APSRTC Vehicle Tracking System Was Developed by CMC Limited India

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APSRTC Vehicle Tracking System Was Developed by CMC Limited India

CMC Limited is an Information Technology services, consulting and software aggregation accepting it’s Headquarters in India. CMC is allotment of the TATA accumulation and is an accessory of Tata Consultancy Services. CMC was congenital on December 26, 1975, as the Computer Maintenance Corporation Private Limited. The Government of India captivated 100 per cent of the disinterestedness allotment capital. On August 19, 1977, CMC was adapted into an accessible bound company. In October 2001, CMC was privatized by the Government of India, in a auction to India-based Tata Consultancy Casework TCS, the better software casework aggregation in Asia. CMC as well lists on top ten companies in India.
CMC Limited had developed & deployed, a car tracking real time passenger information system RTPIS for Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation APSRTC in India. The RTPIS assimilates advanced technology, GSM/GPRS technology and GIS. The GPS-based RTPIS was indigenously developed by CMC at its centralized analysis and development wing. The arrangement allows APSRTC to clue the buses by announcement the advice on a agenda map at the RTPIS ascendancy center. The drivers can both forward and accept agenda letters to the RTPIS ascendancy centermost which will be displayed in Telugu and English on the vehicle-mounted unit. The pilot accomplishing of RTPIS includes 26 buses aural the Hyderabad city-limits and 49 buses operating amid Hyderabad-Vijayawada and above. Vehicle-mounted units accept been installed in these buses. The affectation boards amid at Hyderabad, Suryapet, Kodad, and Vijayawada provides advice about accession of buses, blazon of casework and amount of seats accessible in the abutting bus.
RTC bus cartage can now accumulate clue of the time of accession of buses and even forward burning letters with the barrage of the new system. The association had alien the state-of- the-art GPS/GSM/GTS technologies initially in 75 buses, including 26 Veera buses operating on Avenue 225 D amid Dilsukhnagar and Patancheru aural the city, and 49 hi tech buses operating on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada intercity route. This was the aboriginal association to accept such a adult arrangement in the country, anon acclimated in the West and added developed nations. Twelve cyber banking affectation boards accept been bureaucracy at the MGBS accession and abandonment block Hyderabad Suryapet, Kodad, Vijayawada for intercity account and patancheru, S R Nagar, AIR, Lakdikapul and Dilsukhnagar bus depots for city-limits service.

Fantastic Destinations For A Romantic Getaway

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4 Fantastic Destinations For A Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway is a must for a healthy relationship. It solidifies the partnership between two people and at the same them revitalizes their body and mind. People tend to think of going to an exotic place for their vacation but what they don’t know is that some of the most memorable ones can be done right at home. Here are five great romantic getaway destinations that you and your significant other can explore together.
Romance at the Prairie State
For history buffs, you could go on a presidential trails tour around the state of Illinois. Chicago is a perfect setting for a weekend getaway. Couples can take the elevator to the Sears Tower Skydeck and view the Chicago from the top. They can also go to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and tour the seven wineries in the area.
Strengthen your Relationship at the Buckeye State
If you’re a music loving couple then a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland can do your relationship good. It features interactive displays and lots of memorabilia from the rock legends. Then go to the North Coast Harbor where you can find the Omnimax Theater and West Side Market. You can also take a cruise on the Lake Erie from here.
Couples can go to the Cedar Point Amusement Park, which is famed to be the world’s best amusement park. Couple can ride on a number of thrill rides here. If you want to see the downtown area and Lake Erie’s shoreline, a ride on the Lolly the Trolley is perfect for you. This ride on replica of an old fashioned trolley car must be part of your romantic getaway in Ohio. If you spouse likes shopping then you must take her to the world’s first indoor mall, Old Arcade. These are just some things you can do in the Buckeye State.
Popular Getaways in the Old Dominion
There are various romantic getaway destinations in Virginia. Going there can save your fading relationship. It is a way of rediscovering each other. Couples can go to historical sites and museums that are scattered all over the state. First off the list is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that’s home to a large collection of Faberge eggs.
There are various theaters in the state where couples can catch a stage play or a musical event. Couples wanting to spend some time together can do so by renting at some rustic bed and breakfast. It gives you a chance to be alone with your loved one. These are just some ways of spending your time together in beautiful Virginia.
A Romantic Getaway at America’s Dairyland
The Dells area of Wisconsin is one romantic destination that couples should consider for their getaway. No matter if you’re a land lover or loves the water, the Dells has lots to offer its visitors. It features outdoor and indoor water parks that have slides and rides for everyone to enjoy. Some upscale resorts in the region include Treasure Island and the Kalahari.
Door County near Lake Michigan features some tiny waterfront villages that offer quaint lodges for couples on their romantic getaway. Some of these inns and guests houses are furnished with unique antiques. Couples can also go to the northernmost peninsula in Wisconsin where the Apostle Islands are found. The twenty one islands found in Lake Superior features unspoiled sandy beaches that sun worshippers would love.

