The Redbull air race is arriving to Barcelona

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The Redbull air race is arriving to Barcelona

The Redbull air race world championship will be celebrated as every year in Barcelona during the 3 and 4 of October. It will be celebrated in the Barcelona beach – Front Maritim both days as from 13:00 until 17:30. The event includes amazing aerobatics performance by the most ptoffesional pilots in the world.

In the competition there are 15 pilots competing, from Spain, U.S, Britain, Canada, Australia and more.

Saturday the 3th will be the cualification day:

13:00 previus acts – “fiesta del cel”

15:30 redbull air race – forst cualification race 1

16:15 aerobatics exibition

16:45 redbull air race – forst cualification race 2

17:30 posteriors act – “fiesta del cel”

Sunday 4th

13:00 previous acts – “fiesta del cel”

14:30 redbull air race – Wild Card

14:45 aerobatics exibition

15:40 redbull air race – top 12

16:20 redbull air race – Super 8

16:55 redbull air race- Final 4

17:40 prise ceremony.

Here is an interesting article regaring this year barcelona event:

“With just one week to go until the last and decisive race of the 2009 Red Bull Air Race season on Barcelona’s Front Mar?tim, the Catalan capital welcomed the World Championship with one of its most important traditions. ‘Castell’ – catalan for castle – is a human tower built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia. To pay homage to the Red Bull Air Race, two human ‘castells’ were created to resemble the inflatable ‘Air Gates’ used in the races.

These amazing towers of flesh and bone were the work of the folklore group Castellers de Vilafranca, and it all took place at the Ramblas, one of the town’s most well-known areas, under the watchful eye of the statue of Columbus and a large number of bemused passers-by.” Read more.

last year race was big success, we viewed the race with friends and it was really astomimg. I really recommend you to visit the beach This coming weekend. If you are travelling from abroad I recommend you our accommodation rentals Barcelona services.

Hope to see you there!

Red Cab Taxi: Chiang Mai’s Iconic Symbol of Public Transportation

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Red Cab Taxi: Chiang Mai’s Iconic Symbol of Public Transportation

Imagining how yellow Medallion cabs become the iconic symbol of the Big Apple, red cabs has been recognized to symbolize Chiang Mai in just the same way. Often referred to as Songthaews (Two Rows) or Rod Dang (Red Car), the red cab is a modified pick-up truck with roof and two rows of seats aligned on each side of the back of the vehicle. They are common throughout the country but those in Chiang Mai are unique that they are painted in either red or crimson.

In some other provinces, Songthaews are passenger vehicles that provide commutes between villages but Rod Dang in Chiang Mai offers a cheap ride for a group of people traveling in the city area. On top of that, the Red Cars are very convenient and require very little of waiting. It is important to note that Songthaew with other colors like yellow, blue, white, etc will take you out of the city to other districts of Chiang Mai instead – so avoid those if you’re not planning to leave the city. The red cabs are very easy to notice and find since there are even too many of them anywhere in Chiang Mai.

Hailing a red taxi is as simple as stepping onto the curb and raising your hands and waving at it. It might not be very easy to check if the taxi is available since, unlike regular taxis, the red cars do not have a ‘vacancy’ light – and you may need to try your luck for that. My suggestion is that you just hail any cab; if it stops for you – just go for it. There is no better way to know whether the taxi is on-duty unless you call for it.

Since the red cab is a shared taxi that can be loaded with up to 10 passengers at a time, it may take you longer to get to your destination if there are too many passengers and the taxi must be pooled by other passengers going to different places in the same directions before it reaches yours. All you have to do is to find one with less passengers or simply offering to pay a little more than regular fare and making a deal that you need to reach the place within your designated duration of time. The best way is to spare some additional time to make up with it because the traffic can go bad in the evening as well.

The harder part is to negotiate the cab fare since the red taxi is unmetered. For relatively short distance (5 minutes or less), you should be charged for 15-20 baht (about 50 cent) during the high time. During late night, you may be charged a little bit more than regular rate. If you happen to be the only passenger during the late night, you may be asked to pay up to 80 baht for a 20 minute ride, which is at about 40 baht (approximately 1 US dollar) in regular daytime.

It is recommended that you have negotiated the fare before getting on the cab. It is, however, not rude to pass up on the taxi you’ve just hailed if you feel that the fare is unusually too high. Do hassle because some unscrupulous drivers may overcharge you if they think you have no clues what you’re doing. Have your say and bargain like you know what to do. The trick is to follow the old saying; “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” and just catch the right one.

Many authors of some articles are careful enough to tell you how to call a red taxi but most of them seem to forget to tell you how to get off of it. In case you want to stop the red car before it gets to your destinations or to impose an emergency stop, you can ring a bell by pressing a button under the roof. You will get to pay the fare once you get off the taxi. Most passengers usually seat themselves in the back of the truck but the front seat is also available if you’d love it air-conditioned.

