Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

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Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

If you are sitting down to plan a vacation for you or the family, it may also be time to sit down and think about how you are going to protect your body from what you are likely going to do to it on vacation.

Most people who go on vacation completely change the way they live and eat while they are away. First, those regular visits to the gym to stay in shape tend to go right out the window! There are too many other fun things to do and besides, many people decide they want a vacation from working out too!

Next is the food. Whether you are traveling to a new destination and want to try the ethnic foods of the area or just traveling across the country to visit friends, you are going to be eating out a lot more than you regularly do. That means a lot more calories than you are probably used to taking in on any normal day.

When you put these two things together you have a recipe for disaster. Many people gain an average of one pound a day while on vacation. If you are on a cruise ship or at an all inclusive resort, you can expect that to be the low end of the estimate as you will be surrounded by delectable delights all the time and likely will not be able to control yourself. This is why it is time for disaster planning to keep your figure intact.

You can always tell yourself you will eat less when you go on the trip, but the truth is you will be caught up in the moment and totally forget. Instead, take a fat burner supplement that will help you battle those extra calories you are ingesting.

A fat burner like Phen375 will up your metabolism and get your body burning more calories than it usually does. This will help you keep burning more calories, like if you were still working out, while you aren’t. If you do happen to work out on your trip then you will be able to start burning off some of those rich foods you are eating.

Another benefit of many fat burners is that they are also appetite suppressants. So, you can enjoy all of those greats foods, but you will not want to enjoy as many of them as you usually would. This is a win-win as you get to have the food, but not overdo it, saving calories as well as that over-stuffed and bloated feeling later on.

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Tips for World Cup 2010 Visitors in South Africa

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5 Tips for World Cup 2010 Visitors in South Africa

As the South African Nation prepares for World Cup 2010, an estimated of 500,000 soccer fans from around the world are looking for World Cup Accommodation in the nine different cities that are hosting World Cup Matches. A majority of which are visiting South Africa for the first time. And like many visitors to foreign countries, there are many safety precautions one should take before and during their visit. It’s well known that the crime rate is relatively high in South Africa. But this shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting a beautiful country that is both rich in culture and wildlife. Common sense and a little preparation will ensure a safe and fun filled trip. So for the weary traveler, I present to you 5 tips for visiting South Africa for the World Cup. This list is in no particular order.
1. Do your research
Before you arrive to your city destination, you should do some research of the surrounding area for your place of accommodation. Research nearby restaurants, parks, stores, bus routes etc. and their locations so you are able to plan out your daily activities and how to get to them. Also, you should speak to the people you will be staying with about where the safer areas of the neighborhood are. This way, you aren’t spending your days aimlessly venturing out in an unfamiliar city, putting yourself at risk of getting lost or ending up in a bad neighborhood.
2. Travel in groups
Avoid traveling alone. It is less likely that you will be become a victim to a crime if you are traveling with another person or in a group. If you must travel alone, make sure you are visiting areas of the city that have a lot of foot traffic.
3. Keep photocopies of important documentation
You should make sure you have photocopies of your passports, ID, and credit cards. This will speed the process of getting documents replaced should they go missing.
4. Try staying in a locals home
If you really want a sense for life in South Africa and want the inside scoop for where to go and what to do, stay with a local. There are a few websites that give you a great selection of places to stay, like iStopOver.
5. Don’t feed the animals
South Africa is known for their wild life and abundance of game reserves. If you are planning to venture out of urban areas, you are bound to come across some wild life. Although it’s hard to resist the temptation of getting up close and personal with them, it would be strongly advised to keep a safe distance as South Africa contains a lot of dangerous wildlife. Lion cubs may look cute and cuddly but there is surely a hungry mother looking for lunch not far away.
This list is by no means exhaustive and definitely not limited to these 5 tips. So I strongly suggest readers to post their own suggestions!

BMAG, the True Home of Art

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BMAG, the True Home of Art

November 2009, the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery appeared on the news again for an attempt to obtain an immense haul of jewels discovered by a treasure-haunter called Terry Herbert. Terry, 55, unearthed the item using only a metal detector. It is said that the treasure had been buried in a field at Staffordshire, England. The value of Terry’s finding has been estimated more that 3 million British pounds which half of it would go to the hunter and another to the owner of the field. The Birmingham museum is not the only museum who is running a race for the treasure, Potteries Museum in Stoke-on-Trent, is also setting for the same goal.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery was opened in 1885. It was designed by Yeoville Thomason, an architect and a grandson of Edward Thomason a toy maker in Birmingham. At the beginning the museum included only 2 galleries. Later in 1919 a far bigger extension was added to the museum and increased the number of galleries to forty. In 1993 anther extension called Gas Hall was added to the museum and The Waterhall, previously part of water department, also joined in 2001.

