Get US Passport Fast – Don't Let a Passport Error Delay Your Travel Plans, Expedite Your Passport

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Get US Passport Fast – Don't Let a Passport Error Delay Your Travel Plans, Expedite Your Passport!

We all know how much security has changed since 9/11. Many people agree with the changes that have been implemented, even though it involves losing some personal convenience. Now, there is plenty of standing in lines, removing some articles of clothing, powering up computers, etc. Although you might agree with these new procedures, it makes them nonetheless aggravating.

One thing that may come into play is a typographical error or some other mistake on your passport. Before 9/11, you might not have had to worry about such a small thing. But now, everything has changed. Travel documents are examined by multiple people, and everything must be correct. Your name must exactly match your government-issued photo identification, for example. A typographical error now may send you to an area for special handling. We all know what that mean! Special handing means added delays! Surely, there has to be some way to get a U.S. passport fast.

Any misprint on the passport — first, middle, or last name, date of birth, etc. — can now cause you all sorts of problems. The solution to all this potential aggravation is simple. In fact, it is far simpler than you’d probably imagine.

All you have to do is let the powerful internet take over, and you can have your U.S. passport corrected and returned to you in as little as 24 hours! How do you jump over this temporary hurdle? Use an expedited passport agency (approved by the U.S. government) and get U.S. passport fast!

It is so easy. Let them work their magic by using their established channels and contacts within the government to have your U.S. passport corrected and returned to you quickly! One of the big advantages of the internet is the near instantaneous communication. By doing this online, a third-party passport center can rush you through clear instructions on what needs to be done on your part. They then pick up the ball, use their established system, and get that passport fixed and returned to you in 24 hours. What could be easier?

Don’t let a small typo possibly delay your trip. Something as insignificant as that could even cause you to miss your flight. Fix that problem now by using a third party passport processor. You won’t even have to worry about it being completed correctly, because you’re turning the matter over to professionals to have done this sort of thing time and time again. Get your U.S. passport quickly with the correct information on it. Contact an expedited passport agency to take this problem from you and have it fixed in 24 hours. Get your U.S. passport fast and be on your way!

Mind your Manners: Italian Etiquette

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Mind your Manners: Italian Etiquette

Everyday Etiquette: Italy

Meeting People

When meeting people for the first time it is appropriate to wait to be introduced. You will generally be introduced to the oldest person first followed by the women.

The exchange of business cards is a common practice when first meeting someone. Status is important in the Italian culture and it is common to list any titles and/or education degrees you hold on your business cards.

Physical Greetings

When greeting someone a handshake accompanied by a “Pleased to meet you” is appropriate. When departing be sure to shake everyone’s hand, a general group wave as is often done in the United States is not looked on favorably.

An “air kiss” is an appropriate greeting once you have established a relationship with someone.

Physical Space

Italians stand much closer to one another than Americans do and it is common for men to walk down the street arm and arm and also women to walk down the street arm and arm.

Eye Contact

Intense direct eye contact is common, looking away is a sign of disinterest and/or that you are behaving rude.

Good Topics of Discussion

Food, wine, soccer (the national pastime), politics (if you know what you are talking about), music, philosophy and current events.

Bad Topics of Discussion

Inquiring about private family matters, personal income, stereotypes, World War II and Vatican politics. Also the common American question “what do you do?” is considered rude and too personal.

Communication Style

Moments of silence are rare in Italy and repeated interruptions signify interest.

Whistling and winking at women is meant as a compliment and is not used in a degrading way. If a woman is interested she will acknowledge the whistlers with eye contact, if she is not she will ignore them.

Italians often gesture with their hands and one does not converse with their hands in their pockets. Italians place great importance on maintaining a “Bella Figura” (Beautiful Figure/ Image) and slouching and leaning against things is just not done.

Waiting in Line

Lines do not exist in Italy, do not be surprised if someone just walks up to the counter and is served before you, despite the fact that you were next and have been waiting in “line” for the past 20 minutes.


The evening “passeggiata” is a common occurrence in Italy. Strolling the streets, seeing who is out and catching up with friends is a nightly occurrence in Italy.


Customer service is not as “in your face” as it is in the United States. Generally a salesclerk will ignore you until eye contact is made signaling service is required.