Deadly TEFL Sins

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7 Deadly TEFL Sins

We all had that teacher at school who was absolutely dismal: boring, ineffective, nasty… Make sure you don’t turn into him/her while teaching abroad by steering clear of the 7 deadly TEFL sins:

Sin 1: Talking too much

You can speak English, so don’t really need the practice! Your students on the other hand can’t – give them as many opportunities to practice their English as possible and cut down on the dreaded TTT (teacher talking time).

Expert TEFL tutor, James Jenkin, said: “I’d studied languages and I thought I’d be a good teacher because I knew about grammar. I used to stand in the front and lecture. I wish I’d done some worthwhile teacher training before I started – it took me a couple of years to realise that being a good teacher is about helping ‘learners’ get involved and practise with each other to develop their skills.”

Sin 2: Not doing a TEFL course

Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car, having never done a driving lesson before. That’s a bit what stepping in front of a TEFL class without a TEFL certificate is like – you’re very liable to crash into things! Neither you, nor your students will gain much from the experience and you’ll find that it could soon descend into chaos! What’s more, not doing a TEFL course will seriously limit the jobs you can apply for and the amount of cash you can earn.

Sin 3: Disrespecting local customs

Did you know that touching kids’ heads in Buddhist countries, such as Thailand, is massively disrespectful? Suddenly that pat on the head doesn’t seem like such a good idea! Wherever in the world you’re teaching, it’s important to research local customs to make sure you don’t end up upsetting or offending anyone.

Sin 4: Not checking your job conditions

Poring over your contract and checking your job conditions may not sound like the most exciting way to spend an evening, but things like working hours, extra-curricular commitments, holidays, training and the school’s reputation could make or break your experience of teaching abroad. Ignore them at your peril! Get more information about what you should check for here: http://www.tefl-chalkboard.com/emmafoers/posts/625-6-things-to-check-before-accepting-your-tefl-job.

Sin 5: Overcorrecting your students

We’ve all had it – the impatient ******* who won’t let you just have a go – they have to step in and take over, and all that happens is you get more and more wound up. That’s how your students feel if you keep correcting them when they’re trying to talk. Just relax and let them have a go – the worse that can happen is they make a mistake, and if it’s totally gobbledygook, just wait until they’ve finished before correcting them. Constant interruptions can really damage learners’ confidence.

Sin 6: Talking too fast

What’s one of the first phrases you learn when you start another language? After you’ve got the hang of ordering beers, it’s almost always ‘Can you speak a little slower please’. It is fiendishly difficult to make sense of a second language when the speaker is talking incredibly fast – make it a little easier for your students by speaking slooowly and clearly, and enunciating every syllable.

Sin 7: Scruffiness

Unlike the healthy mixture of derision and disrespect we have for teachers here in the west, most teachers in other parts of the world have quite a high social standing. As a result, turning up for work looking like you’ve just crawled out of bed is something of a no no – both students and other teachers will think you don’t care about your classes. Much better to make a bit of an effort and get the respect of your students and peers.

What do you think? What’s the deadliest TEFL sin in your book?

Sea World Florida Package Deals Offer Discounts to Families

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Sea World Florida Package Deals Offer Discounts to Families

If you are wondering how you can be able to spend a quality vacation at the famous Sea World theme park with your current budget, why not learn what different benefits you can avail from various Sea World Florida package deals which can also make your dream holiday vacation come true.  Aside from obtaining discounts from online codes, printable coupons, and other travel freebies you can avail by participating in every travel promo you can lay your hands on, Sea World Florida Package deals is your convenient alternative to enjoying great discounts for your family vacation at the wonderful theme park.
It is great to know that the Sea World at Orlando, Florida offers excellent vacation packages in order for families who are wanting so bad to experience the wonders of the sea to be able to afford the trip with their excellent discount deals. Although some of these package deals change without prior notice, you can always check with the theme park administration and inquire about their latest vacation packages that are also within your budget range. Other sources for excellent Sea World Florida package deals include third party travel websites that offer affordable travel bundle within range of your budget.
Enjoying the benefits you can get from travel packages is one way of having a fun filled vacation experience without having to spend so much. The discounted Sea World travel packages are often made up of several excellent amenities and privileges not to mention the actual discount you can earn just by signing to one of the travel packages offered by Sea World. Visiting their official website will allow you to gain current information with regards to their present Sea World travel promos. Their list of discounted travel options will offer you a vast range of options to choose from.
Choosing the right Sea World Florida package deals for you is relatively easy. You only have to determine the amount of travel budget you are willing to spend on your Sea World holiday and the extent of fun and excitement you and your family are hoping to experience while at the theme park. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can now identify the correct travel package appropriate for your budget and your vacation requirements. You can either choose travel packages with dining options or you can just have the one with unlimited access on all the theme park’s attractions and rides. If you are bringing your children with you, also consider their craving for a new way to have some fun while enjoying the bountiful gifts of the sea.
As what most experienced globetrotters often say, having fun while visiting different places need not be that expensive. By knowing where to properly look for excellent discounts and promo bundles, you can be able to make your dream holiday vacation come true. At Sea World, you are guaranteed to fully enjoy the experience of being close to nature, plus other wonderful surprises at good value prices and excellent service.