The BMAG posses a very large collection of paintings by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones. Paintings like “Star of Bethlehem”. It also contains works by Edward Burne-Jones and many other famous painters.

The BMAG hosts many events and exhibitions frequently to celebrate different aspects of art. In September 2009, The BMAG and Birmingham Philatelic Society joined to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the society. The aim of the event was to explore the history of stamp collecting. In October 2009 an exhibition of works by painters and photographers was held in the BMAG. The purpose of the exhibition was to examine how artists see the development and changes that have been occurring in the past 180 years in Birmingham as a city.

The entry to the BMAG is free and it opens 7 days a week which leaves no excuses to miss and unforgettable day at the museum. You might even consider supporting the museum on its aim to acquire more valuable exhibits.

Plenty of places are available for staying the night within walking distance of The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to 2-star guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. If you want to experience the comfort of a luxury hotel-apartment why not try “Staying Cool At Rotunda”. This extra chic serviced-apartment offers all the extravagance one expects from a high class hotel. With a fantastic view especially on the upper floor one would never forget it and would be back as soon as he/she can. Also located at the very heart of the Birmingham city center, the Britannia hotel has a lot to offer. With easy access to stores during the day and the Birmingham nightlife during nights one would never get bored and an enjoyable trip is guaranteed.

Have a nice stay in Birmingham and don’t forget to leave enough time for the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery because with so many things to do and so many places to go in Birmingham it would be easy to be short of time for comprehend and enjoy the BMAG entirely.

Prague Architecture

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Prague Architecture

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with preserved examples from all periods of its history and belongs among the most visited cities on the continent. Situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia, Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic centre of the Czech state for over 1100 years. The city proper is home to more than 1.2 million people, while its metropolitan area is estimated to have a population of over 1.9 million.
Prague was developing as an important centre where Czech, German and Jewish cultures met and mingled. Following the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, Prague became the metropolis of the new country. It experienced a growth of its territory and a great architecture boom.
Known as the “golden city of spires,” Prague in the Czech Republic has architectural splendours that span a thousand years. Prague is your introduction to the Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings. 
For most of its history Prague had been a multiethnic city with important Czech, German, and (mostly Czech- and/ or German-speaking) Jewish populations. From 1939, when the country was occupied by Nazi Germany, and during World War II, most Jews either fled the city or were killed in the Holocaust.
Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has become one of Europe’s (and the world’s) most popular tourist destinations. It is the sixth most-visited European city after London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Prague suffered considerably less damage during World War II than some other major cities in the region, allowing most of its historic architecture to stay true to form. It contains one of the world’s most pristine and varied collections of architecture, from Art Nouveau to Baroque, Renaissance, Cubist, Gothic, Neo-Classical and ultra-modern.
Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. According to Guinness World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Nicknames for Prague have included “the mother of cities” (Praga mater urbium)”, “city of a hundred spires” and “the golden city”.
Centuries of construction gave rise to an exceptional integrated architectural complex, unique in the world as regards its size and concentration of cultural heritage. Different architectural styles mingle and intertwine here, and their symbiosis creates the city’s unique atmosphere. The most valuable part of the city’s centre was declared the Prague Heritage Reserve in 1981, which was included in UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list in 1992. 
Prague is the seat of the top-level legislative, administrative and political bodies of the country – the parliament, government, and president. The most important social, cultural and educational institutions reside here. The city is the entrance gate to the Czech Republic. You can admire here all the architecture treasure.

Spiritual Tourism in Uganda

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Spiritual Tourism in Uganda

It’s a pity Uganda has a not yet figured out a way to make this religious given situation as a tourist potential capable of eclipsing all other amazing, the level of reverence Uganda martyrs command globally. In the US alone there over 100 institutions named after the Uganda martyrs. Thirteen year old Kizito and Charles Lwanga seem to have a special appeal in the western world; many schools, churches and youth Associations are named after them.

Spiritual tourism is rated amongst the fastest growing businesses in the world. Just take a look at Saudi Arabia; Holy land to the Muslim faith, whereby the total number of pilgrims visiting the country every year is estimated to be 82,000 in the 1990 s to over 2million in 2007.

