Enjoy Malta Holidays with Deluxe Gozo, Malta Hotels

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Enjoy Malta Holidays with Deluxe Gozo, Malta Hotels

If you plan to experience what Malta holidays are like, then one of the top spots to go is Gozo. Gozo is located in the northernmost part of the Maltese Island and houses a number of prehistoric and historic sites in Malta. Gozo has a peculiar quality that makes it distinctive among the other islands in Malta. There are spectacular sites to visit in this area so one must avail of an accommodation in one of the Malta hotels located in Gozo.

You would not really get to stay that much in a Malta hotel in Gozo for there are so many attractions and sites to go and visit in Gozo. One of the best things to do is to take a tour which would definitely include a tour to the Azure Window at Dwejra, a tour to the bay of Xlendi, a tour to the citadel in Victoria and a tour to the Gozo Heritage. One should not hurriedly go back to his accommodation in Malta but instead enjoy an insightful audiovisual presentation of the history of Gozo and Malta.

Even while in your hotels in Malta, you can enjoy the sight of and splendor of this picturesque island with three hills. Then you can also visit the Ramla il-Hamra which is considered as the finest beach not only in Gozo but also in Malta. Your Malta holidays would not be complete if you do not get to visit this beach which is named after the reddish color of the beach sand. The bay is one of the areas for which the natural beauty is spared from development and hence you cannot find a Malta hotel in the vicinity of the beach. It has remained untouched and mystical as according to legend, the Calypso cave is what is referred to in the Odyssey which was written by Homer.

An excellent accommodation in Malta and particularly in Gozo is the Hotel San Andrea –Xlendi. The hotel is situated in the steep cliffs of the Valley of Xlendi and provides a gentle breeze of Gozo Island. It is a great and fantastic place to stay to unwind and enjoy Malta holidays and getaways. This Malta hotel is ideal for people who love progress and development and at the same time enjoy the undisturbed beauty of nature. It is a modern hotel which in the Xlendi Valley and is just steps away from the Mediterranean Sea. Your stay in this Malta Hotel in Gozo Island would certainly be unforgettable and truly relaxing. It also offers deluxe services such as rent a car service, packed lunch service, ferry transfers and helicopter transfers as well as Malta tours, romantic horse drawn carriage rides and even safari experience.

Another excellent accommodation in Malta is the Calypso hotel. It is one of the modern seafront hotels in Malta and is a six-storey hotel that is adjacent a beach. It has 112 rooms with balconies and complete with the standard hotel amenities that you expect a Malta hotel would have. These are two of the best places to stay and enjoy your Malta holidays.

Other Paths of Interest in Breckenridge

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Other Paths of Interest in Breckenridge

There’s no doubt about it—Breckenridge is a town for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The world-class skiing, biking and hiking provide reason enough to plan a vacation to this Victorian wonderland, nestled right in the core of the Rocky Mountains. Then again, there’s a side to Breckenridge that you probably don’t know so on your next visit, you might consider hanging up the skis for a day and check out some other novel opportunities that lie under the mountains of Breckenridge.

You can showcase your artistic side through the Arts District of Breckenridge which hosts several workshops throughout the year that particularly get your creative juices stirring. Workshops are open to all skill level and ages. It might seem that you have your busy schedule in the city and you have no time experimenting in creative projects but a vacation is the perfect opportunity to let your artistic talents loose. If you’re planning a trip in the winter, you’ll enjoy the holiday-themed workshops that let you create your own Christmas cards or ornaments. Then again. you might prefer a lesson that’s relevant any time of year so indulge in printmaking, Batik or Tie-Dying. Breckenridge’s “Ready, Paint, Fire” is a local paint-it-yourself pottery shop that is popular among locals and visitors and they give opportunity to paint your own bowls, plates, and mugs to take home for one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Power up with a yoga class at the Breckenridge Recreation Center or in several spas all around town. Not only can yoga help you rest those tired muscles but it can help your mind relax as well. Since unwinding and relaxing are key ingredients to any vacation, you’re more than covered in Breckenridge. Carter Park offers public yoga classes for locals and visitors. Various classes and schedules are available plus drop-in students are always welcome.

Take an adventure far below by visiting the Country Boy Mine. Founded in 1887 it is known for the gold and silver it produced during World War I and II. As a way of preserving the past and keeping Breckenridge’s deep mining history alive, the County Boy Mine leads excursions that travel more than 1,000 feet into a genuine gold mine where you can try your luck panning for gold after the end of your tour.

The Backstage Theatre hosts a variety of performances, ranging in genres for all ages. It will certainly feed your cultural side as it is where the tradition of award-winning and live theater shows has continued for thirty-five years. It is advised, however, to arrange for reservations early since seats sell out quickly in this popular attraction. If you prefer to be the center of attention, you can go backstage to check out the workshops that the Theatre offers for those who are interested to cast.

Appeal to your culinary powers by trying the local cuisines of Breckenridge. Main Street is lined up with endless rows of restaurants that offer various culinary treats to satisfy your taste buds. What’s probably even better though is to take over the role of chef on your own. If you’re visiting Breckenridge in the warmer months, plan a trip to the Farmers’ Market and pick out some local ingredients to concoct without leaving the comfort of your Breckenridge vacation home.

