The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

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The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

A limo driver does more than just driving swanky limos. He provides valuable services that can make your occasion extra special and journey totally comfortable.

While hiring a limo from any limo service provider such as a Bay area limo service or a San Francisco limo service provider etc., make sure that you pay attention to the man behind the wheel. It is essential that he is professional, courteous, reliable and an excellent driver so that you can have a gala time without any difficulty. Here are important qualities that a limo driver must have:

Driving Skills

First and foremost, a limo driver must have excellent control over the steering wheel. He should be formally trained to drive the luxurious Sedans, Audis, and SUVs etc. He should be able to handle the traffic jams and take care of the parking. In addition a good limo driver must be aware of all the road codes and transport regulations.


What is the point of hiring a limo if the limo driver of the vehicle doesn’t know the routes he is taking you to? It is essential that a limo driver must have the knowledge of the area he is taking you and he must be aware of all the short routes to transport passengers on time and know the best places to go and the best sights to see in the area.

Map reading skills

A limo driver should have the ability to read the maps efficiently and transport the passengers to their desired venue without any difficulty.


An efficient limo driver is the one which respect passenger’s time as well as his own. He should be punctual and should reach the venue on time to pick up the clients be it for private or business purpose.


The job of the limo driver is to make the occasion really special. A good driver will have personal traits such as good manners, courteousness etc. Greeting passengers with a smile, opening doors etc. are the things which go a long way in making the journey fabulous. And not to forget he should be well dressed too.


The role of limo driver is not limited to driving only. He should have the serving attitude and must look after passengers’ luggage in their absence and help them carry their luggage.

Respect privacy

Apart from the professional skills, what matters are the personal qualities such as reliability, loyalty etc. A limo driver must be reliable and respect the privacy of the passengers in the back seat.


He should be able to remain calm and adapt to any kind of situations and deal with all kinds of clients happily.

Multi lingual limo drivers

The ability to speak more than one language is always an advantage. Knowing languages like Spanish can be really handy if the limo driver is ferrying passengers to say San Jose where Spanish is widely spoken.

First aid skills

A limo driver must carry a first aid box with him in case any emergency arises and should know how to provide the first aid assistance.

The above mentioned points are really important which any efficient limo driver must possess. Hence while hiring a limo while in and around San Francisco (in fact anywhere) either from a bay area limo service or San Francisco party limo service providers, make sure that the limo driver has all these qualities.

Trip To Italy

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Trip To Italy

All these we visited and saw the beauty of Italy.
Some advice we wished to give new visitors:
Parking for coaches are always very far from the tourist spots so be prepared to walk a lot. Try and get comfortable sport shoes.
During summer it can be very hot so buy lots of water to drink during your trip.
Water can be bought at different prices in the country. Rome and Vatican city are the most expensive with 500cc of water costing 3.50 euros while at Florence we were able to get 12 litres of water for only 0.99 euros.
The sun can also be very glaring to the eyes. We advise bringing good UV block sunglasses or wear a hat or cap.
Most of the big shops uses the major credit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB, AMERICAN EXPRESS but for the small stall holders selling souveniers cash is still important.
Bring sufficient cash for incidental buying of souvenier, food, icecream, even the usage of toilets etc. Remember that there are many pickpockets in Italy so keep your valuables(cash, credit cards, and passports) in a body pouch. It is safer than to lose your valuables to the pickpockets.
All services and goods carry a value added tax of 20% which can be refunded at the customs in the airport provided the amout is large enough. Get a form filled up at the shop where you buy the goods.
The hotels in Italy are generally comfortable but do not come with amenities like kettle, teabags or coffee. So if you need to boil water, bring along a travel kettle. Remember to bring the the right plug for the electical socket.
There is no airconditioning in most hotels but there are heaters for winter. Services like porters are slow so expect to receive your luggage late. It is better if you can bring the luggage up to your rooms yourselves.
Most Italians speak very little English. So try to learn a few Italian phrases.
Internet services cost about 5 euros for half an hour.
We found that there are a lot of illegal immigrants such as Africans and Asians selling fake goods along the roadside.
Once on the way to our hotel there was a blockage ot the road by the police as a result of strike by some workers working in factories. As a result the coach had to U turn and go by an alternative route.
Not all the toilets are free. Some cost 0.5 to 1 euro per entry. Best places to use a toilet would be at MacDonalds or you may be able to use a toilet at a food shop provided you buy food from them. No purchase means no usage of their toilets.
Bring sufficient batteries for your camera or bring the charger for your camera. If you don’t then all the pictures which you take for your vacation will be wasted. The cost of batteries are very high in Italy.
Photo taking are prohibited in many places in Italy especially where there are frescos as the flash damages the painting. Examples are Sistine Chapel, Pompeii, Assissi.
Churches or Basilica are places of worship so your dress code should be decent-no mini skirts and exposed shoulders. Silence is also important!
The largest lemon in the world can be found in Sorrento.
Finally enjoy your trip to Italy as we did with all these tips and precautions.

