Thai Massages – A holistic approach to mind, body and soul

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Thai Massages – A holistic approach to mind, body and soul

Thai massages are world renowned, and there is no better place to experience one than Thailand itself. Whilst Bangkok reigns with the largest amount of establishments that provide Thai massages from budget to high-end. With techniques and origins from over 2,500 years ago, Thai massages are one of the most sought after treatments throughout the world.

Thai massages draw their influence from ancient Indian ayurvedic traditions. There are numerous types of massages, each giving their own benefit. Massages can be done with aromatherapy oil, lotion or nothing at all. From triggering a memory, to help aiding you to sleep, recover from jetlag or to make your skin glow, Thai massages can be used to stimulate different aspects of your body.

Take for example the Thai facial massage that uses the fingers in an upward motion and circular strokes across the face. If done regularly, a Thai facial massage can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and tone facial muscles. The Thai foot massage is perhaps one of the more popular massages that tourists get whilst in Thailand. According to traditional preaching’s it is said that each part of the body is linked to the foot. Feet are looked upon as the pillars of the human body, and hence much emphasis is placed on the feet. Either a massage will be done by hand, or by using a small wooden stick. Known to relieve pain and promote better posture, foot massages in Bangkok are famous! For one of the most traditional massages you can get in Bangkok, visit the Wat Po (The Temple of the Reclining Buddha).

To experience some of the best of Bangkok, why not try the Bangkok apartments by Compass Hospitality? These apartments in Bangkok provide all the modern conveniences coupled with exceptional service to ensure that their discerning guests have a memorable holiday. Compass Hospitality also features one of the most sought after spas in Bangkok called Ananda Spa that revives and restores mind, body and spirit.

Paramus New Jersey Hotel Offers An Affordable & Memorable Family Getaway

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Paramus New Jersey Hotel Offers An Affordable & Memorable Family Getaway

One New Jersey hotel, Comfort Inn & Suites in Paramus, is offering a winter sale to help families enjoy an affordable and fun getaway.

“Our goal is to make winter getaways both fun and inexpensive,” says Sean Charnow, General Manager of Comfort Inn & Suites in Paramus, NJ. “Guests can take advantage of our current winter sale to enjoy 20% off all rates. Just call 866-837-8549 and mention the code ‘Winter Sale’ to receive this limited-time offer.”

According to Charnow, Paramus, NJ offers a variety of family-friendly activities and adventures. Guests of the Comfort Inn & Suites in Paramus can enjoy:

Exploring The New Jersey Children’s Museum: Kids of all ages will enjoy exploring the exciting exhibits in this fifteen thousand square foot museum. Designed to promote fun and learning, each exhibit provides an educational, interactive experience that even adults can appreciate. The museum is open seven days a week all winter long. Call (201) 262-5151.

Taking day trips to New York City: All of the excitement of New York City can be yours in just a short bus or train ride! Take a day trip to see a show, shop, or go on a tour of the city’s numerous famous buildings and landmarks. Go to to find train and bus schedules.

Shopping at the Bergen Town Center: Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the brand new Bergen Town Center. Conveniently located at Route 4 & Forest Avenue in Paramus, this mall features a vast selection of specialty and department stores. Take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s, located right in the town center. Call (201) 845-4050.

Shopping & Movies at the Garden State Plaza Mall: Featuring a plethora of stores, restaurants and even a movie theater, this mall has something for the entire family. Call 201-843-2121.

Eating at the Napa Valley Grill: Serving California wines and local seasonal ingredients, this restaurant has all the charm of the Napa Valley, right here in Paramus! It’s perfect for a romantic dinner or night out with friends. Call (201) 845-5555.

