Bangkok Sightseeing Vacation – Frugal Tips

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Bangkok Sightseeing Vacation – Frugal Tips

Have you been planning a Bangkok sightseeing vacation but always holds it back because of budget constraints? Don’t worry because there are many ways to enjoy Bangkok even with limited vacation funds.

Bangkok is really one of the best places to visit if you want quality but inexpensive vacation. It has numerous tourist attractions that are usually accessible by public transportation. So before you cave in to the luring sales pitch of the tour guides that charge hefty fees, it is worth to read the following frugal tips for your future Bangkok sightseeing vacation plan.

Use the Map. You can ask a free copy of Bangkok map at the hotel concierge. If you cannot find any, though rarely, you can always refer to the maps located in the public transportation stations of the metro train or express boats.

Also, majority of the tourist attractions have tourist information booth nearby that you can approach.

Research Earlier. Guided tours are always expensive because you pay for their service and knowledge. Tour guides will provide you with the history, its significance and other related information of the sights you wish to go.

But why spend a dime for information that is widely available with no cost at all. Before you pack your things, do some little homework. Research and read about those famous tourist attractions that you plan to visit. This will save you a substantial amount of money while you will enjoy the thrill of exploring unguided Bangkok sightseeing tours.

Take Express Boat. This is the great way to get around in Bangkok because it is cheap and fast, away from the congested roads. Express boat is also known as the public boat. With regular trips and several routes, you can visit major tourist attractions using express boat.

Here are few local tourist attractions that you can reach through Express boat.

• Emerald Buddha & Grand Palace
• The Golden Buddha
• The Reclining Buddha
• The National Museum of Royal Barges
• Wat Arun

Tour guides will approach you in every sightseeing site. Don’t succumb to their overcharged fees as most of the local attractions are just walking distance from the pier (where the express (public) boats dock).

For instance, Wat Arun is located just across the pier Tha Tien where you get off for the Reclining Buddha. There is available ferry that will take you for five minutes or less to the Wat Arun from the Tha Tien pier for only 3 bhat per way.

Bangkok Mass Transit System. It is also known as BTS Sky train, a quick and convenient way to reach shopping malls and other tourists destinations. Aside that it gives you a top view of the city, BTS Sky train is also clean. It will cost you between 30-40 baht per trip per way.
Here are few places you can go using the BTS Sky train.

• Siam Square (Bangkok’s shopping heartland)
• Victory Monument
• MBK Shopping Mall
• Chatuchak or Weekend Market

Pack Extra Traveling Bags. Bangkok is always associated with shopping because there are so many things to buy at reasonable prices from clothes, shoes, silk, tailor-made suits, jewelries to souvenir items. You will definitely end up with an extra travelling bag on your return.

To pack all these new shopping goodies, you will need an additional suitcase on your return but why you have to buy an extra suitcase when you can pack some old folding traveling bags you keep in your closet back home.

Now that you know few Bangkok sightseeing vacation frugal tips, it’s about time to let go your travel qualms and enjoy the thrill of exploring frugally the various local attractions in Bangkok.

Important Facts To Search For On A Barcelona Spain Map

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Important Facts To Search For On A Barcelona Spain Map

If you are headed to Spain, of course you are going to want to enjoy yourself and get in as much fun and activity as you can. So the first thing that you are going to want to do is get yourself a map of Malaga Spain or a Barcelona Spain map, depending on where in Spain you are planning to travel to of course, and start there.

Look on the Map

Now to make sure that you plan out the very best trip for yourself, what you are going to want to do is start looking at your Barcelona Spain map and pointing out things that look interesting to you. Maybe you want to check out some bars or restaurants while you are there, or maybe you are more interested in heading to the beach.

Whatever it is that you love to do and want to do when you head to Spain, you will want to find places that you can do in Spain, and point them out on your Barcelona Spain map. This way you can hold on to your Barcelona Spain map once you get there and find it much easier to get around.

This is really important, because if you do not have your Barcelona Spain map then you are going to end up getting lost and spending most of your time just trying to find your way around. This is no way to spend a trip because you want to be having fun and enjoying yourself.

You can very easily find a Barcelona Spain map, but the best decision is definitely going to be for you to get one before you leave for the trip so that you can do all the planning and preparation work. Otherwise you are going to waste away the time that you are on vacation and no one wants to do this.

There are also a few other things that you can do which will help you plan before you head off to Spain. One is to learn some of the language. Although you will not need to speak entirely in Spanish while you are there, you will have to know the basics, and so get these down before you head off.

This is all great advice and so if you are planning a trip to Spain, know that there are some things that you are going to want to do beforehand so that you can have the best time.

Backpacking – The Correct Way To Wear Your Layers

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Backpacking – The Correct Way To Wear Your Layers

It is surprising how many backpackers don’t understand how to wear their layers before going out on a hike. A lot of people still think that a thick layer has to be worn but this simply is not true as a thick layer limits your mobility and in fact hinders the backpacker. Thicker layers will feel bulky and will slow you down.