To facilitate the pilgrims on their Hajj, traders from all over the world, go to the holy land to do business; generating billion of dollars from Mecca and medina. However in 1980s the Saudi Authority imposed quotas to limit the number of pilgrims to around two million. This created a black market for places in the waiting lists established by Muslim government.

The wait in Iran, for example, could take 12 years. Some people would register as candidates for the pilgrimages and they sell there torn to others, for up to $ 10,000. Several countries like Israel and the Italy have also for years reaped big from the increasingly growing lucrative spiritual tourism sector.

Uganda has always been a popular tourist destination for all sorts of tourism, cultural, wildlife especially for gorilla trekking. This could explain why spiritual sub-sectors have not been in the spotlight, in spite of its huge potential.

The market for spiritual tourism is considerably small in the western world yet at the same time some of the potential attractions like the Uganda Martyrs are gaining ground. For Example many Black Americans in their campaign to get back their roots are adopting Uganda Martyrs as their patron saints. For years a number of them have been making annual pilgrimage to Namugingo to torch base with spiritual and racial roots.

Spiritual tourists are not easily turned away by things like poor weather. They are more tolerant, accommodative, dependable and generous. Take the example of Israel in the Middle East. Although the country has been in covered with insecurity since its inception the number of pilgrims that die in the hajji in Mecca every year has not stopped Muslims from going for the same activity.

Therefore traffic jams; the bad roads, bad food, poor accommodation facilities, the stuffy air and noise around the Namugongo shrine on every 3rd of June only make the pilgrims feel the worthiness of pilgrimage, Some pilgrims spend weeks walking; others sleep under trees all this in the name of attending Uganda martyrs day. The declaration Uganda martyrs both catholic and protestants and even a number of Muslims murdered by Mwanga in 1886 and Mutesa 1 respectively by the church has already gone along way in promoting the attraction. The government of Uganda needs to double its efforts in marketing and promoting the attraction in the outside world thereby increasing on the visitor numbers especially on Martyrs day.

Besides Namugongo, Uganda has other shrine in places like Munyonyo, Mityana, old Kampala, Nakivubo and Kyamula. Plans are in place to construct Mucuni Acholi Land, where Bishop Janan Luwumu was buried. Another place of worship worth being mentioned is the Bahai Temple on kikayi hill in Kampala. These are all potential tourists sites, where all sorts of business can be set up especially to cater for the need of spiritual tourists.

The only way of developing Uganda’s tourist potentials an be through embarking on aggressive world wide marketing strategy by stakeholders especially tour companies operating in Uganda like Africa Adventure safaris, Primate Adventure company being one of the leading Uganda gorilla safari provider and other safaris like Chimpanzee, rafting, wildlife and many more.

Its from this that the government of Uganda and church has tried to market the martyrs by declaring June 3rd a public Holiday thus giving the local population time to participate. Still there is a lot more that these institutions can do, for instance the government marketing the martyrs through the Ministry of tourism and the church in the pulpit and the pilgrims who go abroad for their various pilgrimages.

Must See Festivals Around Europe

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5 Must See Festivals Around Europe

Festivals are a great way to experience this amazing continent which is rich in history and diverse in culture that has some the best festivals around the world.  
1. Notting Hill Festival
The Notting Hill Festival which happens on each August bank holiday, it is one of the most spectacular carnivals in the world often been classed second only to the Rio Festival but is Europe’s top carnival with its variety of upbeat music, street parties and twenty miles of vibrant colourful costumes it brings the streets of West London.
2. Seville Festival
The Seville Festival is in fact 2 major carnivals that bring the city alive during the month April with the Seville Fair covering around 1.2 million square metres with a week long party of dancing, drinking and entertainment that often go into the early hours of the morning and in some cases there  is plenty of party goers that will often go through the night.
3. Venice Mask Festival
Venice Carnival is one of the most exuberant and exciting Carnivals in Venice and around the world, with its famous masks and lavish parades, the carnival heightens after each and passing day over nearly 2 weeks of partying in the month of March.   
4. Edinburgh Festival
The Edinburgh Festival is on during the summer month of August and is one of the most spectacular music and arts festivals with its top-notch performance ranging from rock to cabaret with its mixture of modern and alternative music as well as dance and drama.
5. Tomato Fight Festival
Tomato Fight Festival is one of the few festivals with really no meaning known as the La Tomatina is held in the region of Valencia, Spain in a small town called Bunol which as a small population of 9000 and is held on the last Wednesday of August each year where an estimated 30,000 people descend into this small town to participate in this tomato throwing frenzy.