Honeymoon Tips

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Honeymoon Tips

Most often than not, couples spend so much of their preparation time on the wedding details that they tend to overlook the specifics of their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon usually comes right after the chaos of wedding celebrations giving newlyweds no time to rectify their lack of preparation. So, they just rush into their pre-booked flights and discover too late that they have cooked up a big anti climax instead of a spectacular highlight. You don’t want to commit the same mistake.

Set a time to sit down and talk it over. You don’t need to allot more than a day or two to do this. Most couples tend to forgo after-wedding preparations because of the erroneous belief that it will take so much time from their hectic schedule for before-the-wedding preparation. In fact, you can discuss the matter during your free time together such as during lunch or dinner. The important thing is that you have allotted a particular time to talk about your ideas on where and how you want to spend your first few days or weeks as a married couple. This will give you the right mind-set to focus on just one topic – your honeymoon!

Agree on a budget. Weddings can be costly and you don’t want to worry about your finances during your first year as a couple. So, set a budget that you can afford and not a budget that you wish you had. This amount will guide you in choosing where you can go, where you can stay, what entertainment options you can enjoy and what types of restaurants you can visit. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to have a wonderful honeymoon. All it takes is good planning and a touch of creativity on your part.

Discuss where you want to celebrate love and romance together. It is important to see eye to eye on your destination. You want to have a great time as a couple, so you want to consider each others interests when choosing a honeymoon spot. You may also want to recall the places you’ve visited together and consider the sites that gave both of you much fun and excitement. It could be a tropical beach, a winter getaway, a glamour camping trip or an African safari.

Book everything in advance. Early birds do not just get to save but also get to have more time to enjoy. Advance bookings, from your flights to your massages, usually get discounted prices compared to on-the-spot appointments. When you get to your destination, you will not have to waste your precious time on this mundane task but you can immediately get on with having a good time. Moreover, it’s a convenient way to avoid joining the usual queue. With pre-bookings, you can be sure to have your preferred restaurant, service or activity available at your convenience.

Finally, take advantage of honeymoon perks on offer. Hotels, restaurants, spas and what-have-you usually have special prices and/or freebies for newly weds. So take time to find out what privileges are available for you to enjoy. These bonuses are usually designed to create an atmosphere of romance and passion for the newlyweds – just perfect, don’t you think?  Oh… And congratulations!

Winter Sports In Majorca

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Winter Sports In Majorca

Some of us love to be active whatever the season and many may choose to get active over the winter months. Winter sports are also great fun, especially for those who don’t like to sit still and Majorca has a good selection of winter sports to choose from. So why not spend your winter holidays in a beautiful Majorca hotel or a Majorca apartment?

The iconic image of galloping along the beach as the sun sets may be more accessible than one would have thought. Many of the hotels in Majorca have their own stables and can offer lessons for an unforgettable experience.

Another good sport that can be played throughout the winter is mountain biking. Majorca is surrounded by Alcornocales, a natural park which is ideal for mountain biking. There are rentable bikes available and it’s a great way to get out and explore the views of the magnificent Balearic islands. 

Paintballing is popular around the world and provides the secret pleasure we all have of acting like a big kid. They take their paintballing very seriously in Majorca; there is even a Spanish paintballing league and the facilities will please amateurs and professionals alike.

Majorca is in the perfect position if you are a fan of golf. It is right in the middle of two of the finest places to play golf in the world. The Costa de la Luz and the Costa del sol offer a great opportunity to play golf during the winter due to the warm Mediterranean climate. The golf courses are often exclusive to the hotel and thus booking should be very trouble free; some hotels even offer discounted golf and preferential tee-off times. All of the courses have a good section of amenities and are some of the finest golf facilities in the world. There is even a 54 hole course, one of the largest golf facilities in the world.

For those who like to keep fit, even over the winter, or just get a head-start on the beach body, there is a gym located in central Majorca. It is very well equipped to a very high specification and trained staff are on hand to offer help and guidance. There is also an indoor swimming pool and this only costs 3 Euros per day. The facilities can get busy during the winter although a hotel may be able to help with fitness requirements.

Majorca is a diverse and cultural place yet still accounts for the needs of those who live there and visit whatever the season. Regardless of the weather, which is generally very warm in the winter, there is always a sporting activity available. Majorca has an array of facilities for everyone and every occasion. Many hotels are able to offer help and recommendations for this as well. 


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Traveling is exciting. It is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences for each and everyone. We need to travel to change the sight of those who are around us and avoid the depression of being in the same place. When we travel with our family, it strengthens the relationship bond which seems to lose its grip. It is also possible to see and experience different cultures, sights, and spots which you have never been before. Before traveling to a new destination, try to get as much information as possible about the destination .It helps to make your journey more comfortable. Even though travelling is very exciting we should not forget that there are risks in travelling. It is a must to take care of yourself and your belongings.

