A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show

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A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show!

Oil prices may soar and economies may stumble, however when it comes to the most prestigious and sought after motor show in South East Asia, these issues are clearly not obstacles.

The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, known for its accommodation of high quality-national as well as international events, is the home of the International Bangkok Motor Show.

Organized by Grand Prix International Company Limited, this Motor Show is an annual event that originally was hosted at the Lumpini Park. However due to its steady rise in popularity and demand, it was shifted to its present location, which can accommodate vast crowds which usually amounts to over 1.5 million people.

The Motor Show includes many innovative features and exhibitions including the Mustang Club Show, Volkswagen Club Show, the ever popular Classic Cars Show, Austin Mini Club Show, Sports Car Show, and the Classic Bikes Show.

Since the Motor Show is not just about the cars, it also includes the likes of an Overnight Rally, Off Road Contest, a Boats Show, Radio controlled cars and planes show, and even a Miss Motor Show Beauty Contest.

To top off the show, there are also various seminars, lectures and workshops dealing with relevant topics relating to energy conservation, the new technology involved and what could be expected in the future, how to get the maximum out of your motor equipment etc.

The inclusion of all this makes the International Bangkok Show a most valuable and enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Even the non car enthusiast will no doubt be blown away by some of the models displayed by the over 30 vehicle brands that participate in the show.

The visitor to Bangkok for the Motor Show may be looking for a comfortable yet more affordable accommodation option, and if so should consider an apartment hotel in Bangkok. The Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23 is one such Bangkok serviced apartment that offers its visitors the ultimate in comfort and privacy, affording the traveller the opportunity to feel right at home.

