The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

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The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

A limo driver does more than just driving swanky limos. He provides valuable services that can make your occasion extra special and journey totally comfortable.

While hiring a limo from any limo service provider such as a Bay area limo service or a San Francisco limo service provider etc., make sure that you pay attention to the man behind the wheel. It is essential that he is professional, courteous, reliable and an excellent driver so that you can have a gala time without any difficulty. Here are important qualities that a limo driver must have:

Driving Skills

First and foremost, a limo driver must have excellent control over the steering wheel. He should be formally trained to drive the luxurious Sedans, Audis, and SUVs etc. He should be able to handle the traffic jams and take care of the parking. In addition a good limo driver must be aware of all the road codes and transport regulations.


What is the point of hiring a limo if the limo driver of the vehicle doesn’t know the routes he is taking you to? It is essential that a limo driver must have the knowledge of the area he is taking you and he must be aware of all the short routes to transport passengers on time and know the best places to go and the best sights to see in the area.

Map reading skills

A limo driver should have the ability to read the maps efficiently and transport the passengers to their desired venue without any difficulty.


An efficient limo driver is the one which respect passenger’s time as well as his own. He should be punctual and should reach the venue on time to pick up the clients be it for private or business purpose.


The job of the limo driver is to make the occasion really special. A good driver will have personal traits such as good manners, courteousness etc. Greeting passengers with a smile, opening doors etc. are the things which go a long way in making the journey fabulous. And not to forget he should be well dressed too.


The role of limo driver is not limited to driving only. He should have the serving attitude and must look after passengers’ luggage in their absence and help them carry their luggage.

Respect privacy

Apart from the professional skills, what matters are the personal qualities such as reliability, loyalty etc. A limo driver must be reliable and respect the privacy of the passengers in the back seat.


He should be able to remain calm and adapt to any kind of situations and deal with all kinds of clients happily.

Multi lingual limo drivers

The ability to speak more than one language is always an advantage. Knowing languages like Spanish can be really handy if the limo driver is ferrying passengers to say San Jose where Spanish is widely spoken.

First aid skills

A limo driver must carry a first aid box with him in case any emergency arises and should know how to provide the first aid assistance.

The above mentioned points are really important which any efficient limo driver must possess. Hence while hiring a limo while in and around San Francisco (in fact anywhere) either from a bay area limo service or San Francisco party limo service providers, make sure that the limo driver has all these qualities.

Top 10 Corporate Travel Hotel Safety Tips

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Top 10 Corporate Travel Hotel Safety Tips

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure a safe and comfortable business trip when you are staying in a hotel. There are a lot of companies that take part in corporate travel savings, when a company is constantly paying for business travel for their employees they will usually try to cut costs of corporate travel by using discount hotels. Here are the top 10 tips for staying safe in your hotel during corporate travel.

1. Before your trip you should make copies front and back of all your credit cards, airline tickets, passports and important documents as well as take pictures of all your Jewelry and luggage and all valuables.

2. If possible, select a hotel which has installed modern electronic guest room locks. The majority of these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest.

3. If you are staying in an older hotel which still has the older guest door locks with metal key, one of first signs of how a hotel treats the issue of security is to observe how hotel room keys are controlled.

4. When registering, sign only your last name and first initial. Don’t use titles. This makes it harder to determine gender, marital status or profession. If you are a women traveling alone, you might consider booking your room as Mr. and Mrs.

5. Maximize safety and security. Select a room located between the 4th and 6th floor. Avoid rooms above the sixth floor as this is the maximum height that fire-department ladders can reach. For some fire departments overseas, and within the United States, they do not have equipment to reach hotel floors above the 6th floor.

6. Look for information in room about fire safety and read that information to become familiar with nearest fire exit/stairway. Locate nearest fire exit, extinguisher and fire pull box.

7. When inside a hotel room, for whatever length of time always use the deadbolt. If the room does not have a dead bolt or heavy-duty security clasp but does have a chain, twist it to take up the slack before latching it.

8. If you loose your key, ask for a new room or have the lock or electronic key card changed.

9. Don’t display your guest room key in public or even inside the hotel. Crooks have known to walk by casually, observe the number on the key if the number is stamped on it and make false charges in the hotel restaurant, bar or store using your room number.