Crime is a fact throughout the world. In most of the places, tourists are targeted for theft. To have a safe and pleasant vacation, it is a must to follow the safety travel tips. If you tend to over pack, then it becomes a problem from the very start itself. It is important to travel light in order to reduce hassle and stress. Traveling light helps you be free to move around without worrying about your baggage. It is smart to avoid wearing Expensive-looking jewelry. It is a wise idea to put your valuables in various places rather than all in one wallet or pouch.  Avoid handbags, fanny packs and outside pockets that are easy targets for thieves. Don’t use shortcuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets. Never discuss your travel plan with strangers. Avoid wandering through unfamiliar areas alone, always remain alert.

It is important to stay healthy throughout your trip to make your trip more enjoyable. It is quiet common to fall sick when you are traveling to a new place. Traveling can bring you in contact with things that your body hasn’t been used to. Be aware of endemic diseases and have appropriate shots and pills with you. Before leaving, rest as much as possible to speed up the recovery period. In addition, try to have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and stay well hydrated. It is better to drink bottled water, also avoid eatables from road side vendors.

It is a best idea to scan your passport and travel documents and e-mail them to yourself. If your documents are lost or stolen you can easily access copies from your e-mail .It is best to use Credit or debit cards to access your money. Take some travelers cheques or small amount of cash when you have to carry them on person. Once you deal with all of the above, it is sure to have a safe and stress free journey.

Top Five Valentine

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Top Five Valentine?s Day Unusual Travel Tips

Your shopping list for the most romantic day of the year is clear: roses, candles, bubblys and cute gifts. This year falls Valentine?s Day on Sunday so you should dust off the holiday brochures and choose the best spot for a romantic weekend away. Hold your horses, I know what you are thinking: Paris, Prague, Rome or Venice. They are romantic, sure, but also a bit boring. So before you decide, take a glance at these top five Valentine?s day unusual travel tips and see if you can?t find something more unique. And your shopping list has suddenly an extra item – cheap airline tickets.


If you and your spouse have a soft spot for extravagance, luxury and lavishness, there is no better place for you than Dubai. The ?City of Gold? offers shopping promenades, restaurants and relaxing spa treatments. You don?t have to worry about communication, you?ll hear the helpful British accent everywhere. Sheikh?s bank balance would definitely elevate your trip but you won?t need it, just practice your bargain abilities. There are lots of sprawling bazzars and local seller will be keen to sell your their products. Wait for the airfare deals to Dubai and you can also save money on flight tickets.


Have you ever heard of Montenegro? Well, you missed a lot. ?The pearl of the Mediterranean? is situated in the south of the Adriatic. It?s fascinating that in a such a small place you can find beatiful natural wealth, mild beaches, clear lakes, wild rivers and magnificent mountains. If you have time to visit just one place, go to Sveti Stefan. The peninsula of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) is an attractive stop with villas and apartments with a magnificent view to the sea horizon. There are also rich cultural and historic heritage left behind by the local inhabitants. The beaches are neither golden, nor white but reddish. It might not be the easiest task to find low fare flights to Montenegro, but you will be highly rewarded for your effort.


Istanbul, the meeting place of Europe and Asia, is a popular destination among many low cost airlines, so gift your loved one with two cheap tickets. The largest city in Turkey has it all – fascinating glamour, treasured Bosporus, unique historical inheritances and the smiling hospitable people. Istanbul boasts of the Bosporus, one of the most important strait in the world joining the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It separates by this Europe and Asia and makes Istanbul a city in both Europe and Asia. History and sights lovers won?t know where to go first. This metropolis is a place with ancient churches, synagogues, museums, castles and bazaars. Worth visiting is definitely Blue Mosque, one of the most popular Turkish and Islamic monument with six unique towering minarest embellished with more than 20.000 Iznik tiles. After all day walking through the city, you might feel like trying some local cuisine. Starting with soups Dugun Corbasi (Wedding day soup) and Yayla Corbasi. After appetizers made of vegetables and olive oil come meals. What else should you eat in Turkey than Kebab. There are desserts also for those who have a sweet tooth.


Istanbul?s too big and overcrowded for you? Don?t worry because budget flights fly also to places like Reykjavik. With only 120.000 ihhabitants is the Iceland?s capital a far cry from a metropolis. What it lacks in modernity, it makes up for with nature and natural magnificence. Reykjavik is famous for its awe-inspiring scenery that could be hardly found in any other city. So a Valentine?s Day here will be an experience neither you nor your sweetheart will forget. Local first-class wining and dining has a well-deserved reputation and also contribute to your life-time experience.