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Travel Questions & Answers

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Travel Questions & Answers

Does anyone know of suitable Chinese art supply / stationery stores contained by Manhattan?
Looking for ** colored pencils ** paper ** notebook ** paint & brushes thank you in credit – pearl river mart and something that isn’t chinese: pearl paint awesome store pearl river! its on broadway
Does anyone know of Tahiti Village contained by Las Vegas?
There was a promo on the radio station for Tahiti Village; I be one of the 50 possible winners. They told me I won a 3 time, 2 night stay at the Village along near complimentary tickets to a show. What is it like in that? (clean, lots of amenities, etc.) Is it close to shopping…
Does anyone know of the Eagle Rock Resort contained by Pennsylvania? Is it a virtuous place for snowboarding?
My aunt is begging us to run up there this winter. But my mom is clich?¦ they want us to buy a timeshare or something. Is it true? Can you sneak in near an existing member and not sign up for anything? If not, we dont dance. Sad,…
Does anyone know of the hotels surrounded by Time Square New York?
I was thinking of anyone in the crowd of thousands of general public in Time Square for up to date years Eve. But after what I hear how you goto wait for hours and If you goto dance to the bathroom you will loose your spot! plus no alcohal or other…
Does anyone know of the term of the company that plays surrounded by the lobby on weekends at Hotel Paris?
A list of adjectives the lounge acts surrounded by Las Vegas http://www.vegas.com/nightlife/lounges Lounge schedule complete entertainment rota Dueling Pianos – Napoleon’s ~Jack~ Later: Way to go Rick Little Larry and the lounge lizards
Does anyone know of unique/ crazy cool places to travel to surrounded by the USA?
I’m doing on a 3-month-long road trip this summer, to all of the USA, except the northeast (I’m not going to Hawaii, Alaska, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine because I hold already been in that or I plan to go…
Does anyone know of volunteer fire departments surrounded by the Seattle nouns?
Or fire departments that’ll take leisure members, for that thing. I’m a volunteer firefighter in the Houston nouns and I’ve really enjoyed my time within the fire service. However, my career nouns may mean that I own to relocate to Seattle in the in the vicinity future and I would revulsion to…
Does anyone know of where on earth contained by Mass you can rent a motor beside a Built within DVD player as an resort if i considered necessary it…
I’m looking to rent a car for a long weekend and i would approaching a dvd player option (most expected a mini van) in a vehicle so we can watch movies. and if agreed how much, that…
Does anyone know Park Slope, Brooklyn REALLY ably?
My family lives within the Bronx and we’re going to be moving. I’m trying to pick the neighborhood that logistically has everything I requirement to have my rudimentary lifestyle in place and I necessitate to know something to be able to evaluate the Slope. Exactly how big an nouns does it cover? If you were…
Does anyone know places to barn dance bachata or punta, In ATL, or north Georgia?
I would consider West Georgia along I-20 also? Salsa or Merengue? Soca music? Clubs? – http://www.saocodc.com/worldrueda.cfm You can find salsa recommendations on this site. Atlanta is feature. Atlanta has like mad of great places to go and is a hotbed for latin music!!
Does Anyone Know Promo Codes For South Point Casino In Vegas?
Any other hotel promo codes in vegas will do as powerfully… – Go to the web site of any hotel you’re interested contained by and sign up for e-mail updates, they will send you special offer when they become available. Which is normally 2-3 months ahead. http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com/reference… You can relation to every resort…
Does anyone know promotion code for deep-sea world san diego? Plz comfort?
If you’re looking for special rates or coupons, try www.couponmama.com I’ve gone here a couple of times and always found what I looked-for www.couponmama.com You should be able to find what you are looking for here . http://www.mousesavers.com/seaworldsd.ht…
Does anyone know promotion code for the deep world san antonio?
you can get a $6 or $7 dollar discount if you buy tickets online at http://www.4adventure.com/SWT/default.as… Go to Seaworld website and use promo code SAVE to instantly let go $7 on each developed and child ticket. Have fun! :)
Does anyone know roughly Minnesota Nice?
I happen to live surrounded by Minnesota and wonder if it’s a well specified saying or do Minnesotan’s in recent times say that? – tasty? yeah i believe it is a pretty economically known wise saying ((and i used to live there)) i know most people are Minnesota Nice so the aphorism is correct.. but then again everyone have there…
Does anyone know roughly how long it take to obtain 4rm Escondido, Cali. 2 UC Davis?
Does anyone know about how long it take to get 2 the University Of California-Davis 4rm Escondido, Cali.? – The big variables are how much traffic you hit surrounded by the L.A. area, and how hasty you drive up the valley from the grapevine north. Cross check next to Google…
Does anyone know roughly speaking a special 2 bedroom suite at the Paris Hotel surrounded by Las Vegas?
I am going up there near some friends and we were told we be being given a 2 bedroom executive height suite. I’m a little skeptical because I can’t find anything online give or take a few it! – You can verify this information awfully easily. If…
Does anyone know roughly speaking the Venice Community Housing Corporation?
Does anyone know if VCHC’s YouthBuild program have electrical courses held by the LA Unified School District? Yesterday, my dad screwed up and made both of us past due, having to hang about for another 6 months! But, do VCHC have courses held by the LAUSD, that approach I can get my electical permit?…
Does anyone know roughly speaking this ride {The Goliath at Six flags?}?
I’m going to Six flags and I’m going to ride the Goliath? Is it scary? I’m going away in 20 minutes to turn to Six Flags and I want to know if it’s scary or not so I call for answers really quick? THNX! – its pretty fun..when it did close to a…
Does anyone know roughly speaking Thunder Valley Stables contained by McKean PA?
I’m planning a road trip for mid August to go to their Civil War reenactment they host every year. I’m from the Beaver Falls nouns, but moved to Michigan nearly ten years ago. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated on whether this event is worth the 400 some mile drive. – Not…
Does anyone know roughly the safekeeping of the nouns of east fremont ave surrounded by LV Nevada?
gain out of there by midnight. keep watch on the show, do whatever but receive back on the bus or into your hotel by 12 at the hottest. If you’re talking something like the new nouns known as Fremont East, we wander it all the time….
Does anyone know saloon rental companies surrounded by houston, tx nouns that rent out 12 or 15 passenger van to 21 year outmoded
I’ve been looking around for a while, we are planning to dance to orlando, fl. Any other low budget transportation ideas? – it’s not going to happen…you get to be at least 25 next to a major credit card too…
Does anyone know San Francisco’s first city designation?
I need it for my assignment. – Trust me.. this has the needed information.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francis… San Francisco was originally a small settlement founded l
ower than a Royal Charter from Carlos III (King of Naples, King of Sicily, King of Spain, Duke of Parma, so on and so forth). The Presidio (means fortress in Spanish) be built…
Does anyone know some big booty strippers contained by las vegas .?
Me an my party are going to vegas contained by a few months and were looking for some big booty black strippers to come make for use in vegas anybody know someone who might be able to strip for use. There will be women at hand an everyone there is a couple . …
Does anyone know some cheapish hotels within Hawaii?
Planning a trip to Hawaii, I know hotels are expensive but if there are some cheaper ones I would really love to know where on earth they are so I can plan out and budget. – http://www.tripadvisor.com Your scrabble ends at below site. Have a look at it. It will definitely relieve you out http://committed.to/hotels After many…
Does anyone know some cozy and interesting places surrounded by New York City?
I’m going to New York in mid December for over ten days. I’m looking for some great places resembling bookstores, places to have brunch and other places which are worth to see but not necessairly popular. I don’t mind outdoor places even in the winter up to 0 °F. :D Where would you…
Does anyone know some fun inexpensive things you can do contained by New Orleans?
Lots to do but here are some philosophy on a budget. A combo ticket for the aquarium & zoo. You can do the aquarium then purloin a boat to the zoo. Mardi gras world (free boat from Aquarium area), the wax museum, a carriage ride, totter along jackson square…
Does anyone know some info that i call for around the cta?
so i want 2 get to work contained by the monring tomorrow but i dont know what is the earliest time a bus goes around or the hottest does anyone know what any of this or konw a website? – Call 836-7000 from any area code (312, 773, 708, 847, 630) bring up to…
Does anyone know some of the restaurants and casinos within las vegas that celebrity frequent?
Try Ghost Bar at the Palms. There’s usually celebrities at hand. the pussycat doll lounge is other packed beside celebrities, such as Christina aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Eva longria and etc. Rain and GhostBar (a) the Palms casino has celebrity (many of them movie stars and atheletes …
Does anyone know some really traditional and modern afternoon Hawaiian music?
I’m looking for both traditional and modern day Hawaiian music! I’m have a luau and I want it to be really authentic. If you know any good reggae as powerfully I would love to hear about it! THANK YOU!! – Iz has great albums. So does Keali’i Reichel. There is lots of…
Does anyone know some upright haunted houses surrounded by houston?
Ive been to the haunted woods and phobia. Not worrisome in my feelings, are there any others that are worth checking out? – The one that wins most of the awards every year is on the south side of the north beltway between the Ella Toll Plaza and Ella (eastbound). Its huge… screamworld stale…
More Travel questions please visit : TravelFreeFAQ.com

