A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show

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A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show!

Oil prices may soar and economies may stumble, however when it comes to the most prestigious and sought after motor show in South East Asia, these issues are clearly not obstacles.

The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, known for its accommodation of high quality-national as well as international events, is the home of the International Bangkok Motor Show.

Organized by Grand Prix International Company Limited, this Motor Show is an annual event that originally was hosted at the Lumpini Park. However due to its steady rise in popularity and demand, it was shifted to its present location, which can accommodate vast crowds which usually amounts to over 1.5 million people.

The Motor Show includes many innovative features and exhibitions including the Mustang Club Show, Volkswagen Club Show, the ever popular Classic Cars Show, Austin Mini Club Show, Sports Car Show, and the Classic Bikes Show.

Since the Motor Show is not just about the cars, it also includes the likes of an Overnight Rally, Off Road Contest, a Boats Show, Radio controlled cars and planes show, and even a Miss Motor Show Beauty Contest.

To top off the show, there are also various seminars, lectures and workshops dealing with relevant topics relating to energy conservation, the new technology involved and what could be expected in the future, how to get the maximum out of your motor equipment etc.

The inclusion of all this makes the International Bangkok Show a most valuable and enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Even the non car enthusiast will no doubt be blown away by some of the models displayed by the over 30 vehicle brands that participate in the show.

The visitor to Bangkok for the Motor Show may be looking for a comfortable yet more affordable accommodation option, and if so should consider an apartment hotel in Bangkok. The Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23 is one such Bangkok serviced apartment that offers its visitors the ultimate in comfort and privacy, affording the traveller the opportunity to feel right at home.

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Traveling Smart The Woman Behind Careerbags Shares Strategies For Traveling Smart

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Traveling Smart The Woman Behind Careerbags Shares Strategies For Traveling Smart

In these days of long airport lines, increased security and carry-on restrictions, women travelers need be savvy to arrive at their destination ready for business. Pre Nine Eleven travel was already filled with delays, packed airplanes and inefficient and often surly customer service. Over the past five years airline travel has only become more difficult as security breaches, flaws and threats occur on a regular basis.
Now merely packing for a trip whether for a quick meeting or a four-day conference is a constant challenge. Ellen Hart, president of Careerbags shares how to de-stress your travel experience without compromising on style or your personal and professional needs.
Smart traveling begins with a laptop bags or business tote that also functions as a handbag.  Mary Repke, founder of Coakley Business Class and a designer featured on www.careerbags.com designs and manufactures laptop bags and business totes “that have a system including a clutch and easy access from outside the bag when it’s on the body.  I can easily unzip the bag without removing it from my shoulder and get cash to buy coffee, present my ID and tickets.” This removes the frustration of setting your bag down and rifling through it. “Having one bag that you can wear and easily access necessities frees women up to simply feel and look more together,” says Repke. 
Another idea is to try and find the smallest travel bag you can tolerate and challenge your self to pack within that.  You can find many small lightweight travel bags in our luggage and travel bag section. If you’re traveling more than three days consider sending a bag ahead via Federal Express or UPS. It just makes life so much easier to do that. To avoid time in security lanes put as many carry-on items as possible into Zip-lock bags for fast TSA access and scrutiny. 
Take those bulky power cords and chargers and store them in Zip-lock bags in your suitcase and save room for in-flight necessities to carry in your laptop bag. You can’t use them on the plane anyway. Since removing shoes is now standard operating procedure carry thin cotton travel socks in your bag’s side pocket so you won’t have to walk barefoot through grimy security check-points.
Careerbags.com offers a wonderful selection of rolling computer bags and the smartest collection from Clark& Mayfield
Has a “Pass Through Pocket” so it fits over your luggage handle. No need to pull two bags on wheels.  Keeping all of your information in one computer is more important these days and Desk Top computer sales have slowed and more people are using 17″ laptops. They are heavy so we suggest using one of our fashionable rolling computer bags.
Lightening up is what it’s all about. Boarding an aircraft and getting organized prior to taking your seat is always stressful with anxious travelers at your elbow. Organize all your immediate on-board supplies like reading material, glasses, medication, water and food in zippered cases, pouches and Ziplock bags. This way you simply grab the bags, stow your carry-on and slide into your seat in seconds. Since liquids and lotions are currently capped by the TSA at 3 ounces do take hotel amenities home. If you need a camera simply use your cell phone or a disposable.  For that “just in case my checked bag gets lost” scenario a change in underwear and a clean top can easily fit in with your laptop bag. Forget your entire day planner if you don’t use a Blackberry or PDA. Just copy those critical pages containing necessary schedule and contact information.
Consider investing in a great cashmere shawl or pashmina for traveling. It’s the perfect feel and look good travel accessory. Use it as a cozy blanket for an in-flight nap. It adds significant style to your business attire and works as an evening wrap.  Now you’re ready to travel smart.