The red cab is cheap, fun, safe and very available. It is a very nice way to cruise through the city and explore different parts of Chiang Mai since they do not run on fixed route and can be tailored and bargained to your requirements. Just state your destination, negotiate the fare and off you go – it’s as simple as that.

Car Hire In Cyprus

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Car Hire In Cyprus

Car Hire in Cyprus

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot and dry summers. The Republic of Cyprus is divided into six districts – Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. Cyprus has become an ever growing popular holiday destination for tourists especially among the British. With so much to do and see throughout the whole island of Cyprus, car hire is highly recommended. The freedom of having a hire car in Cyprus gives you the ability to see the beauty of Cyprus whenever you like without having to be limited to public transport. “With so many comparison websites springing up due to the success they have had, it really is an easy and great way to save some money and not run into any hidden charges.” [1]

No Hidden Charges

“Car Rentals in Cyprus gives you the freedom to see the real beauty of this island at your own leisure.”[2] However, with so much car rental on offer in Cyprus, even outside the airports moving inland there is car hire available in most cities and towns. Due to so much car hire on offer, it can be easy to run into a quick decision and then drive into all sorts of expensive hidden charges. It’s always good to search for cheap rentals in Cyprus, as keeping down the expense when travelling abroad is financially beneficial.

Compare Car Hire

“Car hire in Cyprus is by far the easiest way of getting around, especially as the local public transport is erratic and does not reach all areas of interest. As in the UK, Cypriots drive on the left side of the road, although it has to be said that the driving standards of the country are not the best!” [3] It is highly recommended to have a good look at comparison websites when it comes to trying to find cheap car hire. However, the cheapest option is not always the best option and it is recommended to always be on the look out for the ‘no hidden charges’ advertisements.

“Whether you wish to hire a car in Paphos , Limassol or if you like to rent a car in Larnaca, Ayia Napa or for your car rentals in Protaras” [4] you wont be on the look for the same three points –

  • Cheap Car Hire – look for special offers or discounts
  • No hidden charges – this is normally advertised, if not, it could mean that there is hidden charges!
  • Limited Options – the last thing you want whilst on holiday is limited options, to enjoy a holiday at its fullest then comfort should always be looked for.


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Why to Hire an Iran Tourist Guide

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Why to Hire an Iran Tourist Guide

Many people are traveling in Iran without hiring an Iran tourist guide. They miss a range of things that they would notice if they read this article. As a national tourist guide in Iran with more than 10 years of experience, I can narrate lots of occasions when I’ve come across some people traveling in Iran on their own telling me what they have seen during their trips in other cities and towns. By listening to them, I get to know what they have not seen. I do not blame anyone, but I feel I must explain this a bit further.

Language Barrier Is Tackled by Iran Tourist Guides

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is a different story where you can find someone who can communicate at least a few words in English. Some, of course, know and speak a foreign language quite well. But, as soon as you leave Tehran and set off for another destination inside Iran, you will notice that less and less people can speak a foreign language.
Sometimes, you have to ask for directions, information, etc. If you are in another big city like Isfahan, Shiraz, etc chances are somebody can help you if you are in particular areas of the city. If you are in some remote areas, such chance decreases and you will remain helpless or the body language may mislead you. Eventually, you lose time and miss something worth visiting or experiencing.
An Iran tourist guide can help you in such occasions even if he/she doesn’t exactly have some information about some address, event, local attractions, etc. By knowing the language, this barrier is removed and he can get the information required.

Complicated Cultural Complexities Are Solved by Iran Tourist Guides

Iran is an ancient country with huge ethnic, linguistic, cultural, etc diversity. Having been born in Iran and traveling in Iran for several times and years, a local tour guide can tell you what it is that confuses you and why it is so.
Sometimes you may encounter some issues that may seem unpleasant to you, because you have no previous experience related to such people, language, culture, etc. The eye contact, body language, facial expression, etc are different from region to region even inside Iran. A well-experienced Iran tour guide is sensitive enough to these subtle points and understands them well. He can help you get correct information and impression.
I have seen lots of instances of unreasonable unexpected incidences where doors seem closed first. Actually, they are and it is not a matter of kidding, but there is always a way. And it is in such cases where an Iran tourist guide can get in and solve the issue with his/her tactfulness, intelligence, experience, etc.
Information outside Guidebooks Are Available to Iran Tourist Guides
Travel guidebooks about Iran are usually written by those who have been travelling in Iran for a short period of time. It is far less than sufficient to stay in a town and write about it from various points of view like anthropological, linguistic, historic, superstitious, ethnological, etc points of view. You cannot be an expert in all those fields and write about it during two-day stay in a particular area. So, mistakes are inevitable.
Iran tourist guides have learned lots of these issues through experience. They have seen similar cases that may sound very weird to you first. So, they know how to deal with them, save your time and energy and push the tour against the time.
As a result of getting to know some local people in each region, I’ve noticed that some new doors have been opened to me. Some people are keys to certain events, festivities, well-known experts, mavens, etc in their own communities. Without them, you cannot make it to those unforgettable occasions. An Iran local guide can help you out through his/her connections to such local people.
Tourist Guides Are Highly Trained in Iran
In order to become a guide for tourists, you need to be qualified for it. For the entrance examination, one has to hold a bachelor degree and good command of a foreign language. The level of language that is expected for becoming a tour guide in Iran is relatively high.
Once accepted, they have to go through a six-month long course where they study several different things to be able to handle tours. Upon completion of the course, many of us feel that there is so much more about Iran that we have to learn during years. So, we start kind of a self-study to make sure that we can come up with the type of expectations that exists in this industry.
When experience is added to such education and put into practice, a huge pile of knowledge is built upon it and Iranian guides become quite professional in their careers. Working as such, one learns about the experiences of others traveling the world who visit Iran. We listen to them as they listen to us. We learn from each other and we love to tell one another about our experiences. No one is perfectly knowledgeable about everything, but time and effort add to it over the course of time.

