Whale watching in Sydney: when and where

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Whale watching in Sydney: when and where

Sydney whale watching season is from April until November, i.e. then it is winter and spring in Southern hemisphere. From April to middle of August you can see Humpback whales going north to give birth and mate in the waters of the Coral Sea. In spring (September-November) Humpback whales are going back South to the Antarctic feeding ground for the southern hemisphere summer. Some kind of whales (Southern Right Whales for example) do not migrate north or South, they usually move along the coastline seeking places to mate and shelter with their newborn calves. There are more different kinds of whales you can see in Sydney, but they are much rear then Humpback whales or Southern Right Whale.

Bunch of companies (Bass and Flinders Cruises, Sydney Ocean Adventures and others) organizing tours for whale watching in Sydney if during whale migration period you considering go for whale watching in Sydney.. However you could consider whale watching in Sydney without boat. It is possible watch whales from the shore during nice and calm days. To have binoculars with you would be desirable. Best and easy accessible places are North and South heads. There are high cliffs out there and it makes very good place for observation. South Head is my preference, as there trail along the coast and you can walk almost all way down to Bondi Beach which Southern Right Whales like to visit from time to time.

Now when you know the best places, what about best time for whale watching ? I had the same question couple months ago, so decided to do some research and find out whales sightings in the past. I checked whale sightings for the last three years and put into whales sightings in Sydney chart. It is clear visible two peeks in the season. Particularly these peaks were clear last (2008) year. In June/July Humpback whales migrates North for breeding. From end of September until December they are going back South. At this time of year females with new born calves normally are seen closer to shore. It is November now and it is one of best time of year for whale watching in Sydney.


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Traveling is exciting. It is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences for each and everyone. We need to travel to change the sight of those who are around us and avoid the depression of being in the same place. When we travel with our family, it strengthens the relationship bond which seems to lose its grip. It is also possible to see and experience different cultures, sights, and spots which you have never been before. Before traveling to a new destination, try to get as much information as possible about the destination .It helps to make your journey more comfortable. Even though travelling is very exciting we should not forget that there are risks in travelling. It is a must to take care of yourself and your belongings.

Crime is a fact throughout the world. In most of the places, tourists are targeted for theft. To have a safe and pleasant vacation, it is a must to follow the safety travel tips. If you tend to over pack, then it becomes a problem from the very start itself. It is important to travel light in order to reduce hassle and stress. Traveling light helps you be free to move around without worrying about your baggage. It is smart to avoid wearing Expensive-looking jewelry. It is a wise idea to put your valuables in various places rather than all in one wallet or pouch.  Avoid handbags, fanny packs and outside pockets that are easy targets for thieves. Don’t use shortcuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets. Never discuss your travel plan with strangers. Avoid wandering through unfamiliar areas alone, always remain alert.

It is important to stay healthy throughout your trip to make your trip more enjoyable. It is quiet common to fall sick when you are traveling to a new place. Traveling can bring you in contact with things that your body hasn’t been used to. Be aware of endemic diseases and have appropriate shots and pills with you. Before leaving, rest as much as possible to speed up the recovery period. In addition, try to have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and stay well hydrated. It is better to drink bottled water, also avoid eatables from road side vendors.

It is a best idea to scan your passport and travel documents and e-mail them to yourself. If your documents are lost or stolen you can easily access copies from your e-mail .It is best to use Credit or debit cards to access your money. Take some travelers cheques or small amount of cash when you have to carry them on person. Once you deal with all of the above, it is sure to have a safe and stress free journey.

Don’t Take an Organized Tour

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Don’t Take an Organized Tour! Hire a Minibus in Sydney and See the Best Sydney Has to Offer

If you come to Sydney in a group, you have the option of booking each person in your group on a tour. However, when you have a group of up to 20 people that can be an expensive proposition. Instead, why not hire a minibus in Sydney? If you hire a minibus you can see everything for a fraction of the cost and you will be master of your own destiny.

What can you see in Sydney? Well, within the city itself you can start by driving your minibus to the Sydney Opera House. There is plenty of minibus parking and from the Opera House you will see the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Royal Botanical Gardens, Lady Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Tower and The Rocks. From Circular Quay you can also take a ferry to Manly Beach, Taronga Zoo or Darling Harbour. Take your time and see things at your own pace, you don’t need a guide to tell you that Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

From the centre of Sydney you can drive your minibus just 15 minutes to the world-famous Bondi Beach. A further 10 minutes drive and you will be at the Gap at South Head. This area offers a spectacular view of Manly, the Pacific Ocean and the Sydney cityscape.

Worried about getting lost? You needn’t be. With the modern technology offered by GPS navigation systems (like Garmin and TomTom) you will never get lost in Sydney. Sydney roads are well marked and your GPS will take your minibus to exact locations. Most minibus hire companies offer GPS navigators for a small cost.

