A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show

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A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show!

Oil prices may soar and economies may stumble, however when it comes to the most prestigious and sought after motor show in South East Asia, these issues are clearly not obstacles.

The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, known for its accommodation of high quality-national as well as international events, is the home of the International Bangkok Motor Show.

Organized by Grand Prix International Company Limited, this Motor Show is an annual event that originally was hosted at the Lumpini Park. However due to its steady rise in popularity and demand, it was shifted to its present location, which can accommodate vast crowds which usually amounts to over 1.5 million people.

The Motor Show includes many innovative features and exhibitions including the Mustang Club Show, Volkswagen Club Show, the ever popular Classic Cars Show, Austin Mini Club Show, Sports Car Show, and the Classic Bikes Show.

Since the Motor Show is not just about the cars, it also includes the likes of an Overnight Rally, Off Road Contest, a Boats Show, Radio controlled cars and planes show, and even a Miss Motor Show Beauty Contest.

To top off the show, there are also various seminars, lectures and workshops dealing with relevant topics relating to energy conservation, the new technology involved and what could be expected in the future, how to get the maximum out of your motor equipment etc.

The inclusion of all this makes the International Bangkok Show a most valuable and enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Even the non car enthusiast will no doubt be blown away by some of the models displayed by the over 30 vehicle brands that participate in the show.

The visitor to Bangkok for the Motor Show may be looking for a comfortable yet more affordable accommodation option, and if so should consider an apartment hotel in Bangkok. The Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23 is one such Bangkok serviced apartment that offers its visitors the ultimate in comfort and privacy, affording the traveller the opportunity to feel right at home.

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Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in India

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Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in India

Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in Indian airline industry based in Mumbai. Kingfisher has their registered office in UB tower Bangalore and its head office is in Kingfisher house Vile Parle (east) Mumbai. Kingfisher airlines India is one of those six airlines in the world that got five star ranking from Skytrax.
It was honored in 2003 when they implemented their operations in May 2005 from Mumbai to New Delhi. Presently Kingfisher serve 71 destinations in total including domestic and international across Asia and Europe. Kingfisher has their own lounges in various cities of India.
Kingfisher passengers can avail these if they are Kingfisher first members, King Club silver or King club gold members. King club is all for frequent fliers to give them convenience like extra baggage allowance, priority check in, Lounges and Bonus miles. King club divides its members in to four categories Red, platinum, God and silver. King silver and King club gold can avail maximum benefits.
Kingfisher airlines fleet with its high class luxury aircraft promises well dressed, hospitable and highly friendly staff. Apart from this, the meals provided in the flight are up to the standard with reasonable prices. Entertainment is well under consideration when you travel through Kingfisher.
Kingfisher India is one of its kinds that provide you journey of lifetime. Kingfisher sets very high standard in the industry of airlines. Planning your journey well before is always advisable for many reasons and the most important is to save money. Kingfisher booking provide you convenience to book your journey with great ease as it contains the following features that helps in planning
Booking your journey tickets including Kingfisher Airways ensure that you get to travel comfortably to any part of the public. A digit of travellers now very to buy Kingfisher air tickets for their journey as the airlines provides them including the most brilliant deals and discounts for their journey and thus makes it undemanding for them to afford air travel.

Top 10 Corporate Travel Hotel Safety Tips

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Top 10 Corporate Travel Hotel Safety Tips

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure a safe and comfortable business trip when you are staying in a hotel. There are a lot of companies that take part in corporate travel savings, when a company is constantly paying for business travel for their employees they will usually try to cut costs of corporate travel by using discount hotels. Here are the top 10 tips for staying safe in your hotel during corporate travel.

1. Before your trip you should make copies front and back of all your credit cards, airline tickets, passports and important documents as well as take pictures of all your Jewelry and luggage and all valuables.

2. If possible, select a hotel which has installed modern electronic guest room locks. The majority of these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest.

