Luxury tour packages – To Explore The Paradise

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Luxury tour packages – To Explore The Paradise

India is a country having rich and varied heritage traditions as well as culture in comparison to the other countries around the globe. India is also known to be the country where we get to see a curious fusion of the paradoxes of both contemporary and the outmoded culture.

From the point of view of the tourists there are extremely motivating as well as astounding places in almost every state worth a watch. Among these the picturesque beauty of Taj Mahal, Goa beaches various monuments along with several other places requires a mention. A visit to these places will make your visit to India worthwhile. There are numerous alternates available for the people located in west, south, north as well as east of India to have a fun filled time with luxury tours packages.

With various travel destinations accessible for the tourists looking forward to explore the rich diversity of the country in such a case luxurious tours package are an ideal option to consider. A country comprising billion of inhabitants speaking different languages in such a case luxury tours can offer the tourists with a memorable amalgamation of warmth, natural beauty, creativity, spirituality as well as color.

The luxury tour packages provided by the operators of tours in India render the tourists with excellent facilities as well as amenities which will make their stay in India joyful and worth cherishing. With so many destinations to visit in India, the magnificence of the palaces, architectural monuments as well as forts will surely enchant your senses.

India is truly a paradise of charm as well as enjoyment where the tourists from all over the globe come for having the first hand experience of different sights, dynamism in cultures, variety in terrain along with something extremely special which only luxury tours package can render to you. The tourists have the full freedom to make their choice from various luxurious tours packages available such as golden triangle tour, luxury wildlife tour, north India tours, south India tours, luxury train tours, among the various others.

The Golden Triangle Tour is known as an extremely popular luxury tours in India which offers the tourists to please themselves with the best tourist attractions. It covers the three most important Indian cities including Delhi, Agra as well as Jaipur. It renders the tourists with an eagle’s eye view of the several monuments as well as forts in these three states so that they have a mesmerizing experience. Besides it also gives the tourists a truly delighted and royal experience.

South India luxury tours are one of the best luxury tours available which enables the tourist to surpass in the god’s land. With breathtaking views of the backwaters in Kerala with the outstanding Ayurvedic massages render an experience which remains unforgettable forever.

Luxurious and Comfortable Accommodations Sliema Hotels in Malta

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Luxurious and Comfortable Accommodations Sliema Hotels in Malta

If you want to visit Malta and want to find the best towns and hotels in Malta to stay, then the town of Sliema or Tad Sliema is definitely one of the most interesting places to stay in Malta. At present, the town of Sliema is considered as center for commercial activities such as shopping and even for dining activities. A number of Malta hotels and residences abound in the area for it is also considered as one of the major residential and commercial areas in Malta. Historically, the name Sliema means “peace” and “comfort” which was a term that likely describes the town of Sliema then as a small fishing village where natives lived a peaceful life.

Stay in Sliema in one of those hotels in Malta would be certainly fun and educational as you would learn so much about the history of the town in the course of your travel. The town also got its name from a chapel that was built in honor of the Virgin Mary Star of the Sea which served as the symbol of hope and guidance for the fishermen who once lived in this town. It was only in the 19th century that the town began to rapidly develop and many Malta hotels were built.

The development of the town in the 19th century grew because it became a popular summer resort for most of the most affluent residents of Valetta. Later on, a number of town houses, elegant villages, and high end hotels in Malta were built in the town of Sliema. Most of the structures in the area were of Victorian inspired architecture and these architectural designs lined the sea promenade of Sliema which include the Malta hotels.

Among the excellent Malta hotels found in the town of Sliema is the Victoria Hotel Sliema Malta. The Victoria is a four star hotel which is a hotel with character, charm and elegance. The hotel has a typical Victorian look which guests look for on hotels in Malta. It has a very cozy fireplace located in the lobby area and it has a number of chesterfield sofas. The hotel also serves a great buffet and a La Carte as well as cool cocktail drinks and English teas in the Penny Black lounge. In this Malta hotel, one can see the Sir Walter Scott Terrace which is considered as the place to feel the summer with fresco dining and under the starlight dining. The Victoria Hotel takes pride of its customer oriented staff and high standard of comfort and elegance. This Malta holiday hotel has 120 rooms with 6 suites.

