Rhodes “The Sun Island” of Greece

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Rhodes “The Sun Island” of Greece

Rhodes otherwise known as Rhodos or Rodos in Greek lies between Crete and the east of Aegean Ocean. Rhodes is also known as the biggest of the Dodecanese Islands. It has a subtropical climate with at most 3000 hours of sun light per year. You can be guaranteed a good tan on your holidays. It is one of the most visited places in Greece because of its nice sunny weather and even the people who live there spend their holidays there too. Don’t forget to inquire with the wide variety of Rhodes transfers, in case you would like to take a trip towards Rhodes.

In Rhodes you can spend many leisure activities offered by the warm welcome of the people here who are hospitable and kind. Many modern hotels are found all over the place and because of the excellent and wonderful views found in here, many tourists find it beautiful to spend their vacation here. Rhodes is also known as one of the biggest municipalities in Greece.

Rhodes has many sea transfers either by ferry boat or speed catamaran boats. Usually the boats travel at night. Ticket prices depend on the kind of boat you hire. Usually trips vary from 13 to 17 hours per trip and because of this you are advised to get a cabin so you could take a rest along the trip. Other people transfer by plane because the boat trip takes too long. Many people usually take plane trips during the summer season and plane tickets usually vary from the prices and if you have plane reservations in advance, it would me much easier to get your tickets. Rhodes transfers offer a service wherein they would wait for your arrival from a plane trip, and then carries you to where you want to be around Rhodes.

Taxis in Greece are often used but it is more expensive than using a bus but compared to other cities in other countries, taxis in Greece are cheaper. Many taxi stations can be found here and you can choose to phone a cab and go to the station or another one is you doesn’t have to wait for the taxi because the taxi will come to you. You should try and travel here in Rhodes. It is fun and pleasant!

Ode to Summer

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Ode to Summer

Summer is drawing to a close. In its place winter will soon come with snow, frigid weather, and icy roads. So before I become too depressed about the upcoming horrid weather, I thought I’d recap on my favorite things of summer.

· Clear Roads: Driving during the winter can be dangerous, nerve-wracking, and stressful. But during the summer, you can drive with a care-free attitude and just enjoy the ride and the weather.

· The Sunshine: When winter comes, I will no longer be able to feel the warm sun. Quite depressing, if you ask me.

· Working in the Garden: One of my favorite summer pastimes is working in the garden—all equipped with mosquito protection. There is just something very therapeutic about it.

· Bodies of Water: Maybe I should specify: swimmable bodies of water. There is nothing better than spending the better part of a whole day lounging at the beach or at a lake.

· Light Clothing: A t-shirt and shorts do not go a long way in the winter time, but they are perfect throughout the entire summer.

· Flip Flops: The official summer shoe will have to be put back into the closet or in the box that gets shoved under your bed to be forgotten until the sun decides to get a little warmer.

· Lowered Windows: All it takes is a nice warm breeze to just make my day.

Even though winter looms in the near future, summer will always be there waiting to return. But then again, I guess winter has its good points too.

Do You Use Traditional Travel Agents

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Do You Use Traditional Travel Agents?

Are you still making use of traditional travel agents? I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned to me that he just booked a holiday at one such travel agent. I was quite surprised, particularly since I’m used to booking my holidays via the Internet.
I tend to do this because I believe that the best deals are to be found online. There are a number of reasons why this would seem to be true. Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that online travel companies don’t need to maintain expensive properties in prime locations.
This means that they’re not having to spend a lot of money on rent, purchasing property and employing numerous staff. Most online travel firms are likely to be located in less expensive areas. That’s simply because they don’t rely on attracting passing traffic in the same way that traditional travel companies do.
Why does this matter to consumers? I think the main reason is because these lower overheads can be passed on to customers in the form of lower holiday prices. But the advantages don’t stop here.
The Internet also offers us the opportunity to carry out a lot more research. It means that we can find out an enormous amount about resorts, hotels, attractions and holiday destinations. Some people would say that it reduces the surprises associated with holidays. I don’t think this is a bad thing.
So if you are bill using traditional travel agents then you may want to switch to start booking online. By doing so, you could save yourself a considerable amount of money. You can also ensure that you know far more about your intended destination before you even leave home.
Booking online is the best way to avoid paying over the odds are your holidays. It makes sense to take advantage of such opportunities.

Picking a Restaurant – Top 10 Tips for Backpackers

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Picking a Restaurant – Top 10 Tips for Backpackers

People eat some interesting things around the world. Guinea pigs, snails, frogs, spiders, insects, horses and goat heads. What is considered exotic in one part of the world is daily bread for someone else. We eat a lot of cray fish (small lobsters) in Sweden in August for instance, which some people find really strange (but not as strange as the fact that during these cray fish parties grown men wear strange coloured bibs and weird looking hats, drink vodka until they can’t stand upright any more, all this while singing hedonistic songs). Sampling the local cuisine is one of the highlights of travel. Here is some advice on how to pick a place to eat:

1. Choose a place which has plenty of guests, this makes sure that there is a good throughput in the kitchen and that the food will not be waiting for hours on the stove.

