Fears and Questions That Tourists Have About South Africa

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Fears and Questions That Tourists Have About South Africa

Visitors coming to South Africa don’t always know what to expect or what they are going to see. Below I have selected some of the most asked questions and have supplied some suggestions but there are numerous things to do and see. So numerous in fact that if I had to write it all down here this article will turn out to be a book. So please use the suggestions but know that there are many more things on often in this incredible country.


South Africa is a land of incredible beauty but as a developing country you definitely have to be security conscious and inquire about the guidelines that need to be followed in regard to this at the airports, tourism information desks and police station. By following these guidelines you will have a hassle free and enjoyable holiday.

Should I visit Johannesburg?

Johannesburg isn’t a bad place to visit and there are a lot of interesting attractions in and around Johannesburg. If you enjoy shopping then this is definitely a shopper’s paradise from the Oriental Plaza to Sandton City there is a wide selection of boutiques, interesting items and many more. Most malls have restaurants, cinemas and much, much more. If you enjoy the gaming zone then go and look at some of the casinos such as Emperors palace, Carnival city and Gold reef city.

There are amusement parks and tours for everyday sight seers. If you’re feeling adventurous then take one of the township tours or stay in the 4star Protea hotel in Soweto.

If it’s wild life you’re after then Johannesburg offers a few day parks such as the lion park or elephant sanctuary and Johannesburg zoo is also a very popular attraction. All in all look at spending about 4 days in Johannesburg to see the sights and attractions and don’t miss out the night life.

Where are the good hiking areas?

If you are a hiking enthusiast then there are many hiking trails to be tried. My personal favourite is the hiking trails in Barberton near Nelspruit. The scenery is exquisite with its ruggedness and beauty. If you are looking for more information on different trails around South Africa then go to http://www.trails.co.za/  to see some of the best trails in and around South Africa.

What type of safari is the best?

The best safari type outing is definitely the Kruger National Park which offers a wide range of accommodations from camping to luxury chalets. It is roughly the size of great Britain, so there is definitely a lot of exploring to be done. The best thing you can do is stay for about a week to experience some of the wonderful things to be experienced in the park such as night drives and sunrise guarded walks through the wild. There are a few other parks to be looked into like the Pielansberg nature reserve. For more information about South Africa’s parks and reserves go to southafrica-traveL on the net.

What is a good Wine tour?

The wine tours in the Western Cape are fantastic with a lot to offer. It is always a good idea to book a tour to the various wine routes but if you wanted to do so yourself then why not hire a car from places such as www.wisewheels.co.za and please remember that South Africa has a strict policy against drinking and driving. A good site to go to for different tours on offer is wineanorak so look them up for more information.

What else is there to do?

Some other wonderful spots are on the Kwazulu Natal coastline and if you like fishing then don’t miss the Amanzimtoti Sardine run which occurs yearly and has turned into a wonderful festival called the Amanzimtoti sardine splash. Go visit the Grahamstown Arts festival for a cultural explosion occurring yearly this celebration of the arts is always a good fun and enlightening experience.

Should I fly, drive or go by train from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

The question of flying driving or going by train is a bit of a conundrum as it depends how much of South Africa you would like to see and how much time you have. To drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg can take 1 to 2 days depending on whether you stop half way or not but driving can be a pleasurable experience as you will be able to see a whole lot more of the diversity South Africa has to offer but word of warning try to plan the route before you go as it can be a very long journey if you don’t. Why not hire a car or get more information from www.southafrica-carhire.com. Going by train is also a lot of fun to experience life in South Africa. It is a set journey that can take up to 5 days but you see some beautiful country side and have some fabulous experiences. Flying is obviously the quickest way to go as it takes an average of 2hrs to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg with many service providers for your flight booking. Shop around and you can probably find a very, very cheap ticket. 

Go and explore this welcoming and absolutely amazing country and see diversity and things of interest that you would never have imagined seeing or experiencing.