Another great accommodation in Malta and particularly in Sliema is The Palace Hotel. The hotel is an urban and five-star hotel which is distinctively known as deluxe boutique Malta hotel. It has a smart and deluxe atmosphere and has a uniquely elegant look in its interior. It is decorated in contemporary art and is furnished with sculpture collections. A number of the guests of hotels in Malta have said that the hotel offers genuine hospitality and provides for luxurious and comfortable accommodation in Malta.

Luton Airport Parking

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Luton Airport Parking

Do Your Bookings Over Your Computer For Luton Airport Parking
by Carol Lamb

The convenience of Luton Airport Parking is essential to consider when choosing this airport as your mode of travel. Although Luton by bus is approximately just over one hour away from London Victoria Buckingham Palace Road and well frequented, with buses arriving and departing 24/7 every 15-30 minutes every single day apart from Christmas Day, you are probably reading this because you plan to either drop off your car at Luton Airport or pick it up from Luton Airport Parking. You may even work at Luton Airport or need to fetch or drop someone off there.

The website turns chaotic travel arrangements into very neatly organized packages and you will be amazed at all the various options it offers. Test the website by typing in a date or two under Luton Airport Parking and see what the site comes up with. Very simple to use, all it really requires is the date you will drop off your car and when you will collect it again. They may also want to know if you are using Luton Airport Parking for business or leisure purposes so that they will be able to assist you in the best way. These aces do the rest, leaving you with nothing to worry about. They even provide detailed directions from the time of your arrival at the barrier to Luton Airport Parking and tell you exactly what to expect – almost like an idiot’s guide to parking at Luton Airport! You will be glad to have all these details to ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey when you know that you have parked securely and have been assisted in a professional manner.

The enormity of the options this website offers is hugely impressive. As an on-line agency for Luton Airport Parking, they are able to provide you with short-term, long-term, long-term with a special savings option and priority parking. Booking on-line is not only convenient and enables you to choose the options best suited to your needs but by dealing with your arrangements well ahead of time you can save 60% on parking fees. Needless to say, you can also pay on-line. This is a huge boon for the frequent traveler and the businessperson who does not want to get caught up with holiday periods and being faced with looking for parking in a rush, possibly to be faced with a full airport and a missed flight!

You will be amazed at the sheer variety of options which Luton Airport Parking offers through their web-site agents. Options available are short term parking, long term parking (with a special long-term parking saving plan), a meet and greet parking option and priority parking. By booking on site, you will not only be able to choose the best option to suit your needs but by booking Luton Airport Parking through on-line agencies well ahead of time you could find yourself with a neat little saving of 60%. This is recommended as on the spot arriving at the Airport Parking will not only cost you more and you will need to pay at the gate, but you could very well find yourself driving around trying to find an empty parking, or even find to your horror that the airport parking area is full. This is a busy airport during holiday seasons and you will want to avoid any fuss especially at those times.

The web site of the Luton Airport Parking agency provides a host of different options of parking to choose from. Take a look at their short-term parking, long-term parking which offers by the way a long-term savings, priority parking and a convenient “Meet and Greet” choice. Book on line and choose the best option for your specific needs. Try to book ahead of time so that you can enjoy not only the lack of stress it provides but also a 60% discount.

The website also recommends that you write down the location of where you parked your car so that it can be easily found on your arrival back. Little details like this ensure a speedy and mishap-free arrival and departure at Luton Airport. You will find a number of these tips on the website.

The Luton Airport Parking utilizes an automated checking in system by number plate recognition and as you arrive you will need to enter your details correctly. Your ticket will be automatically released and this you need to have in safekeeping as it will open the barrier to Luton Airport parking when you arrive back. Having booked on-line and paid for your parking, you will not need to make any payments unless you have overextended your stay for any reason. This website is full of handy tips to make your parking easier and although they may seem insignificant, putting them to use is advisable for a satisfactory experience from the time of your arrival at Luton Airport until the day you leave again. For example, they mention a simple reminded to take a note of where you parked your car which you may forget about if you are away for any duration of time with all the rush of airport travel.