Five Tips For Choosing the Right Hotel to Stay in Lagos – Nigeria

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Five Tips For Choosing the Right Hotel to Stay in Lagos – Nigeria

I offer these ideas drawing on more than one decade of experience in running a prominent events management and hotel business operation here in Lagos-Nigeria. Finding the right hotel to stay can be a daunting prospect for a new visitor to Nigeria. This article is the first in a series that I will be writing to provide useful guidance to intending business and/or leisure travellers to Lagos-Nigeria.

1. Service: Whether you are a business traveller or holiday maker or tourist, it is crucial that you choose a hotel where the management and staff will give you the personalised service you will be paying for. The last thing you want is to have your departure for a business meeting delayed because your dry-cleaned attire fails to come in on time, or your ordered meal never arrives!

A good hotel will have well trained staff who readily respond to your requests – even when you make them by phone. If you have friends or relatives who have visited Lagos-Nigeria before, asking them their opinions of the best place to stay, in line with your needs would be a good way to start.

This is because they may have personally experienced service provision on offer, if they stayed in a hotel during their visit, and would therefore be able to give you their opinions and ratings. They might even know people that could offer useful information in this regard!

2. Location: Today, air travel is the predominant mode of travel or transportation. Therefore most tourists and business persons, who have to travel, find it necessary to choose hotels that have ready access to major transportation routes – particularly those leading to airports.

At the same time, you would also like to be reasonably close to other destinations of choice – such as your planned meeting venues or leisure event locations. Any hotel that is strategically situated to allow you conveniently move around places of interest and benefit will definitely be worth paying more attention to.

3. Facilities: This is the 21st century. The information age. Information technology – such as access to the Internet via broadband connection is becoming more often a necessity. Any hotel lacking it will be very unlikely to qualify for your attention. In addition, you would expect standard comforts such as air-conditioning, reliable power supply, functional telecommunication infrastructure etc.