3. If you are staying in an older hotel which still has the older guest door locks with metal key, one of first signs of how a hotel treats the issue of security is to observe how hotel room keys are controlled.

4. When registering, sign only your last name and first initial. Don’t use titles. This makes it harder to determine gender, marital status or profession. If you are a women traveling alone, you might consider booking your room as Mr. and Mrs.

5. Maximize safety and security. Select a room located between the 4th and 6th floor. Avoid rooms above the sixth floor as this is the maximum height that fire-department ladders can reach. For some fire departments overseas, and within the United States, they do not have equipment to reach hotel floors above the 6th floor.

6. Look for information in room about fire safety and read that information to become familiar with nearest fire exit/stairway. Locate nearest fire exit, extinguisher and fire pull box.

7. When inside a hotel room, for whatever length of time always use the deadbolt. If the room does not have a dead bolt or heavy-duty security clasp but does have a chain, twist it to take up the slack before latching it.

8. If you loose your key, ask for a new room or have the lock or electronic key card changed.

9. Don’t display your guest room key in public or even inside the hotel. Crooks have known to walk by casually, observe the number on the key if the number is stamped on it and make false charges in the hotel restaurant, bar or store using your room number.

10. Wear a minimum amount of jewelry, especially women. Women, wear only a simple wedding band in lieu of a diamond ring. Remove the temptation for a thief to make you their next victim.

By following these simple safety tips you can make your business travel much safer which will make the whole trip much more enjoyable. When you don’t have to worry about your valuables being taken you can keep your mind focused on the purpose of your corporate trip. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable during corporate travel be safe and secure when you are in a foreign country.

Advantage Of Bus Travel And Brief Information On Various Bus Travel Agents

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Advantage Of Bus Travel And Brief Information On Various Bus Travel Agents

Travelling is an important thing in life. Buses play a crucial role in moving passengers from one place to another in India. Buses are owned by government and privately also. There are lots of travel agents which provide buses covering all the major routes in India. Every state in India has its own transport corporation which helps passengers to move from place to place. Ksrtc (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), msrtc ( Maharashtra State Road transport Corporation), setc (State Express Transport Corporation), apsrtc ( Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation), hrtc (Himachal Road Transport Corporation), dtc ( Delhi Transport Corporation) etc. These government buses are easily affordable and the rates are fixed according to an average affordability of passenger on all routes. There are private bus operators as well like Neeta Volvo, Diwakar, Conti travels, Sabharwal travels providing online bus ticket booking now.

Bus is a cheap and easy mode of transportation. Now, with the advent of technology India is also providing online bus tickets booking facility for the ease of the customers travelling by bus. Now you don’t need to stand in long queues to get your bus tickets booked. Booking bus ticket is no more a problematic task. Time and money both are equally saved in Neeta Travels online booking of bus tickets which was wasted while booking offline. Previously when you need to book a bus ticket you have to adjust the timings and whole schedule in regard to the timings of the counters but as online booking is concerned, it is available all the time with a privilege to book by sitting anywhere across the globe. Book with internet within a fraction of minute and get all the relevant details of the desired bookings.

Travel agents provide luxurious buses with well equipped technologies and maximum comfort. Non ac bus, Ac bus, Volvo bus, sleeper / seater bus all types of buses are available with the travel agents and can be booked online. There are travel agents like redbus, makemytrip and yatra from where you can receive all the information and also able to book bus tickets online. Just choose a starting and dropping city, date of travel and number of seats to be booked than click the search button to get the information and book the tickets.