2. Go to places which are frequented by locals. Sure, it may not be as fancy schmancy as the touristy places but you get to experience the locals’ food.

3. Ask locals about restaurants. Your hotel can be a good choice for information but sometimes they get a commission and only recommend places because of this.

4. Do not pick restaurant when hunger is killing you. Bring small snacks with you (such as a sandwich, biscuits, an apple or bananas) to fight the hunger. Picking a place to eat when you are really hungry usually results in you picking the closest one.

5. Bring your dictionary to the restaurant in case there is no English menu.

6. If you are on a tour your tour guide will usually take you to an expensive place where he gets commission, eats for free or a place run by someone in his family. You do not have to eat at this place.

7. Check if the bathroom is clean. If it is really dirty then cleanliness doesn’t seem a priority which is probably true about the kitchen as well.

8. If you travel alone use the time while you wait for your food to write your diary or just look around and take in the atmosphere.

9. If you want to find cheap food go to food stalls, restaurants where the locals eat or food courts in shopping malls.

10. If you are on a caf? listen to the waiters orders to the kitchen when ordering coffee, use the same terminology and you may get a lower price since you show that you are not a tourist, e.g. a cafe au lait may be called “un cr?me”.

NYC: One Little Cultural Tester

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NYC: One Little Cultural Tester

As you walk on the streets of New York City, you can look around and notice that New York really IS a cultural hub.  It is amazing the way so many cultures learn to coexist in a single city, and still manage to keep their individuality at the same time.

NYC can be seen as a cultural tester – you know… like those testers you see on every perfume store.  You go, you test, you like, you take… in this case, …you experience. Life in New York can be seen as the preamble to what your cultural experience might be when you travel abroad.  Of course, I’m not saying it is the same thing, but it’s a good start to prepare yourself for the cultural shock you might experience at your destination.

From my own experience, I used this tester approach for my trips to Thailand, Germany, South Korea, and Poland.  Out of those, I think the Korean tester was the best and most accurate.  The Korean District in Flushing, NY is an almost accurate reflection to what some areas of South Korea were really like.  The signs in Korean, the street chaos, the vendors speaking in Korean, the traditional food, the stores, and even the banks are all influenced by the Korean culture.

I experimented some of its food, listened to the language, and tried to understand the written signs (which I never truly understood).  This “experimentation” helped me appreciate and understand even more the actual culture that is seen day by day in South Korea.  I was prepared to experience some things as well as totally unprepared for others (like the public restrooms… ugh! And the barbershop look-a-like signs… which they are NOT barbershops!!).  But still, receiving these cultural inputs, understanding their difference, and experimenting them; will definitely make your travel experience so much more rewarding.

Even when you’re not in a multicultural city like New York, you can still achieve these types of cultural tests by other means.  They can be either by meeting foreign friends, your own city demographics, the internet, and even social networks.  I’ve also tried these other approaches and they’ve been very positive.

No matter what is your preference when it comes to travel, whether you like experiencing extreme cultural shocks or like being prepared for what might come, the important thing is to get to experience the real culture, live it, respect it, and cherish it.  In the end, that’s what traveling is all about!

Wonderful holiday awaits interesting singles

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Wonderful holiday awaits interesting singles

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In case you are amongst those insane people, who are letting being single take a toll on their lives, then let me tell you that how blissful are single holidays for you. It isn’t a herculean task to realise and understand the importance as well as benefits, a singles holiday has, to offer you; especially a singles cruise holiday can be a very interesting and wonderful option.

For people who have never been on a cruise for a singles holiday, it’s a must try. You have an option to sail across a variety of breath taking locales around the whole wide world. From the Maldives to the Caribbean – you can choose your own destination. While on the cruise, you don’t just have all the facilities available with the drop of a hat, but you also get an opportunity to meet and get to know other singles, just like you. A cruise singles holiday is a singles holiday in the true sense as while on a cruise you are certainly not alone, unless you want to be. The chances of finding someone who understands you well and can easily becomes your travel companion, are undoubtedly very high.

Well, if you thought that was all you must know about singles holidays; then you were totally wrong. There’s more to it. Just like cruise single holidays, escorted singles holidays are sought after as well; and are a really lucrative option. An escorted holiday isn’t about restrictions or strict schedules, nor does it imply that you’ll have several people around to invade your privacy. In fact an escorted holiday is yet another package for a single holiday that offers complete freedom to the traveller with respect to the choice of destination, type of room, it’s sharing basis, kind of package and the likes of it; and it includes additional facilities like spa, gymnasium and at times even a cruise for a day or two. Various recreational activities and adventure sports are also included as a vital part of various package tours. Even seasonal tours are organised for singles on regular basis.

Going for an escorted singles holiday or a singles cruise is a very smart decision that you can make. In fact, it is a decision that you must make. Such a holiday comes with a promise of becoming the most memorable and rejuvenating experience of your lifetime. It is important to understand that a singles holiday, whether or not it’s on the cruise, certainly gives you the rare and golden opportunity to live your life in the exact manner that you want to; and with so many cheap and inexpensive options available, it would be foolish of you to not go for a singles vacation.