A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show

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A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show!

Oil prices may soar and economies may stumble, however when it comes to the most prestigious and sought after motor show in South East Asia, these issues are clearly not obstacles.

The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, known for its accommodation of high quality-national as well as international events, is the home of the International Bangkok Motor Show.

Organized by Grand Prix International Company Limited, this Motor Show is an annual event that originally was hosted at the Lumpini Park. However due to its steady rise in popularity and demand, it was shifted to its present location, which can accommodate vast crowds which usually amounts to over 1.5 million people.

The Motor Show includes many innovative features and exhibitions including the Mustang Club Show, Volkswagen Club Show, the ever popular Classic Cars Show, Austin Mini Club Show, Sports Car Show, and the Classic Bikes Show.

Since the Motor Show is not just about the cars, it also includes the likes of an Overnight Rally, Off Road Contest, a Boats Show, Radio controlled cars and planes show, and even a Miss Motor Show Beauty Contest.

To top off the show, there are also various seminars, lectures and workshops dealing with relevant topics relating to energy conservation, the new technology involved and what could be expected in the future, how to get the maximum out of your motor equipment etc.

The inclusion of all this makes the International Bangkok Show a most valuable and enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Even the non car enthusiast will no doubt be blown away by some of the models displayed by the over 30 vehicle brands that participate in the show.

The visitor to Bangkok for the Motor Show may be looking for a comfortable yet more affordable accommodation option, and if so should consider an apartment hotel in Bangkok. The Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23 is one such Bangkok serviced apartment that offers its visitors the ultimate in comfort and privacy, affording the traveller the opportunity to feel right at home.

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The Best Caribbean Vacations

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The Best Caribbean Vacations

Are you considering a Caribbean vacation? Perhaps you’ve read that the Caribbean islands are all much the same; but that’s only true if you are looking for a packaged cookie cutter holiday with hamburger dinners, pina coladas on manicured beaches, and rows of plastic tanning chairs under neatly pruned palm trees. Which are all great, if that’s what you seek. In this case, any tropical destination will do, it doesn’t have to be in the Caribbean.
In E. M. Foster’s famous novel “Room with a View”, one of the characters says, “We’re in Italy to see Italy, not to meet Italians”. What a shortsighted way to travel?
But you are not a typical tourist, are you?
You are the better-informed traveler who prefers to immerse herself in the culture. You are looking for a little adventure and spice, and you are in search of a truly special Caribbean vacation. An authentic Caribbean experience that screams calypso, one that will stimulate your imagination, offer new and exciting experiences, and leave you renewed and rejuvenated.
Where do you find such an island, such an experience?
Here’s what we tell our friends: Look for the source of all that is Caribbean.
Look for a Caribbean nation whose rich natural resources have allowed it to resist the temptation to become a tourist haven. An island where the raw talent and ingenuity of its people invented a musical instrument from discarded oil drums, an instrument that has become synonymous not only with the Caribbean, but with all tropical islands and tropical island vacations. Seek out the island that created Soca, the new sound of the Caribbean, a sound that sets your feet jumping.
Look for an island whose unique history produced the regions greatest Carnival celebration, the one by which all others are judged, a carnival celebration comparable with Rio and New Orleans. Choose an island with the richest and most exciting food culture in the Caribbean, where you can and will experience an extraordinary gastronomical journey. Seek islands with sufficient diversity of beaches to provide something new and different every day of your vacation.
Seek a nation that is the premiere Caribbean eco tour destination, offering one of the densest biota in the world, with a startling variety of both South American and Caribbean bird and wildlife. Twin islands that provide great hiking and trekking opportunities, numerous caves and waterfalls worthy of exploration, birding opportunities to numerous to mention, wetland and sea kayaking tours, the oldest nature reserve the New World, encounters with the West Indian Manatee, and leatherback turtle watching, in addition to a wide selection of undersea adventures.
Stimulate all your senses; choose an amazing adventure in Trinidad and Tobago for your next vacation. This is where you’ll find the authentic Caribbean, and one of the most fulfilling and rewarding vacation experiences available.