Ok, are you ready to drive your minibus further afield? Just 2 hours west of Sydney are the Blue Mountains. This spectacular range is a must-see. Once you’ve experienced the spectacular blue-hazed beauty, dramatic cliffs and deep canyons of the Blue Mountains, you’ll come away refreshed and invigorated.

Just 2 hours north of Sydney is the Hunter Valley. Here you will experience world-class wines and cuisine at over 120 specialty vineyards. Since you are in a minibus, only one person drives while up to 20 passengers can sample the famous Hunter Valley Shiraz and Semillon.

Feel like seeing some spectacular coastline? The unspoilt natural beauty of the southern coastline of New South Wales unfolds in a series of bays and coves. Little townships, many with interesting histories, are known for their fine food and wines, and great country markets. After four hours of amazing driving, you will end up at Pebbly Beach. Here kangaroos graze along the beachfront and rainbow lorikeets come to say hello.

If you don’t feel like being the designated driver, most minibus hire companies offer a qualified driver service. Hire a minibus and driver and you can relax and enjoy the ride.

If you are in a group then hire a minibus and see the most spectacular city in the most impressive country in the world.

Top 10 Reasons To Take A Year Out In Australia

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Top 10 Reasons To Take A Year Out In Australia

If you are one of the many who have recently found themselves with spare time on their hands through redundancy, considering a stress free year in the sun may not seem like a viable option right now. Yet for those with few commitments, and aged 18 to 30, a year out in Australia could prove the ideal way to escape the recession.
Rather than falling back into the same old routine, applying for non existent jobs, or positions that you’re prepared to settle for rather than want, why not see this as an opportunity and consider travelling to Australia under their Working Holiday Program? Many travellers every year are finding that spending a year immersing themselves in another culture is providing them with new insights into work, relationships and life in general. Sound enticing? Consider the following reasons to take a year out in Australia:
Beauty: One could argue that some of the world’s most beautiful people are Australian, for example Elle Macpherson aka “The Body”. Just over the shoulder of those tanned beach loving Aussies is a landscape which is unparalleled in any other part of the Earth.
Climate: Australia’s diversity begs to be discovered through travelling around the world’s smallest continent – and largest island. Her six states and two territories promise a unique experience at every stop with varied landscapes, from desert to tropics, promising the excitement of distinct experiences. Travelling around the south of the continent during the Antipodean summer and then heading north during winter, when ‘the wet’ has passed, allows for a full year of sun worshiping.
Nature: View the unique flora and fauna, brought about by the isolation of the island continent for fifty five million years, while snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef or travelling through the famed Outback. The birds, animals and plants are as diverse and as gorgeous as the scenery they inhabit.
Accommodation: Australia is set up with every possible accommodation type ranging from multi bunk backpacker dorms all the way up to exclusive island resorts for the rich and famous. For many on a year out, purchasing or renting a campervan can provide a sense of home without sacrificing the free spirit of your time spent traveling.
Friendship: The people you will meet are the pulse of what your Australian experience is all about. Your year in Australia guarantees that you will be surrounded by colourful and adventurous people from around the globe. The friendships and memories you make will far outlast your return home.
Dining: Thanks to its diverse multicultural population, Australia boasts cuisines from almost every country in the world. The fresh exotic foods available are guaranteed to result in some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever taste!
Nightlife: Australians are known to have a work-hard, party-harder approach to life. Whether you wish to spend your nights clubbing, or catching a show at the Opera House, your tastes are catered for. The festivals, sporting events and concerts are nonstop and easily accessible.
Adventure: Surfing the waves at Bondi Beach, sailing the magnificent islands of the Whitsundays, scuba diving and snorkeling the coral reefs, riding through the rain forests, hiking the many gorges, driving down the Great Ocean Road to the next adventure that awaits you… there are so many things to do in Australia you’ll need a full year to experience everything!
Relaxation: After all that adventuring you might want to spend time visiting any number of fantastic world-class spas and retreats in settings only a place like Australia can provide. For those of us on a budget, simply relaxing somewhere along the 34,218 kilometers of stunning coastline will probably suffice.
Peace of Mind: The best part about taking a year out in Australia? The peace of mind in knowing it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.
Here’s hoping that by the time you make it home the recession is a mere memory and the job market has recovered. Potential employers will be sure to take note of how you occupied yourself following redundancy and be impressed by your tales of character building experiences in the land down under.

Flights: Don’t Get Short Changed

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Flights: Don’t Get Short Changed!

In recent years there’s been a surge of new airlines, many of them budget airlines that can let us travel to our holiday destination for less. This is all well and good but sometimes our flights may get cancelled or we may miss the plane through no fault of our own.