The best way to wear your layers is by wearing more layers of thinner clothing. By wearing multiple thinner layers you will be able to move far more freely and not feel weighed down. You will find that it will be far easier to adjust your layer thus making your feel comfortable for any situation. For example, when you get too warm you remove a layer and likewise, too cold, then add another layer and since the layers are very thin, you wont be taking off or adding too much clothing. This negates the need to carry heavier, bulky thick clothing.

If you are trekking and wearing thick layers then removing a layer will have a more pronounced effect than taking off a thin layer. With a thin layer you will experience a more comfortable gradual change so there will be no need to keep taking off and put on clothes regularly as you body temperature changes.

Essentially when backpacking you should be looking at three main layers of clothing. The first layer is called the inner layer and this must absorb moisture well and dry quickly. When the weather is cold it will help with insulation to keep your body heat in. Your middle layer is another layer that will provide good insulation. Something like a fleece jacket is ideal. The outer layer primarily needs to be waterproof and have the ability to resist the wind. Look for outer wear that has handy additional pockets which are ideal for items like flashlights or a compass and map.

Berlin Maps: a Few Useful Tips

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Berlin Maps: a Few Useful Tips

It is always good to carry a map with you when in an unknown city, and Berlin is no exception. But what maps should you get and where?

What’s special about Berlin is that if you know how to make good use of it’s public transportation and have a suitable map, you can easily get anywhere you want.

Berlin’s public transportation system includes two sophisticated train systems (U-Bahn and S-Bahn), many bus lines, and the Tram trains. No single map can show all relevant information about these, but a good map with the basic routes will usually be enough for a traveler.

There are tons of maps available, usually with streets on one side and the transportation system route on the other. You’d find them in books and travel guides, and in various shops and tourist information agencies. Some of the more decent maps are actually given for free, like those offered by the BVG service centers (BVG is the main operator of city transportation).

It’s better to find a good map of the city and mark the places you want to visit prior to your trip.

BVG offer an interactive map, which can be partially downloaded as a PDF file from here.

On my blog, Berlin O Philia, I offer a few other useful links to maps and other Berlin related resources.

Getting Around Tokyo: Trains And Metro

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Getting Around Tokyo: Trains And Metro

Tokyo has what is considered to be the most extensive mass transit system in the world, and not only is it extremely clean, efficient and safe, is also one of the most confusing systems in the world given the fact that several different companies and systems actually operate within the city. The first and foremost is the JR (Japan Rail) East network, followed by two different metro networks, not to mention various private lines, and considering different maps show different systems it can be extremely mind-boggling for the first time traveller looking to get from their Tokyo hotel to a restaurant or garden, or from one of the shrines back to which ever all-inclusive Tokyo hotels were best suited to their needs. It is especially confusing during rush hours given the fact that the trains quickly become crowded, making it something of a challenge for individuals who have never used the metro system before.

The main rail line for Tokyo is the JR Yamanote Line, which is a continuous loop around central Tokyo, and everything inside of the loop is considered to be the core of the city. Almost every single JR line as well as most of the private lines start at a station somewhere along the Yamanote Line, so regardless of which Tokyo hotel you are bound for you are going to be connected in some way to the core metro line. JR lines are colour-coded, with the Yamanote being green. The JR Chio is orange and the Sobu is yellow, both of which run side-by-side.

Above and beyond the trains that you can take from Tokyo hotels to destinations throughout the city, there is also the metro network to consider, which is exceptionally useful for getting to and from the core of the city. The Tokyo Metro has nine different lines, but there are also the Toei and TWR metro companies, as well as the private company Rinkai, all of which use the same lines but are privately run. There are also private commuter lines that radiate out from the main loop into the suburbs of Tokyo, and while they are useful for day trips outside the city and are slightly cheaper than the JR lines, it can add more confusion to an already chaotic system. The easiest way to get from one point to another is purchase a JR Pass, which gives free access to all of the Japan Rail trains, and the other companies also offer prepaid cards or smart cards, which basically allow a certain amount of uses depending on how much money you are willing to put on the card. While somewhat confusing at first, the trains and metro literally run all through the city, making transportation a breeze once you learn the system.

Africa – World Maps Great resources for traveling

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Africa – World Maps Great resources for traveling

Here I follow on from articles on the map of europe and the map of asia. Read more:

Travel writing is a lifestyle choice rather than a career. Some people make lots of money out of it and some don’t. I am one of those that don’t but its a choice I am happy to make. I do not believe in material things too much, which is just as well as I don’t have too many.

Africa – “” map of africa. The beauty of this map is that it fits well on most computer screens, yet the Country names and capital city names are quite easily read. Once again a good map for planning purposes and quick reference but probably not the best map for detail information on africa.

When talking about favourite countries in Africa, I find it hard to choose. I mean Egypt is awesome! Morocco is like a step back in time to the days of the ottoman empire. Botswana with its game parks and South Africa for its modern slant of the african adventure.

However my all time favourite would have to be Eritrea. The people are wonderful, the climate is to die for and you definitely feel less threatened in most countries of Africa. When I started travelling to africa I must admit I was timid. Sticking to the well worn tourist routes. I feared for my safety quite alot as I travel alone. However Eritrea opened my mind to the possibilities of travel with a little less concern for safety. It really is a great country and one that everyone should try and see.