Thai Massages – A holistic approach to mind, body and soul

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Thai Massages – A holistic approach to mind, body and soul

Thai massages are world renowned, and there is no better place to experience one than Thailand itself. Whilst Bangkok reigns with the largest amount of establishments that provide Thai massages from budget to high-end. With techniques and origins from over 2,500 years ago, Thai massages are one of the most sought after treatments throughout the world.

Thai massages draw their influence from ancient Indian ayurvedic traditions. There are numerous types of massages, each giving their own benefit. Massages can be done with aromatherapy oil, lotion or nothing at all. From triggering a memory, to help aiding you to sleep, recover from jetlag or to make your skin glow, Thai massages can be used to stimulate different aspects of your body.

Take for example the Thai facial massage that uses the fingers in an upward motion and circular strokes across the face. If done regularly, a Thai facial massage can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and tone facial muscles. The Thai foot massage is perhaps one of the more popular massages that tourists get whilst in Thailand. According to traditional preaching’s it is said that each part of the body is linked to the foot. Feet are looked upon as the pillars of the human body, and hence much emphasis is placed on the feet. Either a massage will be done by hand, or by using a small wooden stick. Known to relieve pain and promote better posture, foot massages in Bangkok are famous! For one of the most traditional massages you can get in Bangkok, visit the Wat Po (The Temple of the Reclining Buddha).

To experience some of the best of Bangkok, why not try the Bangkok apartments by Compass Hospitality? These apartments in Bangkok provide all the modern conveniences coupled with exceptional service to ensure that their discerning guests have a memorable holiday. Compass Hospitality also features one of the most sought after spas in Bangkok called Ananda Spa that revives and restores mind, body and spirit.

Take Flights to Chicago U

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Take Flights to Chicago U.S.A This Summer and Watch Chicago Air and Water Show!

The Chicago Air & Water Show on Lincoln Park’s lakefront Chicago presents two fun-packed days of spectacular air and watercraft demonstrations. This spectacular showdraws millions of people through flights to Chicago U.S.A each year to the lakefront, contributing significantly to tourism and economic development for Chicago. This show is the oldest and free show of its kind in United States. He displays take place at the edge of the lake. Shell Oil Products US is proudly presenting sponsor of the Chicago Air and Water Show since 1995 and is continuously becoming major contributor of Chicago U.S.A flights every summer by bringing this free event to the Chicago shoreline.

Timings and Other Information about Show:

Over the past many years, the show has become a summer tradition featuring aviation’s top military and civilian pilots.  Death-defying stunts on sea and in the air in front of a crowd of millions will attract a large of flights to Chicago U.S.A from UK through a number of air travel operators like flights to Chicago he 2010 Chicago Air Show will run 11am-4pm on 14th and 15th August. Activities at Show are pre published but if there is a specific performance that you want to see, there is no way to know what time it will occur. Times are determined by the pilots on the day of the event because of variations in logistics and flight conditions. The only way to come to know about that is to take cheap flights to Chicago U.S.A and personally attend the event. You can get great views of event from North Avenue Beach or plant yourself at Oak Street Beach. It is one of the largest spectator events in the world. The event has become a summer tradition in United States.

Performers at Chicago Air and Water Show:

Performers at Chicago Air and Water Show one can see by taking flights to Chicago U.S.A Includes; U.S. Navy Blue Angels, Chicago Fire Department Air and Sea Rescue Team, AeroShell Aerobatic Team, Lima Lima Flight Team, The Firebirds, Sean Tucker & Team Oracle, Ed Hamill and his Air Force Reserve Bi-Plane, Red Bull MiG, U.S. Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team, and U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights.It is such a great show that every year on average 2.2 millions of visitors come to the city to attend this event. Visitors residing in Europe reserve their cheap flights to Chicago U.S.A from UK

Most Popular U

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Most Popular U.S. Tourist Destinations

Orlando was America’s top tourist attraction in ’09 with 48 million visitors, achieving a 12 percent increase in overseas visitors.  Its hotel occupancy rate fell a little short of 61 percent, meaning hotel discounts were plentiful.  New York came in number two in popularity and was able to rent 77 percent of its hotel rooms.  Chicago, Anaheim and Miami filled out the top five most popular U.S. cities.