It’s annoying and can sometimes take days off our holidays, potentially even having to cancel them all together. It’s therefore important that you take necessary precautions when booking your holiday and flights. The first obvious measure to take is Travel Insurance, never leave home without it, most people don’t know how many different eventualities are covered by travel insurance, it isn’t just if you get a dodgy stomach in Spain or break your leg on the ski slopes.

Travel Insurance also covers flight related issues, flight cancellations are normally covered as well as if you have to cancel your holiday for a medical emergency. If you’re really unlucky and end up on the end of a 12 hour flight delay then you are normally covered under what is called Delayed Departure Insurance, as obviously if you’re delayed by this period of time or – heaven forbid – longer, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to miss out on a day of sun or a night in a warm bed.

The delayed departure insurance would help in the eventuality that your hotel will still charge you for your booking even if you are not even in the country yet! One point I must make is that with some insurers this cover does not come as standard and may need you to enquire about whether they offer this and if it will cost extra.

Aside from Travel Insurance there are still ways to cover your flights in case the airline shuts down or goes bust. In the case of an airline you’ve booked directly with going bust, normally you would not be protected financially. It is advised to book your flight through an intermediary such as an ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ License), ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), or AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) accredited agent.

Paying for your holidays and flights on your credit card can offer some level of protection especially for flights but again there are details you should check. You should ensure that the company or airline you are booking through has its name on the transaction, this means any losses will be refunded to you, but like most good ideas this is somewhat of a two sided blade because some cheap flights merchants like EasyJet charge extra to pay by credit card and would rather you pay by charge or debit card, thus removing your protection.

If you’ve booked your flight as a part of a package holiday through a travel agent either over the internet or on the high street then you’re normally covered under the Package Travel Regulations. This stipulates that every package deal that includes flights is covered by an ATOL (Air travel organisers licence), meaning that the flight company has enough money to recompense passengers even if they go under. To be on the safe side it is advisable to check if your travel company is ATOL bonded with the Civil Aviation Authority.

So finger’s crossed your holiday goes without a stitch but just in case it’s best to cover yourself in the event of a cancellation, a delay or any other strange reason for your holiday being disturbed.

Smart Packing Tips for your Orlando Trip

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Smart Packing Tips for your Orlando Trip

People go to vacations for different reasons. Some want to rest and relax. Some are looking for a fun and enjoyable time. Some seek bonding opportunities with family or friends. Others just want to escape the daily stressors of life. Whatever your reason is for wanting to go on vacation, one thing is for sure, you would certainly love to go on a trip to a place like Orlando Florida, which is bustling with so many different tourist attractions and exciting things to do.

Booking Orlando vacation package deals is one of the best ways to ensure the ultimate vacation. These vacation packages would take care of everything for you, from the hotel accommodations to transportation to park admission tickets. You certainly have nothing to worry about once you get hold of Orlando vacation package deals that would offer you with fantastic inclusions and competitive rates.

However, this is not the only thing you should do to prepare for your Orlando trip. Another essential must-do is packing your things. And when you say packing, it does not only mean stuffing your entire closet into one huge suitcase. Smart packing is the way to go, as it will contribute largely to the success of your vacation.

Just imagine this, you are very happy with how your vacation is turning out as you visit Disney World or Universal Studios. Then you find out that you left an important medication at home or you’ve run out of clothes to wear. To ensure that this scenario does not happen to you, here are some smart packing tips to remember for your Orlando trip.

Smart Packing Tip # 1 – Prepare a things-to-bring list

This list would help ensure that you don’t forget anything important for the trip. It will also give you an overview of the things you’re bringing so you can decide which ones are not that important and can be left behind.

Smart Packing Tip # 2 – Organize your items

Organize your items in such a way that it will be easy for you to find them. Put clothes together, put the toiletries in one section, and put the emergency items in the pockets of the bag where they could easily be reached. This way, you don’t need to take out everything when you need something.

Smart Packing Tip # 3 – Bring small quantities of items to bring

If you’re bringing vitamins, shampoo, lotion, or whatever item it is that comes in big quantities, just transfer a small amount to a smaller container to save up on space. If the item you’re intending to bring is available at the hotel for free, just leave them at home.

Smart Packing Tip # 4 – Roll your clothes instead of folding them

Believe it or not, this can save you substantial space in your luggage and allows you to squeeze in the items more tightly. It would also help prevent the clothes from getting creases.

Smart Packing Tip # 5 – Put identification tags on ALL your luggage

Baggage lost is not uncommon during flights. But whether you are flying or not, be sure to label all your bags accordingly so you would have bigger chances of retrieving them in the event that they get lost.

Going to Orlando would certainly turn your free time into a wonderful time. Just be sure to heed these packing tips so you would have no problems when you get there.