reliable driver from your arrival until your departure from Bali.

So if you would like to enjoy all those luxury amenities just book one of available Bali villas. Browse for them online at one of the Bali villas online agents like Bali Villas Network.

Las Vegas Vacations – A Frightening, Simple Way For Thieves To Easily Walk Into Your Hotel Room

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Las Vegas Vacations – A Frightening, Simple Way For Thieves To Easily Walk Into Your Hotel Room

All it takes is a glimpse of your expensive clothes, jewelry, the vehicles you drive, the cigars you smoke, or even the gambling fortunes you accumulated during your Las Vegas vacations. That kind of attention makes you a target in the eyes of a thief. But instead of thieves waiting to attack in an alley or somewhere secluded, dark, and out of sight, it may be much easier to just walk into your hotel room, even if it is locked and secured.

One rather simple mistake that can ruin Las Vegas vacations is a faulty hotel door. While that may seem strange at first thought, it is one of the opportunities that thieves use to access your personal belongings. Unfortunately, individuals with a perverted motive may also rely on that opportunity. One of the common tactics that thieves rely on is going through the hallways of hotel suites, pushing on the doors to see which ones will open. The reason why people actually do this is because some hotel doors do not shut properly after they close. The bolt mechanism may not be properly enforced into the hinge either because the screws holding the door’s balance are loose or other related reasons.

Consequently, many people actually feel that once the door shuts, it is secured, only able to get in if they have their key (or the staff who has the master key). However, the simple mistake of not checking the door shutting properly can actually cost you dearly if a thief is able to find that out before you do. All a thief has to do is simply push the door open or use a credit card to slide between the door and push the bolt mechanism out of the hinge to easily get inside your room. That means that any belongings a tenant left in the room while they are downstairs pulling down the slot machines is up for grabs. What can be even more frightening for tenants is if they are still in the room. On travel forums, there have been complaints of women who have had this happen to them in the middle of a shower, or in the middle of the night while they are asleep. The people who trespassed into the room simply claimed that they went into the wrong hotel room by mistake, using the alibi that all of the hotel rooms look the same or claim that the hotel itself made a mistake on room vacancies, issuing a key without realizing one was already issued (which has happened). However, if you’re sure you locked the door, the chances of the trespasser being a thief is very high.

Always take all precautions. Anyone on their Las Vegas vacations or any vacation package deals worldwide should always check their door. A simple test of checking if your door is locked tight and ensuring the bolt mechanism is firmly enforced into the hinge can mean the difference between a wonderful vacation and becoming a victim of property and identity theft. If the door is faulty, request a different room and inform the staff about it so it can be fixed. It is important that you never leave your wallets or purses on stools next to you or out in the open when you are gambling, but it is also important to ensure that you do not leave them in the open even in your hotel room either. One of the best things you can request is a safe to be placed in your hotel room where your belongings can be placed in. While hotels usually charge for this extra convenience if it isn’t already included, it can be very important if you feel that you cannot take your belongings with you when you leave your hotel room.

Pushkar Travel: Your Date With Spirituality

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Pushkar Travel: Your Date With Spirituality

Rajasthan and temples! Can anything better draw the image of state than this! As the bells toll, millions throng to the spiritual destination of north India. The Pushkar fair comes alive with the soul of India and is an important occasion to visit the holy shrine. Being the flavor of season, tourists come in droves to visit the ancient site popular for its grand temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. The temple complex includes a semi-circular Pushkar lake which is believed to extremely holy and consists of 52 bathing ghats complete with steps on its banks. The devotees make it a point to bathe in the lake and pray in the temple renowned for its aesthetic structure which is at once, captivating. Far from the chaos of city, Pushkar is a call of the divine for the faithful.

Shopping in Pushkar is quite a rewarding experience. One can purchase souvenirs from its famed bazaars to shop for textiles, exquisite embroidery pieces, finely crafted jewelry, miniature paintings and many other items of interest. Pushkar travel is incomplete without the pilgrimage to its holy town which is a mesmerizing experience in itself. The place is famed for its other equally prominent shrines like the Savitri temple, Rangji temple, Warah temple and Apteshwar temple. Alcohol isn’t permitted to be consumed during the holy days of travel and devout Hindus make it a point to zealously follow these rules. Pushkar travel includes a visit to the fair where a number of items such as beads, bangles, embroidered clothes, camel cover, leather goods and a variety of brass utensils can be bought by the visitors.