Great Shopping Venues In Coventry

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Great Shopping Venues In Coventry

Situated to the south east of Birmingham, Coventry is one of the biggest cities in England. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise then to learn that it has countless shops and outlets to visit if you feel the need to spend some money.
The West Orchards Shopping Centre always draws big crowds, typically made from people who are visiting the area as well as those who live there. It is packed with all the famous name shops you would expect to find in such a centre, and it also has the bonus of being undercover so you don’t have to worry about what the weather is doing outside.
It also has plenty of eateries and restaurants to arouse your taste buds once you’ve been shopping for a while and worked up an appetite. The Food Court is dedicated to making sure you can get rid of those hunger pangs before heading back to the shops once more.
If you enjoy browsing round fashion outlets and good bargains are on your list of things to buy, make sure you visit the Lower Precinct Shopping Centre. This is very popular among visitors and it has two floors to keep you busy for hours.
The venue itself is quite compact and square shaped, so everything is easy to find and gain access to. There is also the added bonus of having the Coventry Indoor Market close by as well, so you are getting two great shopping experiences in one.
Of course some stores are bigger than others, and there are few bigger than Ikea, which has opened in Coventry. The store is set just off Croft Road inside the ring road, so it has easy access no matter how you choose to get there.
This is one store that offers virtually a whole day out shopping experience if you choose. With breakfast available first thing and a showroom and market place to look round, you can guarantee that you’ll be spending plenty of time dreaming about all the things you could buy. Not to mention actually going ahead and buying a few things of course!
Perhaps one of the best shopping experiences of all is the one to be found in Spon Street. This often takes the name of Mediaeval Spon Street, and when you first see it you will discover why.
There are plenty of modern and individual shops here, but they are the latest in a long line of shops that have been here throughout several centuries. Even in the 1100s the area was thriving with people going about their daily work.
If you are planning on having a shopping weekend in Coventry, make sure you stay in one of the hotels in Coventry. That way you will be right in the middle of the best shopping experiences the city has to offer.
Andrew Regan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Why Do you Pay Commissions When you Do your Own Travel Bookings

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Why Do you Pay Commissions When you Do your Own Travel Bookings?

When you buy a travel package, tour or service your price may include a number of levels of commission added to the original pure cost of the product direct from the supplier.

To give an example of such:

Let’s take a tour operated in Australia at a cost direct from the operator of say $1,000:

1. This tour may be listed with an Inbound Tour Operator.

2. The ITO buys for $1,000, marks up 10%, sells to Wholesaler- tour price now $1,100.

3. The Wholesaler buys for $1,100, marks up !0%, sells to Retailer- tour price now $1,210.

4. The Retailer buys for $1210, marks up 10%, sells to Traveller- tour price now $1,331.

(prices change if percentages are higher, or less if the ITO is not in this equation)

(without the ITO, retail price would be $1,210 at 10% or $1322 at 15%).

The commission element, without the ITO at 10% mark-up is $210 per tour per person (21%).

The commission element, without the ITO at 15% mark-up is $322 per tour per person (32%).

So the Traveller pays variable levels of middleman commissions.. When you have 2 or 3 or a family of travellers, this is a considerable amount of cash and if you have a tour costing in excess of $1,000, just do the math.

Similarly, brochure prices have commissions built in to them for the retailers of 10 – 25%.

If a consumer goes to an Outlet Store they expect outlet prices, if they go directly to the Manufacturer they expect ‘go-direct’ prices, so why not handle travel arrangements in a similar way?

Because, it is only fair that each level of the product sales cycle earns revenue for the business involved and these businesses are necessary and needed to ensure that products are marketed, promoted, brochured and sold to consumers around the world who may not be comfortable with handling their own bookings and need the assistance of an expert professional travel consultant.. However, with the growth of the internet and the ability to now find the source of travel products, travellers who handle their own arrangements should get a fairer deal on the pricing as a middleman is not needed in the purchasing process.

It does not make sense for most travel operators to show different prices on their websites, Retail, Wholesale or Internet Direct etc as this could undermine their supply chain by deterring the efficient middlemen from representing their products, so we have to find a way for all of the

‘do-it-yourself’ bookers to get a fairer price.

There is a way. A new service has been introduced that enables travel operators to encourage and reward travellers who are comfortable with direct bookings and for them to get a fair price break for the commission no longer required to be paid out. The new service, operated by, offers TopTravelVouchers for sale that have values equivalent to, or more than the commission elements on the operator’s travel products. These may be purchased by travellers at very deep discounts to their redemption values, getting closer to the direct cost price of the travel product for the consumer… think outlet pricing or go-direct deals.

The Travel Operator still incurs the commission cost by issuing a toptravelvoucher but the beneficiary of the price break is the traveller, not the middleman. By encouraging and rewarding travellers, the operators should get more traffic to their websites.

