Online Railway Reservation in India

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Online Railway Reservation in India

Journey by rail has its own charm and glitz in India. And, railway reservation in India is no more a hassle nowadays. You can go by online train reservation services or any outlet for that matter. Despite the coming up of cheap fairs in domestic airlines market, a substantial number of passengers and visitors journey by train. However, a train travel is both safe & comfortable and cheap. Indian people like to travel by train and tourists prefer luxury trains. A journey by train takes you to unearth the otherwise unexplored sites and mysteries of Mother India. As far as the railway reservation in India is concerned, there are myriad options at ones disposal. You can go by online train reservation system or any railway reservation booking outlet scattered everywhere. There many Indian websites now available with Trains Time Table.
However, Indian railway ticket reservation is no more a hassle some job. Just lay your hands on any railway reservation booking outlet around you and make your way to the differing journey. With the onset of online railway reservation system things got much simpler for the passengers to book railway tickets online.
Indian railways are working incessantly to endow simply the best services to the passengers in India. Anyone with a system can have rail reservation instantly with no hassle. However, there are also systems of making railway reservation enquiry from virtually any place with your computer. This is how the whole system of booking railway tickets got easier in terms of accessibility and affordability. You are no longer required to sweat and fret over online train ticket reservation in India. For any inquiry or for that matter any info you require regarding railway reservations just log onto the official site of Indian railways and you will have it.
Sitting at your home in front of a computer can give you all the relevant information on booking tickets in Indian railways. Booking any train on Indian Railways computerized passenger reservation system (PRS) network from any originating station or train passing through system station to any destination is that much easy nowadays. Be it about booking tickets, reservation enquiry, internet tickets (i-tickets), electronic tickets (e-tickets) or cancellation of tickets, things are just in place for the convenience of passengers.

The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

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The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

A limo driver does more than just driving swanky limos. He provides valuable services that can make your occasion extra special and journey totally comfortable.

While hiring a limo from any limo service provider such as a Bay area limo service or a San Francisco limo service provider etc., make sure that you pay attention to the man behind the wheel. It is essential that he is professional, courteous, reliable and an excellent driver so that you can have a gala time without any difficulty. Here are important qualities that a limo driver must have:

Driving Skills

First and foremost, a limo driver must have excellent control over the steering wheel. He should be formally trained to drive the luxurious Sedans, Audis, and SUVs etc. He should be able to handle the traffic jams and take care of the parking. In addition a good limo driver must be aware of all the road codes and transport regulations.


What is the point of hiring a limo if the limo driver of the vehicle doesn’t know the routes he is taking you to? It is essential that a limo driver must have the knowledge of the area he is taking you and he must be aware of all the short routes to transport passengers on time and know the best places to go and the best sights to see in the area.

Map reading skills

A limo driver should have the ability to read the maps efficiently and transport the passengers to their desired venue without any difficulty.


An efficient limo driver is the one which respect passenger’s time as well as his own. He should be punctual and should reach the venue on time to pick up the clients be it for private or business purpose.


The job of the limo driver is to make the occasion really special. A good driver will have personal traits such as good manners, courteousness etc. Greeting passengers with a smile, opening doors etc. are the things which go a long way in making the journey fabulous. And not to forget he should be well dressed too.


The role of limo driver is not limited to driving only. He should have the serving attitude and must look after passengers’ luggage in their absence and help them carry their luggage.

Respect privacy

Apart from the professional skills, what matters are the personal qualities such as reliability, loyalty etc. A limo driver must be reliable and respect the privacy of the passengers in the back seat.


He should be able to remain calm and adapt to any kind of situations and deal with all kinds of clients happily.

Multi lingual limo drivers

The ability to speak more than one language is always an advantage. Knowing languages like Spanish can be really handy if the limo driver is ferrying passengers to say San Jose where Spanish is widely spoken.

First aid skills

A limo driver must carry a first aid box with him in case any emergency arises and should know how to provide the first aid assistance.

The above mentioned points are really important which any efficient limo driver must possess. Hence while hiring a limo while in and around San Francisco (in fact anywhere) either from a bay area limo service or San Francisco party limo service providers, make sure that the limo driver has all these qualities.