Apart form the importance of the shrine, a camel fair is held in Pushkar which is quite a sight in itself. Around 200,000 traders, dealers and tourists throng to the west of the lake. It is quite a sight to behold when the desert landscape comes alive with colorful camps surcharge with the lively atmosphere. The colorful life of the simple people acts as a magnet for the tourists worldwide and is the reason behind their increased travel schedules to the state apart from Goa. The captivating charm of the sand dunes is mesmerizing for the visitors and an occasional lyric from some lone singer faraway adds to the overall beauty of the place. Pushkar travel includes the night campfires which are an ideal place to meet and acts as a binding force for all the races of the world which come visiting here.

Savor the unique sights of the desert kingdom in the form of camel safari. These safaris are tailored to suit the unique requirements of yours and are quite affordable by most of the tourists. The rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert of Sahara is out of the world experience with ‘the ship of desert’ camels acting as your load bearers. The starlit skies of the desert whisper something divine in the ears of many a traveler and Pushkar travel seems to come to full circle with this. The place is accessible by both the air and rail routes as well as the road, whereby it is upon you to decide which one to take. At Jaipur, the airport is about 131 km away form the place of pilgrimage. The nearest railhead Ajmer is situated 11 km from Pushkar and has got a vast network connecting it with major places in Rajasthan.

The Perth Bell tower: redefining the concept of a Campanile

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The Perth Bell tower: redefining the concept of a Campanile

Originally founded as the free settler colony on the banks of the Swan River, the settlement evolved into the largest city in Western Australia changing its name to Perth. The city still remains the seat of power for Western Australia.
As of 2009 Perth is considered the fifth most liveable city in the world. The city has been characterised as an easy going locale where the residents are friendly and the landscape is very scenic. Being near the banks of the Swan Rivers affords many spectacular views from the city’s Central Business District.
The Perth Bell Tower is a popular attraction that showcases the city’s forward thinking attitude and embrace of modern design whilst respecting traditional practices. Standing at 82.5 metres it is one of the tallest Campaniles in the world.
Created to mark the turn of the millennium, the tower attracts over a million visitors a year. Perth Bell Tower comprises of six floors, and is open from 10 am daily. Guided tours are available describing the concept and construction of the tower leading to the bell chamber. Within the chamber an expert bell ringer will explain how the rings are coordinated to make the towers distinct sound and allow visitors to partake in bell ringing as well.
The bells within the tower were donated by the city of London UK for Perth’s bicentennial celebrations. Considered the only royal bells to have ever left the UK, they date back to the 14th century. In 1988 they were recast and re-tuned by London’s famed Whitechapel bell foundry and sent to Perth.
The sixth floor of the bell tower acts as an observation deck cum events area. Here weddings and private functions can be held amidst the scenic back drop of Perth along the Swan River.
After touring the Perth Bell Tower visitors can head over to the shops located within the tower to buy souvenirs of an assorted choice to remember their visit to this most unique of modern attractions.
Visitors hoping to tour Perth will find many accommodation options to choose from. For those who prefer a more homely atmosphere, there are many serviced apartments Perth to choose from. For example the Somerset St. Georges Terrace offers elegant, centrally located Perth apartment accommodation with a host of amenities and services to suit both business and leisure travellers.

Best Beaches of Seychelles

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10 Best Beaches of Seychelles

Seychellesis a group of about 115 islands, located northeast of Madagascar. There are five main islands; Mah?, Praslin, La Digue, Fr?gate, and North Island. Much of Seychelles is protected sanctuaries devoted to preserving and amazing array of flora and fauna. The giant Alabra Tortoises are fascinating and should not be missed when visiting the islands, Birds huge bird colonies can be found on certain islands

While tourism is absolutely their main industry, the Seychelle Islands are a relatively unknown vacation hideaway. If you are looking for a snappy nightlife you might be a little disappointing. One of the charms of the Seychelles is that they are not commercial and overdeveloped. The group of islands offer the perfect Honeymoon getaway.