The regulations at Luton Airport mean that you are not permitted to wait for longer than ten minutes within the Priority Set Down Zone (a drop and pick up area). If you need to collect or drop off visitors without any hassles, you can also book this option on line under the Fly and Meet category. This means you will be met by professionally trained staff who will assist with luggage, flight details and anything else you may need assistance with.

The website for booking Luton Airport Parking offers competitive prices, detailed car park locations, security, bus and chauffeur transfers and also offers car park facilities from the top five UK providers. They can also organize hotel stop overs with parking and suggests that you do a test and enter dates for Luton Airport Parking to see what site returns. They also offer the usage of the priority parking area where after arrival at the Airport Terminal you will be able to park in one of the dedicated Valet Arrival parking bays and be collected by professional valet staff. Book for your parking on line at this website and you will not be sorry that you did!

For anyone that know about airports, you should know the airport parking cost and the possible pitfalls. If you want to park at Luton airport you will find that organising Luton airport parking can be a lot easier than you thought.

Guide About Malta Tours

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Guide About Malta Tours

Malta, often referred to as “the heart of the Mediterranean” is located 60 miles south of Sicily and 120 miles north of Tunisia. Malta is bestowed with phenomenal natural beauty, panoramic scenery and picturesque landscapes. Enriched culture, history and hospitable people are the additional highlights of Malta. No wonder, Malta is one of the primmest tourism destinations in the world. People from every corner of the globe come to Malta to experience the unique way of life, its history, culture and people.

It is really difficult to compile all the things of Malta in a single page. After all, there are countless features, highlights, attractions, facts and much more to tell about Malta.

Malta: A Short Introduction

Malta is a perfect blend of variety of cultures. Impressions of Phoenicians, Normans, Saracens Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians and others can be felt at the Malta. Apart from diverse cultures, you will notice the unique lifestyle over here. Local people are very hospitable to the tourists and keep guiding you all the way.

Unlimited Things to Do at Malta

Malta is for everyone. Whether you are an art lover, adventure freak or anything else, Malta is the best place for all of them. Ancient monuments, ruins and museums are the best places where you can learn more about the glorious past of Malta.

One can do shopping in the local market and collect some phenomenal piece of artworks.

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Cuisines are the most unique and attractive thing about Malta. One must try the local beverages and cuisines as they are really delicious and to be remembered for lifetime.

Yachting and boating is again one of the best ways to enjoy Malta. You can get here all kinds and sizes of boats at the most affordable rates as well.

When it comes to adventure there is no better option to Malta in the world. You can play beach games and enjoy swimming, diving, surfing, sailing and many more activities.

Places to Visit in Malta: Explore every corner

Malta is really a treat to tour. Gozo, Sicily, Valletta, Sliema and many more neighboring places add to the beauty of Malta. You must visit the forts built at the sea shores. Apart from ancient monuments, you can visit the markets of Malta. Local streets and markets are the best places to understand the real Malta.

Accommodation at Malta: Never a Problem

Malta offers you plentiful options for accommodations. You can get here hotels, villas, apartments, cottages, farmhouses and much more. The best thing about accommodations in Malta is that you can get the best accommodations at the most affordable rates. In addition, you can easily get your desired lodging in prime seasons as well.

How to Save Money in Las Vegas: Hotel, Airfare, and Other Deals

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How to Save Money in Las Vegas: Hotel, Airfare, and Other Deals

Is Las Vegas any place for the bargain hunter? Sure! If you play your cards right, Las Vegas hotel, airfare, food, and other deals are there for the taking — allowing you to win big even if you lose out on the casino floor.


Deal hunting begins when you book your airfare to Vegas. Look out for airfare and hotel package deals that can save you a bundle, as well as hotel and car rental packages if you plan on driving once you’re in the city.