Warm weather states drew the most travelers during the height of the recession last year.  Florida’s tourist spending came in at $69 billion, with California reaping $96 billion from visitors.  California’s hottest vacation spot was Anaheim, which even though it experienced a drop still drew almost 43 million visitors, many of who were checking out its theme parks. The southern Gulf coast as a whole is a very popular vacation spot that is experiencing major losses due to the oil leak. It is expected to miss a large part of its summer traffic as the oil continues to roll into the beaches there.

Orlando’s visitor count rose slightly in ’09 going from 48.7 to 48.9 million.  The drawing power of Disney was demonstrated by it attracting about 17 million guests.

Las Vegas suffered one of the biggest declines in tourists last year, running a 6 percent drop in international travel.  Overall Las Vegas is still doing relatively well as indicated by its 81.5 percent hotel occupancy rate, higher than any other top tourist destination even after in added more than 10,000 hotel rooms with the opening of CityCenter, Hard Rock’s new tower, and other additions.

The good news for tourists is that Las Vegas’ high occupancy rate was achieved by hotels deeply discounting their room rates.


Kerala Backwater – an extraordinary Tour package

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Kerala Backwater – an extraordinary Tour package

Kerala is really a wonderful destination for all types of travelers. The place witnesses a heavy influx of travelers from different parts of the world. The place has variety of traveling options including fabulous beaches, backwaters, pilgrim centers, waterfalls, houseboats, ayurvedic spas, museums, forts & palaces, hill stations, wildlife and historical monuments. You can also explore this majestic place.

The place is full of wonderful tourist destinations. There is no scarcity of traveling options for visitors here. The state’s traveling options are going to delight your senses of traveling and tourism. Some of the famous tourist attraction of the state includes the fabulous beaches, backwaters, pilgrim centers, waterfalls, houseboats, ayurvedic spas, museums, forts & palaces, hill stations, wildlife and historical monuments.

All these attractive place completely makes the tourist glued to it. Although the state of Kerala offers so many options to the travelers but the highlight of Kerala tourism has to be its backwaters and beaches. It is a network of interconnected rivers, canals, and lakes. There is a wide range of beach and backwaters destination in the state are Fort Kochi, Fort Bekal, Kumarakom, Kovalam, Varkala, Kottayam, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Thiruvallam and many more. One cannot even think of finishing his/her tour and without exploring its beautiful beaches and backwaters.

Another specialty of Kerala is its ayurveda. People from far off countries come here to enjoy the ayurvedic massages and treatment. There is a wide range ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala including Dhanwanthari Ayurveda Vaidyasala, Ayurkendra and Sukhodaya Pharmacy and Research Centre in Kottayam, the Sree Sankara Ayurveda Vaidyasala in Perunnai, and several others. These various ayurveda centers provide treatment from various ailments with the help of detoxification, rejuvenation, herbs, herbal formulations, medicated oils, diet, lifestyle, exercise, yoga and meditation.

One thing that most of the travelers simply love is the stay in the houseboats. This would provide them a unique experience for the first timers as well as for the travelers who visited the place earlier. The stay in the peaceful environment and amid the backwaters would simply make your journey much more memorable.

To cater to the need of travelers various travel agency offers wide range of tours. Some of famous Kerala Tour Packages of Kerala include Kerala Honeymoon tour, Kerala Backwater Tour, Kerala beach tour, Kerala Wildlife tour, Kerala Culinary tour, Kerala Ayurveda tour, Kerala Hill station and Kerala Spiritual tour. For exploring these beautiful destinations of Kerala, one would need a well-experienced and well-recognized travel agency or tour operator. There is no match of this princely state and it is hard to find a place with such beautiful and diversified destinations. For this we would recommend you the name of Kerala Backwaters, a unit of Capital City Travels and Tours. This veteran agency has been in the business of traveling since the last three decades. It has approved by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and recommended by reckoning names of Lonely Planet Travel guidebook.