The success of your business or leisure visit would greatly depend on the availability of up to date facilities like those mentioned above and more. Be sure to check and confirm they are available and in “good shape” before you check in! The last thing you want is to have to endure heat/humidity and mosquitoes at night in your room, even as you battle to make phone calls on uncooperative phone networks!

4. Security: This is a most important consideration. Once you are not staying in your own home where you can control who comes and goes, as you please, it becomes imperative that you ascertain the reliability of whatever arrangements are made by those you will be depending on to do this for you, while you stay on their premises.

Ask questions about security provision for you as a guest and for your vehicle and other belongings. There are places where parked vehicle side mirrors and other parts get “stolen” in broad day light even when supposed security operatives are on ground. By asking questions about this, you may even help alert those in charge to a need to re-sensitise their personnel to be more diligent while on duty.

On your part, avoid giving out your personal information unnecessarily especially while you are still searching, and yet to make up your mind where to stay.

5. Price: The truth is that by the time you have been able to find the above outlined features in ONE or more hotels, you are likely to be looking at a fairly standard hotel – ranging from 3 to 5 stars in rating. It goes without saying that the prices would not be cheap – but some could be reasonably affordable.

Generally for the kinds of hotels discussed here, room rates will vary from between $100 to $300 per night, especially for hotels on the Lagos mainland. On the Lagos Island, room rates generally tend to be on the higher end of that spectrum, and can get up to $500. There are of course exceptions as some offer decent boarding at rates closer to $150 per night.

Take your time to compare the offers from each hotel. You may be surprised to find that you can negotiate lower rates compared to those “published” – depending for instance on how long you will be staying, and possibly some barter exchange options you can offer in return.

For example, in my hotel, we have (mutually beneficial) arrangements with some media houses to barter accommodation for their staff, in exchange for advertising space and prime time advertising exposure in their TV, Radio and Newspaper media.


Look out for the tell tale signs that can help you make up your mind using the above information, when making enquiries at hotels you are considering. Of course, you can also ask others you know or people you meet. And there are the review sites on the Internet that could offer useful information.

Regarding the last point however, it is instructive to note that such review sites often do not cover all the available hotels in a place like Nigeria for instance. And those missed out sometimes could offer bargain prices for excellent services. Having said that, I believe you can find useful reviews to guide your decision making at travel dot yahoo dot com and tripadvisor dot com.

Visit their websites: Some of the hotels have websites you can visit. If the review site does not offer a link, to reviewed hotel websites, you can Google each hotel’s name and see what you come up with. Quite often, if a website exists, it will turn up in your search results. It will however be wise to keep in mind that whatever you see on the website is likely to be the best they have to offer – which in certain cases may not represent the reality you may be confronted with on arrival.

This above is by no means an exhaustive listing. But I do believe it will give you a sense of direction as you go about looking for a hotel to stay in – especially when you are in an unfamiliar environment, as a foreigner visiting Nigeria.

Visit http://www.nigeriagalleria.com/Travel_and_Tourism/Hotels_and_Guesthouses.html to see a detailed listing of hotels in Nigeria – including those based in Lagos.

It might also be useful to ask any friends you have, who have been to Lagos, or who have trusted contacts there, if they have contact details for any hotels – including flyers, brochures, handbills and even website addresses.

Note: I have repeatedly encouraged you to explore using personal contacts you have, where possible, to aid you in getting started in your search for the right hotel to stay. This is because RECENT personal experience remains probably the most reliable way to ascertain the reliability of hotel services on offer, especially here in Lagos-Nigeria. My checks on the net reveal a number of reviews available on some sites are actually dated, and by implication may not be reliable.

Terrorist Protection and Travel Security Measures

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Terrorist Protection and Travel Security Measures

*Taken from the syllabus of The Law Enforcement & Bodyguard Association International LEBAI, special thanks to former Police Commissioner Norman E. Jennings

The aim of this lesson is to give you an introduction into Travel Security and the need to understand the importance of Travel Security and the role of security while in transit

The reason you need this information is for you to have an understanding as to correct security procedure while travelling in transit

All security personnel must understand and practice the basic rules of individual protection, as you may become the potential victim of a criminal or terrorist organisation or group.