Public Transportation

The easiest way to catch a taxi cab is at a taxi stand.

On public transportation it is customary for the younger to give up their seats to the older and men to give up their seats to women.


The tip is generally already included in the price at a restaurant. A standard tip for a taxi driver is 10 percent. Bellmen usually receive 1 Euro per bag.

Appropriate Dress

In general Italians dress much more formally than Americans. Italians value “quality” in their clothing and are much more likely to own 2 very nice expensive suits than 6 decent cheaper suits. Black and muted colors are common in combination with brighter colored accessories.

Italian women tend to wear more makeup than American women and also wear nylons all year round.

Meal Time

Breakfast is generally from 8 to 8:30 AM

A standard Italian breakfast is coffee (espresso is generally served after dinner) with a croissant or a couple of cookies.

Lunch is generally served from 1 to 3 PM

In the south lunch is the biggest and longest meal of the day, in the North it is often the biggest meal of the day but during the business week it does not last as long as it does on the weekend. A typical lunch includes soup, bread and olive oil, a main meal and/or soup, salad and a desert of fruit. Wine and sparkling mineral water usually accompanies the meal.

Dinner is generally served from 8 to 10 PM

If the main meal of the day was lunch, then dinner is often a light affair taken at home. If however it was not a typical dinner is quite elaborate. Formal Italian meals consist of: antipasto (such as proscuitto, bruschetta, or fruit), soup, pasta, main dish (usually meat), salad, cheese, desert, fruit and an espresso. Wine is also commonly taken with dinner.

Table Manners

The Italians do not switch their knife and fork as people do in the States. The fork remains in the left hand and the knife in the right hand.

Placing your utensils down on your plate signifies to wait staff that you are finished.

When not using your utensils your hands should be kept visible above the table.

Dishes are passed to the left.

To get a waiters attention you should make contact, waving your hand or calling out is considered to be rude.

Often times in an informal restaurant you will be seated at a table with a stranger, if this is the case conversation is not expected.

Who Pays?

In general the person who does the inviting also does the paying, although the guest is expected to protest. When a woman is seated at a table with men the men (despite a woman’s protest) will always pick up the bill.


The further south you go the less importance is placed on being on time. For social events being a half an hour to an hour late is common. When people are late resist the American temptation to request the reason. Lateness is generally because a person was involved in obligations that involved superiors, family or old friends (and it would have been rude to cut it short).

For more Italy travel tips check out Glamour Getaways at

Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country

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Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country? Air Ambulance to the Rescue!

We may equate medical evacuation with the military but med-evac services can save the life of ordinary citizens faced with extraordinary circumstances. Whether you are injured while rappelling down a mountain or experience chest pain while strolling through a museum, an air ambulance can save your life when traveling abroad.

Stan and Jenny were spending their two week vacation in Costa Rica. They were staying at a friend’s home and using his jeep while there. While navigating the twisting roads, Stan hit a rock and the jeep flipped over. Jenny escaped with minor cuts and bruises but Stan needed to be hospitalized. Both wanted to go home immediately but Stan could not travel on a commercial air flight. Not knowing what else to do they remained in Costa Rica for 4 weeks until Stan was well enough to fly home.

It’s hard enough to experience illness or injury at home but being in need of medical services while traveling in a foreign country can be disconcerting. You are away from the support of family and friends and the familiarity of your health system. A little advance planning can help you prepare if you need emergency medical care while traveling abroad.

We often see med-evac teams traveling by helicopter. However, the mode of transport may be ground, air escort, jet or even a Cessna. The staffing, medical equipment and mode are all dependent on your medical condition and needs. The air ambulance company can suggest several medically appropriate alternatives to meet your needs.

An air ambulance service can safely transport you from a hospital abroad to a hospital in your town. Your medical support team coordinates bedside to bedside service ensuring your safe transport back home. The medical team can also provide medical assistance while traveling.

If you are injured or hospitalized while you are traveling abroad, you or a family member can call the air ambulance service directly to arrange transport home. Having their number with you will facilitate this process. The air ambulance company can manage the communication between the hospital facilities, physicians, insurance company, airports and your family.

When planning your travel abroad, include the number of an air ambulance company in your emergency contacts. If you are injured or become ill while on vacation, air ambulance teams can safely and quickly arrange to transport you back home.

