Rhodes “The Sun Island” of Greece

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Rhodes “The Sun Island” of Greece

Rhodes otherwise known as Rhodos or Rodos in Greek lies between Crete and the east of Aegean Ocean. Rhodes is also known as the biggest of the Dodecanese Islands. It has a subtropical climate with at most 3000 hours of sun light per year. You can be guaranteed a good tan on your holidays. It is one of the most visited places in Greece because of its nice sunny weather and even the people who live there spend their holidays there too. Don’t forget to inquire with the wide variety of Rhodes transfers, in case you would like to take a trip towards Rhodes.

In Rhodes you can spend many leisure activities offered by the warm welcome of the people here who are hospitable and kind. Many modern hotels are found all over the place and because of the excellent and wonderful views found in here, many tourists find it beautiful to spend their vacation here. Rhodes is also known as one of the biggest municipalities in Greece.

Rhodes has many sea transfers either by ferry boat or speed catamaran boats. Usually the boats travel at night. Ticket prices depend on the kind of boat you hire. Usually trips vary from 13 to 17 hours per trip and because of this you are advised to get a cabin so you could take a rest along the trip. Other people transfer by plane because the boat trip takes too long. Many people usually take plane trips during the summer season and plane tickets usually vary from the prices and if you have plane reservations in advance, it would me much easier to get your tickets. Rhodes transfers offer a service wherein they would wait for your arrival from a plane trip, and then carries you to where you want to be around Rhodes.

Taxis in Greece are often used but it is more expensive than using a bus but compared to other cities in other countries, taxis in Greece are cheaper. Many taxi stations can be found here and you can choose to phone a cab and go to the station or another one is you doesn’t have to wait for the taxi because the taxi will come to you. You should try and travel here in Rhodes. It is fun and pleasant!

All about Eco accommodation

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All about Eco accommodation

Eco tourism has helped in places like Brazil and Costa Rica where the main aim is to educate people about living in harmony with nature and conversing resources. It is a new way of living and even holidaying! A lot of research and development has gone into eco tourism and it is being adopted by countries the world over.

It compels you to think and be more responsible towards Mother Nature. With Eco tourism we have eco hotels, eco lodges and many other types of eco accommodation.Eco Accommodation is used to describe any hotel or eco lodge that helps the environment by making significant structural changes in its day- to- day working. Here you live off the earth, for the earth. You will find many eco accommodations in Australia that are certified by The International Ecotourism Society. An eco accommodation must be able to sustain in ordinance with eth the environment and be dependent of its natural environs. It has to be able to walk the talk and prove that is can make or will make significant efforts for natural conservation. Educating staff and even tourists becomes a very important part of eco tourism; you have to spread the word. The locales have to be involved and there should be a stipulation for economic return.

There are basic ground rules for eco hotels or lodges; they are:

• No smoking is allowed on the premises

• Use of solar or wind energy for generation of power

• Encouraging recycling by placing recycling bins in the rooms and the main lobby

• Using totally organic soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents

• Only cotton, and non-synthetic material is allowed for linen; that includes sheets, beds and towels

• Provisions have to be made to reduce waste, like encouraging common amenities

• Using energy saving lighting all over the premises

• Making amenities for natural light as far as possible

• Using only hybrids for airport pick up and drop off

• Serve food that is organic and locally grown

• Curbing or negating the use of plastic

• Reusing kitchen and bathroom water of on the garden

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