Sea World Florida Package Deals Offer Discounts to Families

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Sea World Florida Package Deals Offer Discounts to Families

If you are wondering how you can be able to spend a quality vacation at the famous Sea World theme park with your current budget, why not learn what different benefits you can avail from various Sea World Florida package deals which can also make your dream holiday vacation come true.  Aside from obtaining discounts from online codes, printable coupons, and other travel freebies you can avail by participating in every travel promo you can lay your hands on, Sea World Florida Package deals is your convenient alternative to enjoying great discounts for your family vacation at the wonderful theme park.
It is great to know that the Sea World at Orlando, Florida offers excellent vacation packages in order for families who are wanting so bad to experience the wonders of the sea to be able to afford the trip with their excellent discount deals. Although some of these package deals change without prior notice, you can always check with the theme park administration and inquire about their latest vacation packages that are also within your budget range. Other sources for excellent Sea World Florida package deals include third party travel websites that offer affordable travel bundle within range of your budget.
Enjoying the benefits you can get from travel packages is one way of having a fun filled vacation experience without having to spend so much. The discounted Sea World travel packages are often made up of several excellent amenities and privileges not to mention the actual discount you can earn just by signing to one of the travel packages offered by Sea World. Visiting their official website will allow you to gain current information with regards to their present Sea World travel promos. Their list of discounted travel options will offer you a vast range of options to choose from.
Choosing the right Sea World Florida package deals for you is relatively easy. You only have to determine the amount of travel budget you are willing to spend on your Sea World holiday and the extent of fun and excitement you and your family are hoping to experience while at the theme park. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can now identify the correct travel package appropriate for your budget and your vacation requirements. You can either choose travel packages with dining options or you can just have the one with unlimited access on all the theme park’s attractions and rides. If you are bringing your children with you, also consider their craving for a new way to have some fun while enjoying the bountiful gifts of the sea.
As what most experienced globetrotters often say, having fun while visiting different places need not be that expensive. By knowing where to properly look for excellent discounts and promo bundles, you can be able to make your dream holiday vacation come true. At Sea World, you are guaranteed to fully enjoy the experience of being close to nature, plus other wonderful surprises at good value prices and excellent service.

How to get a good deal on travel insurance

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How to get a good deal on travel insurance

Not only can the internet can be a great place to find and book a cheap foreign holiday, but it can also be a great place to get cheap travel insurance too. So if you are looking to cut down the cost of your insurance bill, simply follow this handy step by step guide…

It is a good idea to study some of the jargon used by travel insurance firms before you start looking, as this will give you a much better idea of what you need to look for in a policy, as well as the things that you feel that you can do without.

It is important to spend a little time working out what you will require from your travel insurance before you buy it, as you do not want to be spending money on types of cover that will be of no use to you, or leaving yourself exposed to any undue amount of financial risk while abroad.

You may be tempted to go for some of the add ons and extra features offered as part of apparently discounted package deals, but these are usually unnecessary and often end up driving up the price of your travel insurance policy.

Although you may tempted just to go for one of the more heavily advertised insurance providers, you will probably be able to find a much better deal by shopping around online. The best thing about buying insurance online is that you can get lots of quotes instantly, at the click of a mouse, with no obligation or pressure to buy.

Most firms offer some kind of online discount, and if you search for promo codes or coupon codes on the web, you could end up saving a lot of extra money on your insurance.

Before you commit to buy, check to see if there are any special offers or discounts available, as these can save you some serious holiday spending money.

If you are a frequent traveller, you might want to look into annual, also known as multi-trip, travel insurance, which can work out a lot cheaper than buying individual policies for each trip, and can save you a lot of time too!

Getting Around Tokyo: Trains And Metro

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Getting Around Tokyo: Trains And Metro

Tokyo has what is considered to be the most extensive mass transit system in the world, and not only is it extremely clean, efficient and safe, is also one of the most confusing systems in the world given the fact that several different companies and systems actually operate within the city. The first and foremost is the JR (Japan Rail) East network, followed by two different metro networks, not to mention various private lines, and considering different maps show different systems it can be extremely mind-boggling for the first time traveller looking to get from their Tokyo hotel to a restaurant or garden, or from one of the shrines back to which ever all-inclusive Tokyo hotels were best suited to their needs. It is especially confusing during rush hours given the fact that the trains quickly become crowded, making it something of a challenge for individuals who have never used the metro system before.

The main rail line for Tokyo is the JR Yamanote Line, which is a continuous loop around central Tokyo, and everything inside of the loop is considered to be the core of the city. Almost every single JR line as well as most of the private lines start at a station somewhere along the Yamanote Line, so regardless of which Tokyo hotel you are bound for you are going to be connected in some way to the core metro line. JR lines are colour-coded, with the Yamanote being green. The JR Chio is orange and the Sobu is yellow, both of which run side-by-side.

Above and beyond the trains that you can take from Tokyo hotels to destinations throughout the city, there is also the metro network to consider, which is exceptionally useful for getting to and from the core of the city. The Tokyo Metro has nine different lines, but there are also the Toei and TWR metro companies, as well as the private company Rinkai, all of which use the same lines but are privately run. There are also private commuter lines that radiate out from the main loop into the suburbs of Tokyo, and while they are useful for day trips outside the city and are slightly cheaper than the JR lines, it can add more confusion to an already chaotic system. The easiest way to get from one point to another is purchase a JR Pass, which gives free access to all of the Japan Rail trains, and the other companies also offer prepaid cards or smart cards, which basically allow a certain amount of uses depending on how much money you are willing to put on the card. While somewhat confusing at first, the trains and metro literally run all through the city, making transportation a breeze once you learn the system.