Spending the Seasons in Your New Ocala Home

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Spending the Seasons in Your New Ocala Home

When considering a move to the West Central Florida area, many people ask about the weather they can expect.  Some worry that they will miss the seasonal aspect of life, imagining Florida to be hot and humid 12 months out of the year.  It is sometimes hard for those who have experienced Florida only for a short vacation- a stay at the beach or a few days at Disney, to imagine what it might be like to live here.  This article will attempt to provide a seasonal view of Florida in the space of one year.

January- February:

You’ve arrived in Florida just in time to relax from the busy holiday season.  This is the coldest time of year in Florida, but you’ll be relieved to find that the average temperature in about 60 degrees for these couple of months.  Evenings get cooler, but very rarely uncomfortable.  You may still need your cold weather jacket or coat, but remember to dress in layers.  Florida can start out a day very cool, but will usually warm up by the early afternoon.  You may need a coat for your early morning walk through Ocala, but you can be eating lunch on the patio.


Beginning in March, you’ll notice a warming trend.  The mornings and evenings are still cool and comfortable.  As you head into May, you’ll definitely feel the need for short sleeves and lighter materials.  This time of year is a beautiful one, as people use the sunshine and mild temperatures to plant flowers and gardens.  Average temperatures during these months will move from about 65 to 75 degrees by May.  Florida’s strawberry festivals are also held during these months, and blueberry picking is happening all over the area farms.  Spend some time checking out one of the local “U-Pick” farms for a great deal and even better taste.

June –August:

The hottest time of year has arrived.  Many Floridians adjust to the heat by moving up the time of their morning exercise.  Early morning walks are a great way to meet your neighbors and get to know fellow Ocala homeowners.  These months are quite warm, but are also known for their afternoon showers that occur almost daily and can lower the temperature by almost 10 degrees rather quickly.  Summer is also a great time to make use of the beautiful pools  that are a part of many Florida homes.  The pool area becomes a center of activity during this time of year, as many people swim to cool off, and then enjoy lunch or dinner on the pool deck.  For this reason, many people design or purchase homes with a built-in grill on the patio or porch area.


The end of the year is rapidly approaching and it’s time for the weather to begin to cool.  Though it may be October before it really happens, there is one day in Florida where you step out of your door into crisp morning air for the first time in the season.  These days, at first, are rare, but they quickly become the norm and you can begin to enjoy what is for many, Florida’s most enjoyable season-fall.  Students return to school, Halloween night is enjoyed and before you know it, it’s time to prepare for the holiday season.  The Ocala area is a great place to enjoy the many seasons of Florida.

Vacation Tips – Save Money on Your Next Vacation

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Vacation Tips – Save Money on Your Next Vacation

One of the best ways to save money on a vacation is to get a vacation package which will likely include your airfare, hotel, and a car rental. There are other great ways to easily save money and this article will cover some of the many methods.
<strong>Make a Vacation Budget</strong>
Budgets aren’t sexy but if you limit the amount of money you spend each day you will be able to stretch your vacation dollars.
<strong>Avoid Tourist Restaurants</strong>
This may sound scary, especially if you are overseas, but try eating what the locals eat, obviously use caution and make sure refrigeration and proper hygiene is used. Chances are you fill find some wonderful foods which costs a fraction of what restaurants in tourist ares charge. Talk to the locals and find out where the best restaurants are located.
<strong>Avoid Convenience Stores</strong>
If you have a rental car then go shopping at a grocery store. Convenience store prices are typically very high but you may luck out and find a one with decent prices. Buy bottled water, snacks and some breakfast foods like muffins for your hotel room. Having your own bottled water will save you a lot of money, same goes for having snacks in your room. With snacks in your room you will be less tempted to pick up the phone and call room service.
<strong>Going Out</strong>
If you are going out clubbing, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on drinks. Try to stick within your daily budget. Allow yourself to splurge a few times, since you are on vacation. You can save some money by having a few beers or shots in your room which you purchased from your trip to the grocery store.
Saving money on a vacation doesn’t have to be painful, don’t be so cheap that you don’t enjoy your trip. Being frugal has it’s time and place. Make sure you have fun but don’t max out your credit cards to do so.