Top Five Valentine

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Top Five Valentine?s Day Unusual Travel Tips

Your shopping list for the most romantic day of the year is clear: roses, candles, bubblys and cute gifts. This year falls Valentine?s Day on Sunday so you should dust off the holiday brochures and choose the best spot for a romantic weekend away. Hold your horses, I know what you are thinking: Paris, Prague, Rome or Venice. They are romantic, sure, but also a bit boring. So before you decide, take a glance at these top five Valentine?s day unusual travel tips and see if you can?t find something more unique. And your shopping list has suddenly an extra item – cheap airline tickets.


If you and your spouse have a soft spot for extravagance, luxury and lavishness, there is no better place for you than Dubai. The ?City of Gold? offers shopping promenades, restaurants and relaxing spa treatments. You don?t have to worry about communication, you?ll hear the helpful British accent everywhere. Sheikh?s bank balance would definitely elevate your trip but you won?t need it, just practice your bargain abilities. There are lots of sprawling bazzars and local seller will be keen to sell your their products. Wait for the airfare deals to Dubai and you can also save money on flight tickets.


Have you ever heard of Montenegro? Well, you missed a lot. ?The pearl of the Mediterranean? is situated in the south of the Adriatic. It?s fascinating that in a such a small place you can find beatiful natural wealth, mild beaches, clear lakes, wild rivers and magnificent mountains. If you have time to visit just one place, go to Sveti Stefan. The peninsula of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) is an attractive stop with villas and apartments with a magnificent view to the sea horizon. There are also rich cultural and historic heritage left behind by the local inhabitants. The beaches are neither golden, nor white but reddish. It might not be the easiest task to find low fare flights to Montenegro, but you will be highly rewarded for your effort.


Istanbul, the meeting place of Europe and Asia, is a popular destination among many low cost airlines, so gift your loved one with two cheap tickets. The largest city in Turkey has it all – fascinating glamour, treasured Bosporus, unique historical inheritances and the smiling hospitable people. Istanbul boasts of the Bosporus, one of the most important strait in the world joining the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It separates by this Europe and Asia and makes Istanbul a city in both Europe and Asia. History and sights lovers won?t know where to go first. This metropolis is a place with ancient churches, synagogues, museums, castles and bazaars. Worth visiting is definitely Blue Mosque, one of the most popular Turkish and Islamic monument with six unique towering minarest embellished with more than 20.000 Iznik tiles. After all day walking through the city, you might feel like trying some local cuisine. Starting with soups Dugun Corbasi (Wedding day soup) and Yayla Corbasi. After appetizers made of vegetables and olive oil come meals. What else should you eat in Turkey than Kebab. There are desserts also for those who have a sweet tooth.


Istanbul?s too big and overcrowded for you? Don?t worry because budget flights fly also to places like Reykjavik. With only 120.000 ihhabitants is the Iceland?s capital a far cry from a metropolis. What it lacks in modernity, it makes up for with nature and natural magnificence. Reykjavik is famous for its awe-inspiring scenery that could be hardly found in any other city. So a Valentine?s Day here will be an experience neither you nor your sweetheart will forget. Local first-class wining and dining has a well-deserved reputation and also contribute to your life-time experience.

St. Petersburg

The Orient Express gets you there as well, but with your favourite airline it is much cheaper and faster. All Casanovas treat your ladies to an elegant, old European weekend in the most romantic city in Russia, check the current flight offers, book the lowest fares and enjoy a fantastic weekend. Soak up culture, indulge yourself in tasty cuisine (do not forget about vodka) and keep warm with your special someone. Leave your hotel room at least for one morning and visit the famous Hermitage Museum and the magnificent Catherine Palace. Your visit in St. Petersburg won?t be complete without a Russian caviar. Try it in the Podvorje restaurant.

Ferries are Back in Fashion

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Ferries are Back in Fashion

The journey from home to your holiday destination can make or break your trip but what used to be all part of the experience is fast becoming something most of us dread.

Airport delays, increased security and luggage restrictions have had passengers tearing their hair out, trains can be shabby and run late all too often, petrol is pricey and roads are unreliable, while walking ratchets up the cost of shoe leather…

However, one area where quality of travel has been little affected is the humble ferry. In recent years, the ferry industry has seen a surge of improvements and a massive upturn in popularity while other methods of transport have leapt, stumbled and fallen flat owing to environmental issues, high prices and security concerns.