St. Petersburg

The Orient Express gets you there as well, but with your favourite airline it is much cheaper and faster. All Casanovas treat your ladies to an elegant, old European weekend in the most romantic city in Russia, check the current flight offers, book the lowest fares and enjoy a fantastic weekend. Soak up culture, indulge yourself in tasty cuisine (do not forget about vodka) and keep warm with your special someone. Leave your hotel room at least for one morning and visit the famous Hermitage Museum and the magnificent Catherine Palace. Your visit in St. Petersburg won?t be complete without a Russian caviar. Try it in the Podvorje restaurant.

The Buzz of Airport Transfers

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The Buzz of Airport Transfers

Airports have a special aura around them and deliver an electric feeling that very few buildings are capable of giving. The airport is always in a state of motion, acting as a conveyor belt for the benefit of holidaymakers and business people. Airport transfers take you to the entrance teeming with people, and with taxis and space wagons all around. Each of such vehicles will be bringing forth people and families looking forward to an exciting vacation. The physical structure of terminals may not be in a state of change, but airport transfer services are. The airport can be compared to the skin and bones while the travellers are rightly called the pumping blood. They come and go, and in between indulge in eating and drinking. Vehicles, luggage porters, baggage handling personnel, security aspects – all these add to the buzz in an airport.

Airport has a sort of greater liveliness about them when compared to a school or a hotel. Transfers between the various terminals, each serving different countries and continents take the figure of trains or conveyor belts, and internal transfers have been evolving with time. One can see fidgety businessmen holding on to bottles of perfume meant for their so- called neglected wives, Canadian backpackers binging on the previous night’s surplus and pensioners indulging in Spanish south. Transfers dash along the broad corridors of Singapore terminal, on their way to Thailand to the north, or Indonesia to the south. People who arrive late in Amsterdam race towards the flight to the USA. The entire game of people going places continues without a break.

Unceasing in its unrelenting buzz, the airport is one entity that is almost unfeasible to pin down. The airport’s temporary residents otherwise called passengers would finally go to their tubes and go through the in-flight magazines in a very careless manner. Beginning to come off a satisfying shopping or costly airport food, these passengers or travellers would be impatiently waiting for the take off of their respective flights and going up into the blue or grey sky. There also, they are waiting for another kind of experience.

The vignettes of red sparkling wine from flight 209 and black coffee from another, the compact lasagne of Italy, the small spring rolls of the Shanghai- all are bound to leave an indelible impression in the minds of these travelling lot. It will take some time for the enriching experience of air travel to leave the person’s psyche. The phenomenon of jet lag is the result of this experience; the letting-go of the heady world of mini dishes and curd pots, sparkling wine refills and bottles of that malted liquid.

At the other end, activities continue at the usual pace; airport transfers to different destinations or perhaps transfers to their homes and familiar beds. Sometimes the process of checking out can be pathetic when the human train gets delayed by passport checks or when the luggage fails to appear on the other side. Suitcase retrieved, its time to exit the structure to the lap of the earth.

Backpacking Hiking – Important Equipment To Have A Great Time

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Backpacking Hiking – Important Equipment To Have A Great Time

If you are planning to go backpacking hiking you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. A lot of this backpacking hiking equipment will depend on where you are planning to go. Hiking backpacking equipment is important because if you are uncomfortable or do not have what you need a fun and enjoyable hike can become miserable very quickly.

What You Need To Have The Most Fun Backpacking Hiking

The first thing you need to enjoy backpacking hiking is a good pair of boots. When you set out on natural trails you will be traveling across rough terrain with roots and tocks. A sturdy set of boots will protect your feet from the hocks while supporting your ankles to keep them from turning. Usually a solid pair of boots will have good sturdy soles so that you can grip the terrain well and not slip and fall.

Lightweight boots are available and provide all of the sturdiness and grip of a much heavier thicker boot in a lighter configuration. Boots are probably the most important piece of equipment when you are planning to go backpacking hiking. Whenever you go out into the woods you need to bring along the 10 essentials and something to carry them in. A backpack with wide padded straps and a waist belt is the best way to carry these.

In the 1930′s mountaineers outlined the following items as being essentials: map, compass, water and a way to purify it, extra food, rain gear and extra clothing, fire starter and matches, first aid kit, Swiss Army knife or multi-purpose tool, flashlight, sunglasses and sunscreen. Regardless of how short a hike you are going on you are going to want to make sure that you have these items.

There is always a chance you can get lost, and if so you want to be prepared.  These items will make sure of this. Next up for your backpacking hiking trip is your clothing. It is important that you wear layers of clothing when you go out on the trail. By layering you clothing you can ensure that not only are you keeping yourself warm, but that you can also take off layers if you get hot.

Make sure that your outer layer is not only waterproof and windproof but breathable as well. In addition a good pair of hiking pants is a good investment. I would not go on a backpacking hiking trip in shorts as many times branches and plants can tear up your legs. Socks are also important, so make sure you get a nice thick padded pair of socks.