Beau Vallon

This beach is located on the island of Mah? on the northern side, and is one of the more popular beaches on Mah?. This long and sandy beach has magnificent views of North Island and Silhouette. There are various diving and water sport centers as well a Teddy’s Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

Anse Royale

This beach is the longest on Mah? and it provides beaches that are protected in most cases from choppy seas and provides a safe and comfortable swimming experience. This makes for very favorable conditions for swimming and beach fun from May to October.

Intendance Beach

This is a very wide beach, which provides huge swells that are favored by surfers. Multi-directional currents make it a little challenging at times to swim and the Banyan Tree Resort will notify swimmers of dangerous conditions with flags. Anse Intendance is one of the spots that turtles still nest.

Anse Cimitiere

Cimitiere is a very hidden beach and is quite hidden. Monsoon season is from May to October and is a time of large waves and dangerous surf. There are a few natural swimming pools created by protecting rocks on the beach. If you are looking for a nice change there is the inland forest that can be explored by horses from the Riding Centre Utegangar.

Port Launay

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on Mah? and is located on the west side of the island. This beach will have the largest population of beach goers on weekends. Swimming is great here and the beach is very well maintained.

Anse Georgette

Rated as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Anse Georgette is located on the island of Praslin. Only accessible by boat the beach offers the luxury of the Lemuria Resort. This is a favorite of Honeymooners because of the intimacy of the private beach.

Anse Bois de Rose

This beach is known for its fishing and there is a great spot for swimming located next to the hotel Coco de Mer.

Anse Source D’Argent

This beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Seychelles. Huge granite boulders separate it from Anse Lazio and make this a hotspot for filming and photography. This beach is a favorite for magazines as well as TV travel programs.

Anse Bamboos

Located on the island of Fr?gate, Anse Bamboos has the main hotel on the island. It boasts of has some currents but they are not too dangerous to swimmers and there is a lifeguard stationed here for your safety. Sun chairs with large shade umbrellas line the beach for your comfort.

Anse d’Est

Anse d’Est is located on the east side of North Island and this is where large coral beds are located just off the beach. The North Island Lodge offers a swimming pool, restaurant, library and diving center.

Let the Train Take the Strain

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Let the Train Take the Strain

Or so ran an old BR strapline from the 1970’s. Actually, it was a lesson that I took on board at the time and subsequently rode the rail networks all over the UK whilst on numerous business trips. It was whilst I was engaged on these trips that I also caught onto the handy trick of always booking into hotels near railway stations. As an old colleague once advised me “you can be in and out like a flash”.

What he meant was that you could arrive the night before, catch one of the easily available taxi’s that always haunt the station’s environs to take you to your meeting and once complete, be back at your hotel, shower, grab your bags and already be near the station for a handy getaway.

Time and again this strategy proved its worth, especially on trips to London when I would often book myself either a hotels in Euston or a hotels in Kings Cross. Both of these choices, besides the merits already mentioned, provided other benefits; namely that they were both actually very well placed for finding entertainment, points of interest and generally ways to pass the time on the evening before my meetings were scheduled.

For that reason, my favourite hotel in Euston was the Euston Square Hotel; this particular Euston Hotel had a fantastically helpful ‘can do’ approach to its guests requirements. Additionally, besides being conveniently close to Euston Station, the Euston Square Hotel was also conveniently close to such attractions as Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Regents Park and Theatreland…ideal for a night’s exploration.

For a very similar reason, whenever I booked a hotel in Kings Cross, my hotel of preference was The Arriva Hotel. Now this was a Kings Cross hotel in its truest sence, being as it was literally minutes walk from the Station and so conveniently close to The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and The Tower of London as to make it the most ideal place to stay for businessmen and visitors alike.

Well…all that for me was in days past; I’ve actually been retired for some years now. I still make the occasional visit to London just to take in the attractions and to re-visit old haunts and whenever I do, I still follow my old habit of booking either a hotel in Euston or a hotel in Kings Cross…times may have changed, but the convenience of following this methodology hasn’t.