Perth's Cultural Attractions

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Perth's Cultural Attractions

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Perth is a five hour flight from the eastern seaboard cities of Sydney and Melbourne and with a population of less than two million it is simply not economical to shift large touring bands such a great distance for potentially, such a limited return. This does not mean, however, that Perth lacks attractions and to say its music and arts scene is quiet simply could not be further from the truth.

Indeed, it is precisely because Perth is so isolated that the local arts and music scene has become so vibrant. The city has earned the nickname The New Seattle because independent acts and artists have been forced to take up the gap where overseas or east coast figures are not able or do not have enough funding to, make regular trips to Perth’s entertainment venues.

These include the Burswood Entertainment Complex which is a multi use centre that includes everything from a palatial casino replete with five star hotel and exclusive fitness centre to a several thousand seat entertainment centre called the Burswood Dome which is used, variously, for sporting events and live concerts.

Each visitor will select their preferred Perth hotel. The choice is certainly not limited to the large commercial precinct around the Burswood Entertainment complex. In fact when it comes to any and every kind of hotel Perth provides. In all areas of the city are mid range, medium priced hotels that suit business travelers and families. Elsewhere, there are plenty of dirt cheap student dormitories.

Located on the picturesque Swan River, Perth is compact enough to be navigated on foot, at least in its central areas. There is no need to worry about metro maps in a city that is compact like Perth. For day trips and excursions to regions such as the beautiful nearby Margaret River, however, hire cars will definitely be required.

However, many people who venture to the Margaret River choose to do so on bus tours with a driver. This is because the area is justifiably famous for its wineries and so wine tasting days and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle do not often go together very well.

It is much more convenient to have your own wheels, but if a lot of wine is going to be sampled, and on day trips to the Margaret River this is invariably the case, sometimes a driven tour group is a better option since when this is arranged, everyone can let their hair down and no one has to go without in order to be the designated driver.

Perth’s shopping scene is not really on a par with that in Sydney and Melbourne, the eastern cities where fashion and design are very highly prized. However, Perth’s proximity to Australia’s vast mining areas means that precious stones and associated jewelry such as opals and gold are in abundance in Perth.

They are not necessarily any cheaper in Perth than they are anywhere else, but the range and quality is top notch. Gold fine chains are very good buys and one of the attractions in Perth is the surfeit of jewelry stores and expert jewelers in town who are able to give really expert advice to novice shoppers. They can be trusted.

Elegance Abounds with Cheap Holiday Deals to Vilamoura

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Elegance Abounds with Cheap Holiday Deals to Vilamoura

You do not have to spend a fortune to feel like King of the World when you enjoy family holidays to Vilamoura. This resort is like few others you will find in your holiday travels. The community seems to center around the impressive marina. Last minute deals to Vilamoura make this resort a possibility for those who would otherwise never dare to check out their options for cheap holiday deals to this beautiful resort that was built to be a first class holiday escape. Now is a great time to check out the package holidays that are waiting for you in this incredible resort.

Five Star is about the only way to describe family holidays to Vilamoura. Everything about this resort is designed with an eye to detail and elegance. The beaches are beautiful and the marina was created to be the stunning centerpiece it has become. You will find fine dining along with some of the most impressive golf courses Portugal has to offer all within easy range of Vilamoura.

If you aren’t content to simply see the luxury surrounding you and want to taste it for yourself, there are yacht charters that will give you a good taste of the high life. You can also enjoy excellent fishing trips that cater to the other half (no smelly old fishing hats here). Who knew fishing could go first class right?

There are regular busses from Vilamoura to Quartiera beach where you can enjoy a little sand, a lot of sun, and plenty of water sports for the entire family. You will find that the marina in Vilamoura is an excellent spot for hiring the equipment needed to enjoy many of the water sports like diving and water skiing as well as to charter sailing outings at almost any hour of the day or night. Sunrise, sunset, and moonlit cruises are especially favored by the romantics who visit these shores.