TopTravelSites can be compared to a retail travel company but it does not sell travel. It only introduces travellers to operators involved with the program and invites them to go directly to the travel websites of its clients. If travellers want to do business directly with the travel providers on the site they can get a price break by purchasing toptravelvouchers online at prices of $30, $50 or $100usd (or equivalent foreign currency). The vouchers have a 100% money-back guarantee and if, after the travel has been completed, the traveller is unhappy with the product, the cost of the voucher is reimbursed and redress is sought from the operator.

Hundreds of vouchers are currently available and new vouchers are being added each month but when you see a voucher valued at 1,500 euros for sale for $100usd it may not be long before you will see thousands of choices. Many other vouchers are available and can be purchased by single travellers, groups or families, leading to very healthy savings for all ‘do-it-yourself’ bookers.

Many travel operators will continue to sell through a supply chain but there are thousands of travel businesses around the world that want to improve their representation and for their services to be seen by a wider audience of travellers. Most travel operators would always be willing to pay a commission on sales and so this site might offer great appeal to them. It will surely attract travellers booking their own arrangements and being rewarded by rebated commission and as long as the site operator keeps to low overheads (no bricks and mortar stores or expensive brochures) it will also appeal to many more travellers and travel providers. .

You can visit the site at where you can also link to some last minute deals, a travel ezine and some destination specific sites for the South Pacific..

Rivers in India: Streams of Faith

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Rivers in India: Streams of Faith

India is a land of great physical diversity with its mountains, plateaus, valleys, waterfalls, etc. Such a large country in area is bound to have these various physical features. But rivers in the country hold a special place in the lives of the people. There are many rivers in India and most of them do a lot more than just supply water to people.

Since ancient times, rivers have held a very important position in one’s lives. These are considered holy, especially according to the Hindu mythology. At all big occasions, people go and take a dip in rivers like Ganga so as to purify their souls. Also, there are other rivers too in various parts of the country which have some mythological importance or the other and therefore are considered holy.

Also, India being an agricultural country, a major role is played by these rivers in providing irrigation to the fields. If it would not have been for these rivers like Yamuna, Kosi, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Kaveri etc, India would not have been flourishing. The water for irrigation of all the crops is provided by the rivers itself.

Other than the religious importance and irrigation, there is a lot more that is provided by the rivers. It is an important means of transportation. Also, electricity is provided by these rivers to a large population. Also, it is a source of employment to a number of people. Even tourism is promoted to a great extent by these rivers. A lot of adventure sports are being done in these rivers which has made them an attraction for tourists.

The rivers of India have a special place in the hearts of the people, so much so that they even worship them. A glimpse of the beautiful landscaping that these rivers have would enchant any one and attract them towards the culture of the country all the more.

Discovering Indonesian Art At The TIM Centre

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Discovering Indonesian Art At The TIM Centre

Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Centre which is known as the TIM art centre was named after a prominent Jakarta-born composer who is well known for his efforts in promoting the arts in the country. Unlike many other art centers in Indonesia, the TIM centre has a unique approach to promoting art and culture among the locals as well as tourists. Instead of the usual dichotomy of traditional art versus modernism, this centre embraces both styles and showcases the best of both worlds. Traditional dance performances such as Wayang, dramas and Puppet Theater are among the regular features of the centre’s program.

The Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Centre is particularly well known for presenting local Indonesian artists and other regional artists from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Staying true to the vision of Ismail Marzuki, who was well known for composing patriotic songs during the early days of the Indonesian independence, the centre helps promote the indigenous music of the region.

Perhaps the most popular song composed by Marzuki was Rayuan Pulau Kelapa (Solace on a Coconut Island), which gained many accolades locally as well as internationally. His work was honored posthumously by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2004 with him being declared a national hero.

The TIM centre fills in a long-felt void in the cultural scene in Jakarta. Earlier, many local artists where hampered by the lack of a proper venue to perform. But with the establishment of the art centre they now have state-of-the-art facilities as well as a regular appreciative audience. The centre also has a planetarium that is a favorite among schoolchildren. Located within easy access of Jakarta accommodation such as the Somerset Berlian which is a serviced apartment in Jakarta, the TIM art centre is well worth a visit by a tourist in the city.