Watch Out For Summer Fares Getting Higher This Year

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Watch Out For Summer Fares Getting Higher This Year

Any person who prefers to take a trip a lot in different places do not usually mind the time when to arrange their flights or just how it could be costly for them. But there is also a large factor of the fares which are high-priced for those who cannot avail. Since there are an increasing number of travelers who book flights every summer, fares tend to increase as well.

In any business nowadays, providers usually depend on the massive approach of people to them. When a specific business is likely to support flight services, the quantity of people is their ideal and primary concern to give priority to. Observing the amount of travelers make their company earn more but while doing so, causing them to improve with providing services and things necessary for the trip to be made such as maintenance.

That is the reason why summer fares seem to get quite possibly higher in particular this year. As the demand for flights grow, the fares would also increase at the same time. It may be something which others may worry about but somehow it may be a relief to other people since they could be more satisfied with the services supplied when fares get higher.

Tourists are most likely to book their flights the moment it is achievable. They tend to pick the travel provider that is more trusted by many without even looking at other facts such as flight fares. But this approach could not induce them troubles instead it will likely be more helpful and fulfilling on their behalf since they could possibly get special discounts from doing so. But it could be something to worry if fares would get higher the moment one books his flight in summer time. What makes it so? Here are a few possible points to ponder:

•             For any company to deliver enough service, they need to control flights depending on only whatever they can offer that’s the reason limited access or reservation are usually much noticed during summer or vacation seasons.

•             For a company to manage to limit their flights without hitting traveler’s choice, they must put or make fares that can only go well with few people’s budget.

•             Most people usually travel in days in which they have nothing else to do than acquiring a vacation. And this event occurs mostly in summer times for people who usually do not have much job to worry about. This is the season when traveling particularly outside the country is preferred by many.

Therefore, if you feel yourself one of those people who would want to book a flight for summer, you must book it now instead of getting yourself with the entire crowd who has only one choice than a last-minute flight. You might take into account having comparisons between companies who make you view the fares for each flight or destination. Because when you book now, you’d be likely to have a much less expensive flight. So feel free to book now but only with a reliable company.

The Meaning of Hand Gestures – Find Out the Meaning in Different Countries

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The Meaning of Hand Gestures – Find Out the Meaning in Different Countries

When you travel abroad you do not only need to take language barriers into account but also body language barriers. Different cultures use different body language e.g. the distance between two persons when they have a conversation. One part of body language is hand gestures. Hand gestures mean different things in different countries. Some people realize this the hard way. Do two fingers in the air mean two beers or is it considered an insult?

Take a common sign like thumbs up. In the USA it usually means ‘great, awesome or whatever. It is also used to sign approval, but stronger than an OK sign. Now this is a very common interpresation, but it is far from the only one. It may have the same meaning in Australia, but if you move it up and down it can be a very grave insult. In Turkey it is not used at all.

Making a circle with your thumb and index finger in the USA means OK, alright, good. You can use it to signify approval. In Turkey it means that someone is homosexual. In Australia it means zero. In Germany it can mean job well done or a grave insult, it all depends on which region you visit. In New Zealand it is regarded as a cheesy way of saying OK but is not much used.

Please note that even though the above interpretation is correct for a large part of the population the meaning of gestures varies among various parts of countries and also among cultural groups and between generations.

Deadly TEFL Sins

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7 Deadly TEFL Sins

We all had that teacher at school who was absolutely dismal: boring, ineffective, nasty… Make sure you don’t turn into him/her while teaching abroad by steering clear of the 7 deadly TEFL sins:

Sin 1: Talking too much

You can speak English, so don’t really need the practice! Your students on the other hand can’t – give them as many opportunities to practice their English as possible and cut down on the dreaded TTT (teacher talking time).

Expert TEFL tutor, James Jenkin, said: “I’d studied languages and I thought I’d be a good teacher because I knew about grammar. I used to stand in the front and lecture. I wish I’d done some worthwhile teacher training before I started – it took me a couple of years to realise that being a good teacher is about helping ‘learners’ get involved and practise with each other to develop their skills.”