The nightlife, like everything else in Vilamoura is designed with an eye towards a more elegant crowd. You will find jazz bars, cabarets, and casinos in addition to the bars you might expect in a holiday hot spot such as Vilamoura.

Start making your plans today and check often for last minute deals to Vilamoura. If you’ve ever wondered how the other half live, family holidays to this impressive resort will certainly tell the tale. You can have cheap holiday offers that feel like you’ve hit the jackpot but you must search for those cheap holiday deals that will get you there. Plan your package holidays to Vilamoura today and enjoy the trip of a lifetime tomorrow.

Taking a Vacation to Gold Coast Australia

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Taking a Vacation to Gold Coast Australia

The most popular beach in Australia is about an hour by car from Brisbane.  It is called the Gold Coast.  The Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta is about 25 minutes away from the best surfing. The main city of the Gold Coast is Coolangatta.  There are lots of high rises and casinos and shopping malls.  There are about 42 kilometers of golden beaches filled with surfers and bikinis.
Arguably it was the inventor of the Bikini, Paula Stafford, who has had the most influence on Gold coast development. The now infamous Meter Maids became the official Surfers Paradise Mascots for many years. For those who dont know these ladies they were Gold bikini wearing models who wandered the streets of Surfers topping up parking meters for motorists who had overstayed their parking limit , thus saving g them from a parking ticket !!
This is a really good vacations spot for all ages. Children like SeaWorld, Movieworld and Dreamworld, as well as the Australian Outback Spectacular.  This is a horse and cattle experience that is live, like a rodeo.  
The Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle makes getting to these destinations a cinch.  They provide transportation from door to door.  The Surfside Bus takes you straight to all the theme parks, except SeaWorld.  One good thing about driving yourself is the free parking at the theme parks.  
Transportation could not be made easier. The Gold Coast Airport has door to door service to all registered hotels and accommodations.  You can also buy a Gold Pass for AUD44 that will take you to theme parks (unlimited) for 3 days. You can buy it in 5 and 7 day increments, as well.

Manila Holiday – Travel Guide

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Manila Holiday – Travel Guide

Numerous locals call Manila as the city that never rests due to its very active commercial districts and nightlife The City of Manila is one of the 17 municipalities and cities that total Metro Manila. It is actually the capital city of the Philippines. With much of its populace coming from diverse ethnicities and traditions from all over the country. It is the center of trade, business, finance, politics and entertainment. This gorgeous and highly urbanized town houses the country’s major movie and music industries. For many Filipinos, it is the main city in the Philippines where dreams are made. Because of this , why many Filipinos from many provinces come to Manila to discover their luck, making it the largest heavily populated cities on the planet. Manila takes pride in many of its scenic spots and tourists destinations. Five star international resorts and other luxurious lodging are plentiful as well. Casino Filipino branches that are scattered inside the city are favorite destinations of tourists and casino aficionados. It is recognized as the top entertainment spot in the country with its hundreds of bars, cafes, dining places and night clubs.

It has been influenced greatly by the western culture especially when it comes to tunes and fashion. One of the places that you ought to not miss going to is the country’s center of government, the Malacanang Palace, the dwelling of the President of the Philippines. You can also take delight at century old church buildings and buildings such as Intramuros, San Sebastian Church, San Agustin Church, the Manila Cathedral and more. Other famous tourist destinations are the Manila Ocean Park, Metropolitan Theater, Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden and Rizal Park. If you love the nightlife, you can go to a bar strip with almost a hundred of different kinds and themes in Malate area.

Manila is also perfect for those who like to shop because it is littered with many beautiful shopping malls and shopping arcades in each turn. Additionally, it has a wide variety of restaurants from other countries such as Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Shakey’s Pizza Hut and more.

Climate: The climate in Manila just like the remaining country is generally hot and humid throughout the year except summer months Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, which has very cool weathers throughout the year. This is because Manila lies inside the tropics and so temperatures don’t go lower than 20C degrees. It has only two months, the dry season from January to May, the hottest weathers occur during summer from March to May, and also the rainy season that occurs from June to December.