Car Hire In Cyprus

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Car Hire In Cyprus

Car Hire in Cyprus

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot and dry summers. The Republic of Cyprus is divided into six districts – Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. Cyprus has become an ever growing popular holiday destination for tourists especially among the British. With so much to do and see throughout the whole island of Cyprus, car hire is highly recommended. The freedom of having a hire car in Cyprus gives you the ability to see the beauty of Cyprus whenever you like without having to be limited to public transport. “With so many comparison websites springing up due to the success they have had, it really is an easy and great way to save some money and not run into any hidden charges.” [1]

No Hidden Charges

“Car Rentals in Cyprus gives you the freedom to see the real beauty of this island at your own leisure.”[2] However, with so much car rental on offer in Cyprus, even outside the airports moving inland there is car hire available in most cities and towns. Due to so much car hire on offer, it can be easy to run into a quick decision and then drive into all sorts of expensive hidden charges. It’s always good to search for cheap rentals in Cyprus, as keeping down the expense when travelling abroad is financially beneficial.

Compare Car Hire

“Car hire in Cyprus is by far the easiest way of getting around, especially as the local public transport is erratic and does not reach all areas of interest. As in the UK, Cypriots drive on the left side of the road, although it has to be said that the driving standards of the country are not the best!” [3] It is highly recommended to have a good look at comparison websites when it comes to trying to find cheap car hire. However, the cheapest option is not always the best option and it is recommended to always be on the look out for the ‘no hidden charges’ advertisements.

“Whether you wish to hire a car in Paphos , Limassol or if you like to rent a car in Larnaca, Ayia Napa or for your car rentals in Protaras” [4] you wont be on the look for the same three points –

  • Cheap Car Hire – look for special offers or discounts
  • No hidden charges – this is normally advertised, if not, it could mean that there is hidden charges!
  • Limited Options – the last thing you want whilst on holiday is limited options, to enjoy a holiday at its fullest then comfort should always be looked for.


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Tips for World Cup 2010 Visitors in South Africa

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5 Tips for World Cup 2010 Visitors in South Africa

As the South African Nation prepares for World Cup 2010, an estimated of 500,000 soccer fans from around the world are looking for World Cup Accommodation in the nine different cities that are hosting World Cup Matches. A majority of which are visiting South Africa for the first time. And like many visitors to foreign countries, there are many safety precautions one should take before and during their visit. It’s well known that the crime rate is relatively high in South Africa. But this shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting a beautiful country that is both rich in culture and wildlife. Common sense and a little preparation will ensure a safe and fun filled trip. So for the weary traveler, I present to you 5 tips for visiting South Africa for the World Cup. This list is in no particular order.
1. Do your research
Before you arrive to your city destination, you should do some research of the surrounding area for your place of accommodation. Research nearby restaurants, parks, stores, bus routes etc. and their locations so you are able to plan out your daily activities and how to get to them. Also, you should speak to the people you will be staying with about where the safer areas of the neighborhood are. This way, you aren’t spending your days aimlessly venturing out in an unfamiliar city, putting yourself at risk of getting lost or ending up in a bad neighborhood.
2. Travel in groups
Avoid traveling alone. It is less likely that you will be become a victim to a crime if you are traveling with another person or in a group. If you must travel alone, make sure you are visiting areas of the city that have a lot of foot traffic.
3. Keep photocopies of important documentation
You should make sure you have photocopies of your passports, ID, and credit cards. This will speed the process of getting documents replaced should they go missing.
4. Try staying in a locals home
If you really want a sense for life in South Africa and want the inside scoop for where to go and what to do, stay with a local. There are a few websites that give you a great selection of places to stay, like iStopOver.
5. Don’t feed the animals
South Africa is known for their wild life and abundance of game reserves. If you are planning to venture out of urban areas, you are bound to come across some wild life. Although it’s hard to resist the temptation of getting up close and personal with them, it would be strongly advised to keep a safe distance as South Africa contains a lot of dangerous wildlife. Lion cubs may look cute and cuddly but there is surely a hungry mother looking for lunch not far away.
This list is by no means exhaustive and definitely not limited to these 5 tips. So I strongly suggest readers to post their own suggestions!