More ways to save on air travel

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More ways to save on air travel

One of the ways to make a boring flight more bearable is the knowledge you have the cheapest ticket on the plane. With all the security restrictions at air ports and the lack of comfort on the air planes themselves, traveling has lost its appeal. Now, it’s just a way of getting from where you are to where you want to go. The recession is helping because the airlines are having to compete to fill their planes. This is bringing down the retail price of seats and there are a lot of attractive “special offers” being advertised. The fact of a bargain always helps to lift your spirits. The big question is therefore how to get the discounts. If you are planning in advance, there are savings if you book around two months ahead. This gives you a so-called “early bird” discount. When you want a flight in the next few days, the airlines know you probably have to travel and keep the price high. If you book too far ahead, there are uncertainties about costs, particularly of aviation fuel, so airlines tend to keep the price higher to hedge against possible rises in their operating costs. When you book, if possible, always fly as a round trip. One-way tickets are more expensive and, if you are looking for connecting flights, try to stay with the same airline. Traveling on your own gives you the maximum flexibility. You can decide when you want to fly and how much inconvenience you are prepared to accept to get a discount. Most airlines start offering discounts for groups when there are at least six people in the party. So, if you are prepared to put up with the hassle of organizing friends into a package deal, the savings can be substantial. The emphasis here is on a package which includes hotels and other add-ons. There is another general rule at work here. Never rely on a single internet site for making a booking of any kind. Always get multiple online quotes and pick up the telephone to talk to the airlines and travel agents about travel packages. The moment you start talking about adding a rental car or hotel rooms, you have their undivided attention. Indeed, asking what the options are for saving money will often produce unexpected offers not mentioned on the websites. In this, remember to identify the consolidators or aggregators. These are the travel agents that buy tickets in bulk from the airlines and sell at a discount. Also remember that many of the no-frills budget airlines do not sell through the standard internet search engines. You have to approach them directly. Learning how to save on air tickets is not difficult but it does take up time and requires some effort. You should also be wary. Many discounted air tickets come with restricted rights to change flight times, exchange tickets, or cancel and seek a refund. Always read the small print before confirming the purchase. You should also use your credit card because many have insurance provisions that cover you should you fall ill and be unable to travel.

Drive Safe In Florida

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Drive Safe In Florida

If you’re planning to take a trip to Florida from the UK, renting a car can be a good idea to help you explore, however driving in another country can be very daunting.

Be safe

Make sure that you are alert. As you know they drive on the opposite side of the road, which may not be a problem while driving on a straight, but may become difficult when pulling out of a junction or when you are tired. When driving, most cars will lock there doors automatically when you are travelling fast enough, the gear shifts are all automatic as well, so make sure you get to know the car before you set off, save yourself from any panic later on when driving.

When parking up, be mindful of where you are. Park in a well lit area if you can at night, park in the more populated areas so you’re not alone when you want to return to your car. Always keep valuables well out of sight, either in the glove compartment or in the boot. If you park during the day, try and find a shaded area for your car, the sun in Florida is of course a lot harsher than that in the UK. If you’re with your children, don’t leave them in the car unsupervised.

If you travelling along a dark or deserted road and you need to talk to a stranger in another car, for example if you’ve had a slight knock and need to exchange information, then try and get them to follow you to somewhere where there is other people, before you get out and talk to them.

The law

If it rains in Florida (it’s something we all dread when we’re on holiday) then you must have your lights on with your wipers as it is compulsory.

The police shouldn’t be feared, as like in the UK, they are there to protect the safety of everyone. And if you adhere to the rules, then you will have no problems. If you are pulled over, let the officer approach you, you must not get out of your vehicle. The driver of the car must carry at all times the rental documents and a valid license to drive; police will request to see them on the spot. In Florida and in America in general, there are speed restrictions, all roads have a maximum speed limit, but be aware that some roads also have a minimum speed limit. Failing to obey these limits will subject you to an on the spot fine. Alcohol and driving is extremely strict in Florida, you’re not allowed it on show in the vehicle. Driving under the influence will come at a heavy price, so don’t take the risk.

There are special rules for yellow school buses in the US, when one stops and you’re on a single carriage road, then traffic in both directions must also stop until the bus has started moving again. You don’t have to stop if you are on the other side of a dual or more carriage way road.

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