10. Wear a minimum amount of jewelry, especially women. Women, wear only a simple wedding band in lieu of a diamond ring. Remove the temptation for a thief to make you their next victim.

By following these simple safety tips you can make your business travel much safer which will make the whole trip much more enjoyable. When you don’t have to worry about your valuables being taken you can keep your mind focused on the purpose of your corporate trip. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable during corporate travel be safe and secure when you are in a foreign country.

Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

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Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

If you are sitting down to plan a vacation for you or the family, it may also be time to sit down and think about how you are going to protect your body from what you are likely going to do to it on vacation.

Most people who go on vacation completely change the way they live and eat while they are away. First, those regular visits to the gym to stay in shape tend to go right out the window! There are too many other fun things to do and besides, many people decide they want a vacation from working out too!

Next is the food. Whether you are traveling to a new destination and want to try the ethnic foods of the area or just traveling across the country to visit friends, you are going to be eating out a lot more than you regularly do. That means a lot more calories than you are probably used to taking in on any normal day.

When you put these two things together you have a recipe for disaster. Many people gain an average of one pound a day while on vacation. If you are on a cruise ship or at an all inclusive resort, you can expect that to be the low end of the estimate as you will be surrounded by delectable delights all the time and likely will not be able to control yourself. This is why it is time for disaster planning to keep your figure intact.

You can always tell yourself you will eat less when you go on the trip, but the truth is you will be caught up in the moment and totally forget. Instead, take a fat burner supplement that will help you battle those extra calories you are ingesting.

A fat burner like Phen375 will up your metabolism and get your body burning more calories than it usually does. This will help you keep burning more calories, like if you were still working out, while you aren’t. If you do happen to work out on your trip then you will be able to start burning off some of those rich foods you are eating.

Another benefit of many fat burners is that they are also appetite suppressants. So, you can enjoy all of those greats foods, but you will not want to enjoy as many of them as you usually would. This is a win-win as you get to have the food, but not overdo it, saving calories as well as that over-stuffed and bloated feeling later on.

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Tips for Travelling in Big Groups

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Tips for Travelling in Big Groups

Travelling in big groups has both its advantages and disadvantages but the most compelling tip for an intrepid group traveller is to be as flexible as possible, or an authentic African safari could very well turn into an authentic safari nightmare.

Reduced cost versus reduced freedom

The obvious advantage to travelling in a group is the cost factor. Most reputable tour companies, accommodation establishments, bus companies and airlines offer lucrative group discounts. It is important to bear in mind, however, that although you will cut the cost of your African safari dramatically when travelling in a group, you will also be expected to give up your personal freedom.

It is important to weigh this up before you agree to a group vacation as there is nothing worse than committing to a holiday that is not suitable for you or your partner.

If you are travelling with a large group of family and friends then the pros of group travel will far outweigh the cons. Here are a couple of pointers that may very well add to the enjoyment of a group holiday:

  • Delegate the responsibility of the final itinerary design to one person in the group who will also act as the go-between for the tour operator, travel agent and the group. This will allow for better group co-ordination and possibly a far better relationship with the travel agent or tour operator.
  • Elect a leader of the group who will be responsible for any trouble shooting and who is well equipped to deal with an emergency, should it arise. The leader should also be someone who can iron out any personality clashes.
  • Be willing to compromise at all times. In a group the majority rules, so it is important to follow the crowd without sulking, even if you have to give up on a personal highlight.
  • Set the ground rules of the holiday before you even leave. How are you going to settle any group costs for instance?
  • Be totally honest with the other group members as to your expectations of the holiday. If you are looking for the financial benefits of group travel but plan to spend the bulk of the time exploring on your own, then it is only fair to tell your friends or family before you leave – they may have a completely different idea of what a group holiday should entail.
  • Be totally flexible. If you are a control freak it is probably wiser for you to go off on your own and send your family and friends a postcard instead!
  • Don’t have any expectations of the other members in the group and you may well be delighted instead of being disappointed.