Since the abolition of duty free shopping on ferries in 1999, the industry was hit by a slump as their lucrative on-board sales of alcohol and tobacco were scrapped practically overnight by the EU. This also coincided with the arrival of the brand spanking Eurostar.

Capable of whipping tourists to the continent in a fraction of the time, the new super train captured people’s imaginations and led to a lack of interest in the over-sea option.

The turn of the millennium also saw the sweeping successes of the low-cost airlines. It was their heyday – and people were astonished at the flight bargains that could be had at the time.

These days, as people become more aware of their carbon footprint and the credit crunch closes in on our wallets, the ferry is seeing a serious resurgence in popularity.

Red Falcon take passengers to the Isle of Wight

In fact, it’s less of resurgence and more of an out and out boom, with new ferry routes springing up faster than you can say ‘online check in’.

Aside from the cheap fares, one major reason for the upsurge in bookings is the fact that the often lacklustre boats have now been replaced with convenient, comfortable and modern vessels.

Most ferry routes now offer restaurants, bars and traditional pubs as well as internet cafes and spacious lounges and even discos. Some ships also offer food courts and seafaring versions of the high-end Langan’s brasserie.

Norfolkine ferries have top drawer food options

Other ferries contain wine tasting and tapas bars, cinemas, fully kitted-out casinos, and on the longer routes, saunas, gyms, and even theatres.

Compare the above lists to the other leisure options available; quickly scoffing down a sandwich on the Eurostar’s buffet car, or ?2.55 for a cup-a-soup on a Ryanair flight. The ferry wins hands down.

And it seems the best is yet to come with ferry companies set to invest more than ?1.25 billion on improvements to their fleets.

P&O alone have dedicated ?500m to their ships as part of a five-year plan which should lead to quicker, more efficient services.

In addition, Stena Line, who are the major operators in the Irish Sea, are taking more than three million people across to Ireland each year.

Eighty per cent of their passengers said they chose the ferry because of the extra freedom of having their own car, 18 per cent said they liked the extra luggage capacity, and seven per cent said that it worked out cheaper than flying.

Stena Line UK Communications Manager Nigel Tilson said: “Many people have come to prioritise comfort and flexibility over the long waiting times that are associated with air travel.

“It’s a convenient, relaxing and hassle-free way to travel that offers tremendous value”

Cross channel ferries to france are a relaxing and social way to kick off your holiday

Talking about the popularity of ferry travel, William Gibbons, the head of the Passenger Shipping Association, said: “There is every expectation that the trend will continue next year. A key mission for the PSA is to get ferries back on the map as a first call for travel to the near continent and Ireland”.

And it seems that the combination of high airport security, claustrophobic trains and plenty of investment could mean that this goal will soon become a reality.

So, why is it better to go by ferry?

It’s green

The carbon footprint of ferry passengers is lower than that of airline passengers – 0.12 per kilogram/per passenger compared to 0.29 for airlines (a single ferry trip forms about 1/100th of your annual carbon emissions).

New rubbish-reducing technologies on board ferry ships are tackling waste management issues. Food grinders, recycling separators, and modified engine room equipment that help reduce emissions are all contributing to making ferries cleaner.

Brittany Ferries’ Pont Aven ship is top-of-the-line

It’s convenient

You’ll arrive at your destination with your car, which means there’s no risk of lost luggage and you’ll have plenty of extra space for your continental shopping trip. Also, if you are carrying large or odd shaped baggage you don’t have to worry about the extra charges that apply on flights, which is great news for skiers and snowboarders.

There’s also plenty of readily available late availability on ferries making last-minute short breaks a more feasible option.

It’s cheap

A late availability search produced prices of ?100 for a return ticket to Calais for one car. SeaFrance and P&O have special offers on their home page from as little as ?29 each way. Single tickets for the Eurotunnel start from ?49.

It’s going to get cheaper

Ro-pax ferries are already cheap but the increased use of these no-frills services, which combine freight voyages with passengers, will lead to a great deal more ferry bargains.

It’s hassle free

You won’t be pestered by luggage charges, check-in fees, re-circulated air, or wailing new-borns, to name just a few of flying’s bad points. It might not be as fast, but it’s certainly more pleasurable.