The Best Airfare Rates

Sites that offer bulk airfare rates can also save you money right off the top. Try sites such as, and, as well as sites like and

Be Flexible

If you are flexible about the day and time you head to Las Vegas, sites such as can help your flexibility pay off.

Hotel Deals

Today, the best Las Vegas hotels all offer streamlined online reservation systems that make it easy to shop around for great room rates and book your room online.

Don’t wait until you’re in Vegas to shop around for the best deals. When booking airfare and hotels, flexibility and the willingness to comparison shop is the key to taking advantage of spectacular deals.

Timing is Everything

The best way to make a bargain out of your Vegas vacation is to avoid weekends, when most people come out to play and room, airfare, and food prices are jacked up accordingly. If you can’t avoid weekends entirely, at least try to avoid weekends that will drive large crowds to Vegas, such as weekends with championship boxing matches. Unless you’re a boxing fan, these weekends will simply mean higher prices for you.

There are also deals to be had during the low season. Vegas summers are hot and dry, so if you can handle a sizzling Sin City — of if you’re a complete night owl — a plethora of deals will be waiting for you. Those who take a summer vacation to Vegas during the middle of the week can enjoy reasonably priced rooms, great meals deals, and freebies such as show tickets. Just avoid the Fourth of July, which draws sizable crowds.


Everyone knows that high-rollers can enjoy free drinks and cigars on the casino floor. But what about the rest of us?

At your favorite hotel or casino, sign up for their version of the “frequent gambler card.” You may have to wait in line, but the wait will soon pay off. Use the card to rack up points, and you’ll be enjoying some great freebies in no time.

If you love slots, be sure to sign up for your favorite casino’s slot club. Once you are on the mailing list for your favorite hotel/casino, you will free room offers, slot tournament invitations, and other freebies and perks.

Lastly, if you’re not averse to filling out forms, getting on several hotels’ mailings lists can give you the pick of great Las Vegas hotel deals and much more. Hotels regularly dole out special room rates, free show tickets, and other great perks to those on their mailing lists, because they know that great money-saving offers will keep you coming back.


Lastly, don’t forget the humble coupon.

An increasing number of websites let you print coupons from home and bring them to Vegas to redeem. Enter “las vegas coupons” into your favorite search engine to uncover the treasure trove of such sites, which include,, and Printing out coupons before you depart can be a great way to plan your activities and get excited about your trip.

Once you are in Vegas, pick up coupon books in your hotel room, hotel lobbies, shopping areas, and taxis. The coupons can give you great ideas for cheap and tasty dining, 2-for-1 show tickets, and more. Great deals are there for the taking, and you may discover some great new restaurants and attractions while you save money!

Vegas may be an exciting destination for adults and children alike. With a little planning, flexibility, and insider knowledge, you can save a bundle while having the time of your life.

Tips on Renting Cars in Europe

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Tips on Renting Cars in Europe

The following are some tips that you should keep in mind when renting a car in Europe:

  • You will not need a car if you are simply going to be staying in large European cities.  Rail transportation between cities is excellent.  However, if you want to check out the countryside, renting a car is wise.
  • Generally you will find the best prices by booking in advance from the U.S.
  • The best rates on European cars can be found by renting them by the week with unlimited mileage.
  • Renting at the airport is often more expensive then picking up your car rental downtown.  If your trip entails a ferry crossing, it may be cheaper to rent a different car in each country.
  • Usually there is no additional charge to rent a car in one city and drop it off in another city located in the same country.  However, international drop off fees often add $100 to $300 to your cost. Fees, whether they be rental fees, or drop fees will cost you more to one way rent.
  • There are many taxes and fees you need to be aware of..  Taxes usually run 18 to 25 percent of the base price.  American auto insurance usually does not cover European car rentals.  Collision Damage Waiver insurance averages between $15 to $35 per day.  Theft protection, which is mandatory in some countries, runs around $20 per day.
  • Most European cars have manual transmissions.  You will need to reserve an automatic well in advance of your trip if you need one.  Be aware, automatics average $100 to $200 more per week.