French online travel market remains stable

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French online travel market remains stable

France Online Travel Report 2010
 In 2009, the percentage of online bookings for both business and leisure travel increased slightly to 33% relative to the total travel market. In addition, French based internet travel sites generated 25% of all online revenue. These numbers are expected to increase further in 2011.
 Expansions spur increasing competition. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=144410&rt=France-Online-Travel-Report-2010.html )
 In the fourth quarter of 2009 Opodo, with 1.6 million unique visitors, replaced Expedia in the Top 5 ranking of online travel agencies. Competition is also increasing because many traditional travel agencies continue to expand their online services. As evinced by “France Online Travel Report 2010″, the preferred strategy of most companies is external growth. French online travel provider Go Voyages, which expects to considerably increase its revenue for 2009/10 by approx. 30%, does not exclude the option of company takeovers. Easyvoyage.com, the French internet portal dedicated to travel, seeks to expand as well through acquisitions.
 Key Findings
 - Online leisure and unmanaged business bookings in France are projected to remain flat while the overall travel market contracts by -9%.
 - In 2009, the online travel market represented 20-25% of total online sales in France.
 - “Flight Tickets” were the travel category most purchased online in 2009, followed by “Hotel or Club”.
 - In the fourth quarter of 2009, Expedia was replaced by Opodo within the Top 5 ranking, reaching 1.6 million unique visitors.
 - Easyvoyage plans to reach revenues of EUR 21 million in 2010, up from EUR 17 million in 2009.
 To know more and to buy a copy of your report feel free to visit : http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=144410&rt=France-Online-Travel-Report-2010.html   
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Being a poor student, does not mean that you should put your travel plans to conduct

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budget for student traveling

Being a poor student, does not mean that you should put your travel plans to conduct. After all, traveling as a student, whether at home or abroad, can be done on a small budget, how much is there is for you to use.

Use what you have to get a student discount. Before you go get yourself a student travel discount card and use it. ISIC (International Student ID cards) will help you on the benefits tourist attractions, food and shopping, among other things. This card is for any student, regardless of age and for young people between the ages of twelve to twenty-six, and may be used in more than one hundred countries. This student discount card comes with an international calling card and voice mail. Thus we can contact you during the trip.

There is also the International Student Exchange Card (ISEC), which gives discounts on travel worldwide. Discounts can be as fifty percent on such things as museums, cinemas, transport and housing. Not only that the card you save a lot of money while traveling, but also provides other benefits, including medical evacuation costs and charges, if caught in a catastrophe. You also have access to free emergency telephone service throughout the world, if you need help in emergency situations. In the ISE-card will also provide you with airline bankruptcy protection. If you book flights through the agency of ISE, it would be covered if your carrier goes bust.

And, finally, is the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), which can be obtained if you are under twenty-six years. There is a small charge associated with this card, but the benefits outweigh these costs during the trip. This map will help you to discounts in some fifty countries, including discount airfare, accommodation and entry cuts for tourist attractions at a reduced rate.

Other student cards that offer discounts of transportation cards, such as STA Travel

Card or young people railcards issued in the United Kingdom. But the offers do not stop the students. In western countries, it is reasonable to ask if a student discount is in any place where you are going to part with money. Discounts may be available in restaurants, retail outlets (just about anything), and dormitories. Not all places advertise that they offer discounts so if you do not ask, you never know what savings can be made.