Even if hitting the slopes is your first priority, it’s never a bad idea to take a day off and explore other worthwhile activities you can do in Breckenridge. Let your mind and body relax by treating your creative side to a day of enjoyment in Breckenridge where there’s countless of opportunities and limitless fun for everyone.

The Redbull air race is arriving to Barcelona

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The Redbull air race is arriving to Barcelona

The Redbull air race world championship will be celebrated as every year in Barcelona during the 3 and 4 of October. It will be celebrated in the Barcelona beach – Front Maritim both days as from 13:00 until 17:30. The event includes amazing aerobatics performance by the most ptoffesional pilots in the world.

In the competition there are 15 pilots competing, from Spain, U.S, Britain, Canada, Australia and more.

Saturday the 3th will be the cualification day:

13:00 previus acts – “fiesta del cel”

15:30 redbull air race – forst cualification race 1

16:15 aerobatics exibition

16:45 redbull air race – forst cualification race 2

17:30 posteriors act – “fiesta del cel”

Sunday 4th

13:00 previous acts – “fiesta del cel”

14:30 redbull air race – Wild Card

14:45 aerobatics exibition

15:40 redbull air race – top 12

16:20 redbull air race – Super 8

16:55 redbull air race- Final 4

17:40 prise ceremony.

Here is an interesting article regaring this year barcelona event:

“With just one week to go until the last and decisive race of the 2009 Red Bull Air Race season on Barcelona’s Front Mar?tim, the Catalan capital welcomed the World Championship with one of its most important traditions. ‘Castell’ – catalan for castle – is a human tower built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia. To pay homage to the Red Bull Air Race, two human ‘castells’ were created to resemble the inflatable ‘Air Gates’ used in the races.

These amazing towers of flesh and bone were the work of the folklore group Castellers de Vilafranca, and it all took place at the Ramblas, one of the town’s most well-known areas, under the watchful eye of the statue of Columbus and a large number of bemused passers-by.” Read more.

last year race was big success, we viewed the race with friends and it was really astomimg. I really recommend you to visit the beach This coming weekend. If you are travelling from abroad I recommend you our accommodation rentals Barcelona services.

Hope to see you there!

Travel Guide To Brugge

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Travel Guide To Brugge

Brugge, or Bruges, is perhaps 1 of Belgium’s, if not Europe’s, best locations and is definitely a must-see for travelers. Referred to as the Venice of the North, it is a certainly safeguarded area with ancient structures and is one of the most remarkable sights in Europe. Countless locations are located in this awesome place inclusive of a wide range of galleries, famous structures, churches, and even canals and roads. Lots of specialized activities that the place honors every year produce for an extra special time to visit the city.

Presenting Sand Sculptures in the summertime as well as Ice Sculptures during the cold months is almost considered to be a Bruges custom. The quite young officers have established coming from the 1st year that this has up and running that they’ve got a great organization talent. And yearly, you will find relevant subjects of which captivate the young and old and bring in an unparalleled factor of Bruges under the loop.

Christmas time in Bruges is really a favorite time to travel to since the city lavishes in the holiday spirit. An ice rink is made on the Bruges marketplace square and you’ll take advantage of the several numerous outlets at which you can buy just anything from Christmas products to attire, and also a wide range of foods, snacks, and beverages. The Ghulwein, the all-time most loved herbal wine beverage manufactured to drink up warm, might be offered. Due to Bruges’ extended and incredibly important history, the city is home to many museums which deliver you a first-hand peek to the city’s earlier times.

These feature the Groeninge Museum, the Memling Art gallery – which always centers at Flemish Old fashioned Works, the Lace Museum, and also for all the beer enthusiasts, do definitely not miss to head to Brewery ‘De Halve Maan.

No visit to Bruges would end up lacking or missing the ever so preferred canal or carriage ride, sampling distinct sweets and waffles, visiting galleries, climbing the Belfry, shopping for craft work including Bruges’ well-known lace, and naturally, trying a number of the more than 350 different Belgian beers.

These are typically just a couple of destinations that have formed Bruges very popular worldwide.

Climate: Bruges is actually an incredible city, mainly throughout the mild winters or the temperate and lovely summers. Touring during earlier spring will also be a memorable encounter since the colourful plants and flowers of Bruges come to life right after a long cold wintertime. November to January would be the very coldest months with April to September appearing the warmest. But disregarding when you decide to visit, Bruges constantly has something to offer.

Transportation: Considering that Belgium is a densely filled country, they supply considerable public bus routes and tend to be usually utilized by people. Simply make sure to check the bus tracks to prevent even more confusions, but bus drivers are normally much more than delighted to assist you as well as other passengers so do not be afraid to talk to someone for some help. In addition, keep in mind that there are 2 different types of tickets readily available. “De Lijnkaart”, or linecard, usually is applied for trips outside of the city, while “De Stadskaart”, or citycard, are generally widely used for tours just within the city.