A taster of ferry travel…

1. A hop to France

It’s almost too easy… rent a cottage in northern France and take the car – so it’s no surprise that ferry companies have already thought of this one. Have a look at Sail and Drive’s website where they have ideas that include Caen and Cherbourg in their ‘Family summer getaways by sea’ section. See

2. The adventurous option

Take the ferry from Newcastle to Stavanger in Norway where adrenaline packed activities are plentiful. From dog-sledding, to skiing, hiking, mountain biking or just sitting in one of the city’s caf?s, all tastes are catered for.

For the extreme contingent, the area’s high cliffs are popular among base jumpers. Visit dfd seaways – prices start at ?319 for two passengers plus car.

3. Pack skis and drive

It’s cheap and easy to get to France on the ferry. Once you are there take the long drive south to the Alps (one of the most beautiful drives in Europe) with your skis firmly strapped on the roof and you’ll avoid all of those extra luggage charges. Visit for routes and tips for the drive – it’s then up to you where you stay and ski!

Head to Dublin on the HSS Voyager from Holyhead

4. Ferries in the UK

The two main options are from Holyhead to Dublin and from Pembroke to Rosslare. So it’s your choice between getting lost in Dublin, or heading to Rosslare in the south where you’ll be just a short drive from Kilkenny or Limerick. Visit discover ireland for help with planning your trip.

5. Luxury on board

Travel with Brittany Ferries to Santander and you will be on board their ?100m luxury flagship boat. Crossings now take less than 24 hours but there will still be time to use the on-board pool and cinemas, and get some shut-eye in one of their top-end commodore cabins. Log onto brittany ferries for bookings.

Greek ferries: a constant effort for improvement…

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Greek ferries: a constant effort for improvement…

Serving more than 25 millions of passengers every year, Greek ferries have improved a lot their services, contributing thus in the development of tourism and transportation system…

As Greece is a country surrounded by sea and has a lot of islands, it developed a strong ferry system to facilitate the communication between the islands and the transportation of permanent inhabitants and visitors.
Over the last decades, the development of tourism in Greece has made it necessary to build a flexible and high quality ferry system. Such a strong system of Greek ferries started to develop in the 1970s, along with the first tourists to come in Greece. Those tourists were hippies looking for small and isolate islands, like Antiparos or Elafonissos, or remote beaches, such as Matala beach in Crete. Then, tourism became more massive and Greek ferries had to accomplish an important role: not only to transport tourists to the Greek islands, but also to contribute in the development of these islands and the improvement of the quality of life of the permanent inhabitants.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Greek ferries were quite slow and services were poor. However, over the years, services were getting better and time to cross the Aegean was getting less. The ferry companies bought new vessels that had modern facilities, new nautical companies were established and the Greek State would subsidize lines to islands quiet far from Athens, such as Rhodes, Kos, Lesvos and many other islands that didn’t have much traffic.
Greek ferries today are modern and quick. They have improved a lot over the years and are constantly getting better to face competition. Many Greek ferries have pools, cinemas, play rooms and many other facilities to give their passengers an enjoyable trip. The more distant the trip is, the better facilities Greek ferries offer. Cabins are spacious and comfortable, while there has been a certain effort that all Greek ferries are accessible by people with special needs. Note also that Greek ferries pay extra attention in terms of safety on board.
However, it is not only the quality of services that has improved. Prices also have, since companies understand that in order to be competent, low prices are required. Greek ferries try then to reduce the rate of the tickets and special offers are frequently given to families, groups of passengers, passengers with car or early bookers. Each company has its own ticket policy.

Lines are also getting better, so that island hopping is promoted. As ferry lines usually cover mostly certain islands with much traffic, there is a great effort that Greek ferries will improve and expand their lines, so that more islands will be directly connected to each other. Therefore, both permanent residents and tourists will have the chance to visit more islands without having to change their ferry. This is truly an important advantage for the further development of tourism, as tourists who come to Greece are usually looking to visit many islands rather than settle and spend their holidays only in one. Therefore, a good system of Greek ferries is truly helpful.
Greek ferries are constantly trying to improve their services and prices to serve better their passengers. And they have achieved a lot over the past years, serving more than 25 millions of passengers that travel through all ports of Greece to the islands.