To the extent possible, security operating in personnel in ‘threat areas’ must avoid routine in the routes and times of movements to and from the work site, your place of residence, and around town (i.e. shopping) even to the point of not eating at the same restaurants on a regular basis. Do not become a creature of habit. Past incidents indicate that terrorists kept their victim under surveillance for a substantial period of time to discover patterns and to determine a suitable time(s) and place(s) for the attack. You are vulnerable when on the move and probably most vulnerable walking to and from the car. Terrorists will most likely choose a time you are inside your automobile. You are fixed – and he may attack in a variety of ways.

Make sure the unvaried portions of the route (choke points) are as short as possible. Memorise normal activity. This includes memorising cars that normally park in the area. You can be approximately 80% certain that any attack will occur in a choke point and probably near your home during a routine trip. It is important to remember that you are a better target if you are predictable – the best defence is common sense.

Dr. Mark D. Yates at www.asecurityonestopshop.com teaches the following security measures on his security training programmes.

1. If possible, use different doors and gates when departing and entering your home or office.

2 . When going out, avoid going alone. Try to travel with a group of people. If your SSM or Senior Guard has a two-man rule in place, obey it – there is safety in numbers.

3. Conduct a route survey and look at the choke points from the terrorist’s point of view.

4 . Be aware of your location at all times, even if you are a passenger in a car.

5 . Know the location of police, hospital, military, government and public facilities or other secured areas along your routine routes. These areas can provide a safe haven in case of trouble. Know as much as possible about the stores and merchants along your normal route of travel. Are there pro or anti U.S. sentiments displayed by flags, colours, or slogans painted on the buildings.

6 . In so-far as possible, travel only on busy, well travelled thoroughfares; stay away from isolated back-country roads. You will be advised during your in-country brief by the OIC of dangerous areas, pay heed and avoid them.

7. Be constantly alert to road conditions and surroundings, to include possible surveillance by car, motorcycle, or bicycle. All passengers should be vigilant. If you feel you are being followed or are in danger, drive to the nearest military installation, Police Station or Embassy. Keep the vehicle in the centre of the road to have room to manoeuvre in case of an attack. On multiple lane roads, never drive in the centre lane.

8 . Try to get around road obstructions, utilise a shoulder or ditch. Attempt to crash through a vehicle blockade, if necessary, striking the blocking vehicle a glancing blow, no more than one quarter of the way down its length, preferably at the rear wheels. Keep your vehicle moving at all costs, regardless of its condition: for example, flat tire, disabled cooling system, etc.

9. Be alert for, and give wide berth to, cars or trucks parked along the road, particularly if there are several people around them.

10. Maintain adequate distances between your car and vehicles preceding you. Avoid being blocked in.

11. Never exit the vehicle without checking the area for suspicious individuals. If you are in doubt, drive away.

12. At night, always try to park in a well lit area, of f the street, if possible.

13. Lock the duty vehicle when it is unattended.

14. Parcels and other things should not be left in the car so that strange objects can be spotted quickly.

15. Before entering the duty vehicle, ascertain that there are no suspicious objects or unexplained wires or strings outside, underneath or inside.

16. If you find suspicious wires or packages in the vehicle, do not touch them, report them immediately to the proper authority as outlined in your post guard orders. DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT, immediately call for assistance.

17. Keep vehicle in a high state of maintenance at all times. It can be a good weapon if used properly. Vehicles should have: outside rear view mirrors, a locking gas cap, inside hood lock, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, semi metallic disc brake pads, heavy duty shocks, premium radial tires with the maximum tire pressure as printed on the tire side wall, and a vehicle alarm system. Always keep the trunk locked. The gasoline tank should be at least half full at all times. Tinted windows make it difficult for someone to tell who is in the car and where they are sitting.

18. If your vehicle has to be left for any length of time, it should be searched before being used again. Whenever possible have the driver stay with the vehicle to observe it.

19. A full search procedure by the driver should include:

• Looking Carefully Around The Outside Of The Vehicle.

• Looking Through All The Windows.

• Checking Around And Behind Each Wheel.

• Taking Off The Hubcaps.

• Looking Underneath The Car (Particularly The Exhaust And Behind The Gas Tank) -.
• Using An Angled Mirror On A Stick If Available

• Opening The Driver’s Door.