Sin 2: Not doing a TEFL course

Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car, having never done a driving lesson before. That’s a bit what stepping in front of a TEFL class without a TEFL certificate is like – you’re very liable to crash into things! Neither you, nor your students will gain much from the experience and you’ll find that it could soon descend into chaos! What’s more, not doing a TEFL course will seriously limit the jobs you can apply for and the amount of cash you can earn.

Sin 3: Disrespecting local customs

Did you know that touching kids’ heads in Buddhist countries, such as Thailand, is massively disrespectful? Suddenly that pat on the head doesn’t seem like such a good idea! Wherever in the world you’re teaching, it’s important to research local customs to make sure you don’t end up upsetting or offending anyone.

Sin 4: Not checking your job conditions

Poring over your contract and checking your job conditions may not sound like the most exciting way to spend an evening, but things like working hours, extra-curricular commitments, holidays, training and the school’s reputation could make or break your experience of teaching abroad. Ignore them at your peril! Get more information about what you should check for here:

Sin 5: Overcorrecting your students

We’ve all had it – the impatient ******* who won’t let you just have a go – they have to step in and take over, and all that happens is you get more and more wound up. That’s how your students feel if you keep correcting them when they’re trying to talk. Just relax and let them have a go – the worse that can happen is they make a mistake, and if it’s totally gobbledygook, just wait until they’ve finished before correcting them. Constant interruptions can really damage learners’ confidence.

Sin 6: Talking too fast

What’s one of the first phrases you learn when you start another language? After you’ve got the hang of ordering beers, it’s almost always ‘Can you speak a little slower please’. It is fiendishly difficult to make sense of a second language when the speaker is talking incredibly fast – make it a little easier for your students by speaking slooowly and clearly, and enunciating every syllable.

Sin 7: Scruffiness

Unlike the healthy mixture of derision and disrespect we have for teachers here in the west, most teachers in other parts of the world have quite a high social standing. As a result, turning up for work looking like you’ve just crawled out of bed is something of a no no – both students and other teachers will think you don’t care about your classes. Much better to make a bit of an effort and get the respect of your students and peers.

What do you think? What’s the deadliest TEFL sin in your book?

Saving Up To Get Away

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Saving Up To Get Away

Gap years are enjoying increased popularity, but while many people dream to take a year off and travel the world, not everyone can afford to take such a massive trip.

However, the price of a round the world trip is often less than people expect. By saving up for air travel before you leave, so long as you don’t want to live in luxury, you can make most of the money you need along the road by working odd jobs. In some countries it’s possible to find fellow travellers who can share their knowledge and put you in touch with someone to stay with for a few nights.

Even with flights included, spending time in some places – such as countries in south east Asia, Africa or South America – is a lot cheaper that living at home. Accommodation, food and drink as well as travel are all less expensive, meaning it’s easy for you to live on a budget.

You will need to save up ahead of time and there are many ways to do that in the months prior to your excursion. Start off by making a list of what you need to buy every month and what you like to buy. It’s amazing how many things in the second column can easily be scored off.

If you are a reader, consider joining a library instead of buying the latest titles. Enjoy eating out? Start a cooking club with friends and take it in turns to be host. There are many possibilities to enjoy common pleasures in a much cheaper way and so allow for a little extra saving towards your trip.

Other easy things to cut out of your budget are habits and vices. A daily cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes or regular nights out all soon add up and by cutting them out – or at least cutting back – you can soon see a difference in your monthly spending.

Cutting back on spending is one way of creating extra cash, but a lot of travellers also like to work overtime or get a second job to increase their original income. As well as earning more money, by spending extra time working it means you reduce your chances to actually go out and spend money. It maybe not be the most pleasant few months of your life but the reward of speeding up the time to your trip will definitely be worth it.

Once you’ve started to save a few hundred dollars you should look to see where you want to travel and what the best deals are. Some like to get flights to South America and work their way around that continent before jumping through North America and through to Asia, while others prefer to go through Europe to Asia and then on to Australia.

Regardless of the route, many like to get all their flights booked at once – and many tour operators allow for this – meaning you just have to decide your route and your length of stay in each location and you’re ready to go.