Live Entertainment and Lush History

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Live Entertainment and Lush History

The Great Falls Civic Center was built just after one of America’s most troubling times.  This entertainment and conference venue rose from the ashes of the Great Depression, a direct result of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.  The Work Projects Administration, or WPA, made the Civic Center possible when the organization was created in 1935.
The most popular part of the Civic Center is the plush Mansfield Theater.  It can be adapted to any form of production, such as opera, rock concerts, musicals, plays, lectures, ballet, conventions, and road shows.  This 1782-seat theater was built with great care and features beautiful architecture.  The acoustics at the Mansfield Theater are better than any other venue in the state.  It is a truly elegant entertainment hall that will whisk you back in time to the exciting 1940′s.
And speaking of exciting, the theater prides itself on providing some amazing and inventive productions.  October will bring to life the Great Falls Concert Association’s presentation of Rhythm and Passion.  This promises to be a thrilling tale about the creation of some of our most passionate dances: the salsa, the tango, and the gaucho.  The production runs for one night only, so be sure to reserve your seats as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out on this amazing experience.  All tickets are $30 per person.
In November, the Great Falls Community Concert Association will present Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play.  This concert will feature three stellar musicians, who will bring folk, blues, jazz, funk, and classical music to the state of the Mansfield Theater.  These seats are also $30 per person, so you will want to reserve early to get the best seats possible.
Michelle Burger, an internationally known mezzo-soprano and current resident of Great Falls, will present an evening of glorious opera on February 4, 2011.  The Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds will perform as well, both in accompaniment, and in performances of their own.  It is not an evening that should be missed.  As always, seating is by reservation, and tickets are $30.  
This is only a very small sampling of the entertainment that the Mansfield Theater has planned for the upcoming seasons.  If you are interested in checking out other top-notch presentations, then be sure to check the theater’s calendar.  You will find a wide and varied array of musical and dramatic performances that will keep you entertained well into a new year.

Whale Watching in Cape Cod

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Whale Watching in Cape Cod

Is a whale a mammal or a fish? Do whales have teeth? How does a whale sleep? Do whales play? These are some fun questions that you might think about while you are out on your whale-watching adventure.

Even though they live in the ocean, whales are not fish, they are mammals. They breathe air the same way land animals do. They are warm-blooded and have a thick layer of fat called blubber under their skin that protects them from the cold.

The male whale is called a bull, the female is called a cow and the baby whale is called a calf. Scientists call whale cetaceans (pronounced “Seh-TAY-shuns”), which is Latin for “whales.” Most of the whales you’ll see off the Cape Cod coast will be humpback whales. Their Latin name is megaptera novaenglie, which means “big-winged New Englander.”

There are two types of whales: toothed whales and baleen whales. Toothed whales catch fish and other sea animals with their teeth. Baleen whales have no teeth. Instead, they strain food from the water through their comb-like baleen plates that are located in their upper jaw. They gulp down schooling fish or millions of tiny sea creatures called plankton.

Most toothed whales are smaller than baleen whales. Dolphins, porpoises, sperm whales and orcas are all toothed whales. Toothed whales have one nostril or “blow-hole”; baleen whales have two. As a whale exhales, the warm air and moisture from its lungs causes a spray called a blow or spout. You can identify whales by the shape of their misty blows.

Two flat lobes make up a whale’s tail, or “flukes.” A whale swims by moving its flukes, which don’t contain any bones, up and down like a paddle. Fish swim by moving their tails from side to side.

Have you ever wondered how whales sleep? Whales never sleep. At least not the same way we do. Whales are voluntary breathers, meaning that they have to think each time they take a breath. Human beings can breathe even if they are unconscious; we are involuntary breathers. Some scientists think that whales are capable of unihemispherical sleep. That means that they can shut down one-half of their brain at a time while the active half of their brain reminds them to breathe. Sometimes whales are seen “logging” or floating on the water’s surface — this may just be a whale sleeping!

Whales can be very sociable animals. They often travel in pairs or groups called pods. Many species like to breach or leap out of the water. Some lob tail by lifting their flukes above the surface and splashing down hard. Others lift their heads straight out of the water. This is called spy hopping.

Perhaps you’ll spy a few of these fun behaviors on your whale watch!