• Checking All Doors Before Opening Them, Seats And Floor

• Opening And Inspecting The Car Trunk.

• Examining The Spare Wheel.

• Checking All Tools.

• Opening Hood Carefully And Examining The Engine Compartment.

During the residential training lessons provided by Dr. Mark D. Yates he suggests your suspicions should be aroused by:

• Unusual Objects.

• Objects Out Of Place.

• Outward Signs Of Tampering.

• Loose Wiring, String, Or Tape.

• Packages Left Under The Vehicle.

• Ground Disturbed Around The Vehicle.

20. Do not leave your vehicle on the street overnight if at all possible and never leave garage doors unlocked. Check garage doors for unknown objects or strings tied to door. DO NOT touch anything that looks strange to you.

21. Never pick up hitchhikers or stop to assist unknown persons in distress. Terrorists have frequently utilised these situations as a trap prior to assault.

22. During travel, always fasten seat belts, keep doors locked and windows closed.

23. Do not permit taxi drivers to deviate from known and desired routes. Do not always use the same taxi or bus stop. Do not take the first available cab.

24. Be sensitive to the possibility of surveillance. Before departing anywhere, check up and down the street for suspicious cars or individuals.

25. Try to note whether you are being followed. If you suspect so, promptly notify your Senior Guard so the incident can be documented.

26. Avoid civil disturbances and disputes with local citizens. If a dispute occurs, distance yourself with it as quickly as possible.

27. Do not unnecessarily divulge your home address, telephone number or any information about your fellow EPO’S.

28. Ensure that your Senior Guard provides you with a list of key phrases in the host country language: I need a policeman; take me to a doctor; where is the hospital; take me to the embassy; help.

9. Learn to use host country telephones.

30. Learn emergency telephone numbers: Embassy; Senior Guard Residence; you should always carry the exact change needed.

31. All mail should be received through the Approved channels.

32. Never accept unsolicited packages.

33. In most cases the VIP will secure some sort of host country identification document to be carried by you at all times, your blood type and allergies to particular medication should be kept with this document and should be bilingual: English and the language of the host country.

34. Identification by belief of importance, not only by the individual, but also from the terrorist’s point of view, can cause you to become a target.

35. All duty rosters should be destroyed, not thrown away when they become obsolete.

36. The best way to keep from being identified and selected as a target is not to say, do, wear, use, or display anything that will help the terrorists identify you as a Foreigner.

37. If you intend to hire domestic help, do so through the Community Liaison Office or (CLO).

38. Do not attract attention to yourself. Keep a low profile. Try to blend in as much as possible.

The measures listed above are not intended to be a complete or a definite list of individual protective measures. You should be able to think of many more. The bottom line here is DO THINK, and always exercise common sense.


It is a known fact to security specialists that terrorist groups and organised crime groups implement surveillance techniques when choosing a target/s. Dr. Mark D. Yates runs both surveillance and counter surveillance training programmes specifically aligned to countering terrorist attacks and kidnap for ransom incidents. Mark Yates advises all travellers to purchase a kidnap for ransom insurance policy from www.asecurityonestopshop.co.uk prior to leaving your Country of residence.

Your best chance of avoiding a serious terrorist incident is to spot pre-attack surveillance. The surveillance team may not be as professional as the gun team; several mistakes are now common knowledge by prior surveillance teams. The most common area for mistakes that could be noticed by the victim is at the surveillance pick up point. This is where they first begin to follow. The mistake made is correlation. Their movement or actions can be correlated to your movement or actions. The surveillance team is usually too intent on not losing sight of you to realise they are attracting your attention. For instance, as you leave the driveway, you note to the front or rear another car starting to move as you do. The car should be watched carefully. Do not let on that you are suspicious. You can test the suspect vehicle to confirm surveillance. As you depart from home or work, be aware of activity around you. Notice anything that seems suspicious or that may indicate correlation.

Watching for signs of surveillance or attack should be continuous. If, for instance, there is a vehicle behind you in traffic and you notice that is has been there for quite some time, you should make note of the number of people in the car along with their approximate ages. The vehicle may not be anything out of the ordinary. A terrorist would not likely use an eye-catching vehicle.