The pitfalls of group travel

Here are a couple of pitfalls of group travel that you should be aware of:

  • Bus tours can sometimes be overcrowded and rather uncomfortable and can affect your game or landscape viewing experience .
  • Drivers/guides of group tours are generally not as attentive or as informed as private tour guides.
  • There is always the risk of ending up with undesirable travel companions who can’t stop nattering or arguing, or who are just plain irritating.
  • You may well end up in a group of people who do not share your interests and are more keen on finding the big five than concentrating on all the minor miracles of the bush – or vice versa.

Watch Out For Summer Fares Getting Higher This Year

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Watch Out For Summer Fares Getting Higher This Year

Any person who prefers to take a trip a lot in different places do not usually mind the time when to arrange their flights or just how it could be costly for them. But there is also a large factor of the fares which are high-priced for those who cannot avail. Since there are an increasing number of travelers who book flights every summer, fares tend to increase as well.

In any business nowadays, providers usually depend on the massive approach of people to them. When a specific business is likely to support flight services, the quantity of people is their ideal and primary concern to give priority to. Observing the amount of travelers make their company earn more but while doing so, causing them to improve with providing services and things necessary for the trip to be made such as maintenance.

That is the reason why summer fares seem to get quite possibly higher in particular this year. As the demand for flights grow, the fares would also increase at the same time. It may be something which others may worry about but somehow it may be a relief to other people since they could be more satisfied with the services supplied when fares get higher.

Tourists are most likely to book their flights the moment it is achievable. They tend to pick the travel provider that is more trusted by many without even looking at other facts such as flight fares. But this approach could not induce them troubles instead it will likely be more helpful and fulfilling on their behalf since they could possibly get special discounts from doing so. But it could be something to worry if fares would get higher the moment one books his flight in summer time. What makes it so? Here are a few possible points to ponder:

•             For any company to deliver enough service, they need to control flights depending on only whatever they can offer that’s the reason limited access or reservation are usually much noticed during summer or vacation seasons.

•             For a company to manage to limit their flights without hitting traveler’s choice, they must put or make fares that can only go well with few people’s budget.

•             Most people usually travel in days in which they have nothing else to do than acquiring a vacation. And this event occurs mostly in summer times for people who usually do not have much job to worry about. This is the season when traveling particularly outside the country is preferred by many.

Therefore, if you feel yourself one of those people who would want to book a flight for summer, you must book it now instead of getting yourself with the entire crowd who has only one choice than a last-minute flight. You might take into account having comparisons between companies who make you view the fares for each flight or destination. Because when you book now, you’d be likely to have a much less expensive flight. So feel free to book now but only with a reliable company.

Details Concerning New Runway Delay Rule

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Details Concerning New Runway Delay Rule

There remains an exception whereby planes can sit on a runway for over three hours without being penalized.  The exception occurs when a pilot decides, with input from air traffic control, that it is not safe for the plane to move.  International airlines are not bound to follow the three hour delay rule, even when taking off from U.S. airports.

The following answers common questions concerning this new regulation:

  • As soon as a plane’s cabin door closes the clock starts ticking on the three hour limit.
  • As a plane starts to approach the three hour mark it is up to the pilot whether he wants to return to the gate.  The clock only stops ticking once the passengers are free to exit the plane.  US Airways has informed its pilots to return to the gate after 2 and ? hours unless takeoff is imminent.  Continental is taking a more cautious approach asking it pilots to return to the gate after just two hours.
  • While passengers are sitting on a runway the airlines are required to provide passengers with food and water.  Snacks, such as pretzels, qualify as food and drinks such a bottled water are expected.  Planes are also supposed to keep bathrooms in working order.
  • Airlines can by themselves decide to cancel flights to avoid violating the three hour rule.

If your flight is cancelled, the airline’s responsibilities to its passengers depend on why the flight was cancelled.  If the cancellation was due to equipment malfunction then the airline is supposed to rebook you on a flight, even if it has to use a different airline, within four hours of the original departure time, if possible.  However, if the problem is due to something outside the airline’s control, such as bad weather, the airline has no responsibility other than to place you on whatever future flight it has that has open seats.

Last year (prior to the maximum three hour runway rule) 903 flights were delayed over three hours, which equates to one for every 7,143 flights that departed.