Transportation: Manila includes a very advanced public transport system which includes railways such as the Metro Railway Transit and the Light Railway Transit systems. Its main roads and highways in many cases are overloaded with many buses, metered taxis and colorful jeepneys. Jeepneys are public services that can occupy up to 16 passengers. It has two long seats facing each other, the only one of its kind on the planet.

How to Save Money in Las Vegas: Hotel, Airfare, and Other Deals

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How to Save Money in Las Vegas: Hotel, Airfare, and Other Deals

Is Las Vegas any place for the bargain hunter? Sure! If you play your cards right, Las Vegas hotel, airfare, food, and other deals are there for the taking — allowing you to win big even if you lose out on the casino floor.


Deal hunting begins when you book your airfare to Vegas. Look out for airfare and hotel package deals that can save you a bundle, as well as hotel and car rental packages if you plan on driving once you’re in the city.

The Best Airfare Rates

Sites that offer bulk airfare rates can also save you money right off the top. Try sites such as tripspot.com, govegas.com and vegas.com, as well as sites like orbitz.com and smarterliving.com.

Be Flexible

If you are flexible about the day and time you head to Las Vegas, sites such as hotwire.com can help your flexibility pay off.

Hotel Deals

Today, the best Las Vegas hotels all offer streamlined online reservation systems that make it easy to shop around for great room rates and book your room online.

Don’t wait until you’re in Vegas to shop around for the best deals. When booking airfare and hotels, flexibility and the willingness to comparison shop is the key to taking advantage of spectacular deals.

Timing is Everything

The best way to make a bargain out of your Vegas vacation is to avoid weekends, when most people come out to play and room, airfare, and food prices are jacked up accordingly. If you can’t avoid weekends entirely, at least try to avoid weekends that will drive large crowds to Vegas, such as weekends with championship boxing matches. Unless you’re a boxing fan, these weekends will simply mean higher prices for you.

There are also deals to be had during the low season. Vegas summers are hot and dry, so if you can handle a sizzling Sin City — of if you’re a complete night owl — a plethora of deals will be waiting for you. Those who take a summer vacation to Vegas during the middle of the week can enjoy reasonably priced rooms, great meals deals, and freebies such as show tickets. Just avoid the Fourth of July, which draws sizable crowds.


Everyone knows that high-rollers can enjoy free drinks and cigars on the casino floor. But what about the rest of us?

At your favorite hotel or casino, sign up for their version of the “frequent gambler card.” You may have to wait in line, but the wait will soon pay off. Use the card to rack up points, and you’ll be enjoying some great freebies in no time.

If you love slots, be sure to sign up for your favorite casino’s slot club. Once you are on the mailing list for your favorite hotel/casino, you will free room offers, slot tournament invitations, and other freebies and perks.

Lastly, if you’re not averse to filling out forms, getting on several hotels’ mailings lists can give you the pick of great Las Vegas hotel deals and much more. Hotels regularly dole out special room rates, free show tickets, and other great perks to those on their mailing lists, because they know that great money-saving offers will keep you coming back.


Lastly, don’t forget the humble coupon.

An increasing number of websites let you print coupons from home and bring them to Vegas to redeem. Enter “las vegas coupons” into your favorite search engine to uncover the treasure trove of such sites, which include www.vegas4locals.com, www.vegascoupons.com, and www.lasvegas-nv.com/las-vegas-coupons.htm. Printing out coupons before you depart can be a great way to plan your activities and get excited about your trip.

Once you are in Vegas, pick up coupon books in your hotel room, hotel lobbies, shopping areas, and taxis. The coupons can give you great ideas for cheap and tasty dining, 2-for-1 show tickets, and more. Great deals are there for the taking, and you may discover some great new restaurants and attractions while you save money!

Vegas may be an exciting destination for adults and children alike. With a little planning, flexibility, and insider knowledge, you can save a bundle while having the time of your life.