Top Five Celebrity Hotspots

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Top Five Celebrity Hotspots

With ever-changing trends in today’s media obsessed society constantly influencing the current generation, the developing face of travel sees the conventional package-holiday begin to lose its spark. Holiday-goers are instead now choosing a far more alluring and exhilarating option for their annual getaway.
From themed vacations, to fun-filled adventure packed holidays, we’re here to suggest an alternative twist on your average holiday. If you fancy a taste of glamour or visualise yourself possibly rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, then look no further.
Here are our top five specialised destinations you are most likely to spot a celebrity:


Despite the persistent rumours claiming that Ibiza has had its day, hordes of visitors and celebrities continue to grace the stunning soil of the ‘White Island’ in search of its beautiful Balearic beaches, worldwide famous nightlife and quaint cobbled streets of the Old Town. Ibiza has loads to offer, including striking natural coves and countryside, fantastic history, stylish restaurants and a charismatic old quarter. Celebrities such as supermodel Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, actress Sienna Miller and US rapper/producer P Diddy have all been spotted in cosmopolitan Ibiza.


You’ll be surprised how easy it is to slip into another culture when visiting the golden sands of Morocco. Expect sophisticated minarets and rugged mud-brick walls, glistening coastlines lapping upon silken sand and striped canyons carved out of the High Atlas Mountains. Whether you visit Morocco for the sunshine or to trek across the hot deserts via camel, we can guarantee that you will be charmed by its medieval cities, particularly Fez and Marrakech. Both Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted in Marrakech recently.


Berlin has slowly emerged as one of Europe’s liveliest cities. Prenzlauer Berg, once a run down area of East Berlin, is now known as one of the hippest districts, with chic bars and restaurants lining its historic streets. No trip to the city would be complete without stopping off at the Brandenburg Gate and for a relaxing afternoon, take a stroll through Tiergarten – a huge park in the city centre. The city’s annual film festival attracts an array of celebrities such as Madonna and Mischa Barton. Tom Cruise’s upcoming film Valkyrie was also filmed here and the actor was regularly visited on set by wife Katie Holmes. 

Las Vegas

Stars such as Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher have all holidayed in Las Vegas – and it’s not hard to see why! The bright lights, mega-bucks gambling and extravagant shows have made this one of the most glamourous cities in the world.  For a bite to eat in the flamboyant metropolis, visit eateries such as Wynn’s SW Steakhouse, where you may bump into regulars including Tom Cruise. You can also count on Las Vegas to have bags of style; it’s a shopaholic’s paradise. Where else can you see the sights of New York, Paris and Egypt all in one fun-filled afternoon?


Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, lies at the heart of Central Europe. An exciting history, fascinating sightseeing and good value entertainment make this one of the true must-see cities in Europe. Prague is a stunning city through which the Vltava River flows, filled with a thousand years worth of manmade structures; it is the confluence of trade routes, political interests and cultural influences. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bono and Kylie Minogue have all visited this wonderful city.

Shopping opportunities when staying at the Homewood Suites International Drive

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Shopping opportunities when staying at the Homewood Suites International Drive

Throughout the years Orlando has become known for its “fun factor”. The latter would encapsulate many wide ranging things which travellers and visitors to Orlando could experience. Being one of the many centres for capitalism, it comes as no surprise that there are many shopping opportunities for those who wish to spend fun filled days in this inimitable locale. One should however state that the Homewood Suites International Drive has been touted as one of t he most charming places to stay among Orlando hotels and many of its guests do have a chance at experiencing some of the best shopping areas from here.

Indeed, the USA truly does have much to offer in terms of entertainment and holidaying to all tourists. Yet, it could be said that it’s the various locations within the USA that provide a memorable holiday experience to holiday makers. One such place would be Orlando, where there are many entertainment venues hotels and shopping areas to enjoy many hours of fun and pleasure. Yet it would be fair to say at this juncture that out of the many attractions that Orlando offers it is shopping which is enjoyed by the myriad of tourists who venture into this fun filled land.

As most tourists would be glad to note, there are many shopping malls such as the Florida Mall which is known to be the largest mall in Orlando and is home to well over 250 shops. Indeed, tourists whatever their intention is would find this particular mall both entertaining and charming. However, as most tourists are aware shopping opportunities especially in Orlando are of a great standard. Yet it could be further stated that certain hotels or accommodation properties would allow for greater convenience and access into most shopping options in the nearby vicinity.

The Homewood Suites International Drive happens to be an inimitable accommodation property that is located in close proximity to many of Orlando’s shopping opportunities. Touted as being one of the most homely places to enjoy a charming holiday that will surely be memorable to say the least this surely is the place to be. Of course it goes without saying that there is much to see and do within the hotel premises as well. Designed to offer a memorable and pleasant stay that will ensure a charming and entertaining stay, this is indubitably the place to enjoy a vacation.

The Homewood Suites International Drive Orlando promises to be one of the most patronised accommodation properties in Orlando. Needless to say, this is one hotel which is highly appreciated for its close proximity to many shopping opportunities. With regard to this property it should be mentioned that most of the amenities and facilities that are on offer may depend on the type of room being booked. All in all though, it must be sad that this is not an opportunity that should be missed. There is much to see, experience and do in this inimitable locale.