You must get the vehicle to make another statement. This can be as simple as speeding up just slightly, slowing down, or changing lanes. If the following vehicle does the same, then you have one more piece of information.

If the vehicle has not used several opportunities to pass, but suddenly moves out as if to pass, you should be ready. Take note of the traffic and figure which technique you would use. Watch for the placement of the other vehicle’s occupants, and if the windows are down on the side next to you. If the day is cool or it is raining, this is a very valuable tip. If the vehicle doe’s not complete the pass in the same speed as used in beginning the pass, be ready. Don’t let it stay in your blind spot. Turn and look over your left shoulder. If attacked, or you see weapons, act quickly.

The vehicle in front of you can also conduct surveillance. You can test this vehicle in the same manner as a following vehicle with some additions. Surveillance is normally conducted by the person in the right front seat. The driver cannot glance very often in the rear view mirror without, you becoming suspicious. They know this, so the person in the right front seat does the looking by using the outside right mirror. If you follow a normal vehicle you will not see a face in the out side right mirror as you do in the outside left.

If you do see someone’s face in the right mirror, it is the face of the passenger, meaning the mirror has been adjusted for that person’s use rather than for the driver. At that point you should make the other tests to confirm surveillance, such as changing lanes or speed. You can also easily note correlation by watching the turn signals of the car in front. If you make an unscheduled turn and wait later than normal to activate the turn signal, you will see possible correlations. Do not wait so late that they become suspicious of you. If you believe you are being followed, you should consider the following actions:

Do not reveal to those following that you suspect them. if you do not have radio communications, notify authorities as soon as you arrive at your destination.

If you have communications in the vehicle, notify authorities that you are under surveillance. Give your location, the direction of travel, identifying data of suspected surveillant(s) and your intentions.

Dr. Mark D. Yates advises that you never stop or take other actions to force a confrontation.

Immediately determine any identifying data that you can observe unobtrusively; for example, make, colour of car, licence number, number of occupants, description of occupants, etc.

Normally, existence of surveillance means you are not in danger of being attacked. Consider deviating your route slightly in an apparent normal manner in order to verify that you are being followed. Do not warn the surveillant(s) that you are aware of their presence. Terrorists usually conduct extensive surveillance prior to an attack in order to establish your routine and evaluate your security consciousness. As a rule, surveillance teams are neither trained for, nor have the mission to, assault the potential target.

If you feel you are in danger, immediately drive to the nearest safe area. Do not drive to your home. Be alert for slow-moving motorcycles or bicycles as these could be attempts to slow your car. Drive around them at the first opportunity.

Report all suspected surveillances immediately to the appropriate security office.

A great value for money security purchase is the Dr. Mark D. Yates home study programme on close VIP protection and/or the home study course on anti terrorist driving skills. Both of these written training programmes contain extensive security counter measure information and are available from www.asecurityonestopshop.co.uk

Remember, your goal is to avoid an incident. If you can spot the surveillance, you have an opportunity to feed false information to your attackers. You have an audience, play to them! Show them changes in routine that make an attack very difficult to plan. They will probably go to some other victim since they normally watch several potential victims at the same time; finally picking the one where success is guaranteed.

Eva Peron Argentina's Saint

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Eva Peron Argentina's Saint

“…Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952 Eva Per?n entered immortality at 8:25 hours this evening…”

Who is the real Evita?

History tells us she was born Mar?a Eva Ibarguren on November 21, 1919, in the tiny town of Los Toldos, huddled on the edge of the vast Argentina pampas. The daughter of a ranch manager and his mistress, Eva lived under a cloud of illegitimacy for most of her childhood, culminating in the traumatic events of her father’s funeral, when she and her family were refused entry by his lawful wife. In her autobiography, La Razon de mi Vida, Eva writes, “From every period of my life, I retain the memory of some injustice tormenting me and tearing me apart.”
A lively, intelligent girl in love with American films and yearning for a life beyond the endless expanse of grassland, seventeen-year-old Eva left her home for the bright lights of Buenos Aires. Within three years of her arrival, Eva had carved out a career as a radio and film actress, and the press linked her to a number of powerful suitors.
In January 1944, Eva encountered a fast-rising and immensely popular politician named Juan Per?n at a fund-raising concert organized to help earthquake victims. Within weeks, she was sharing his apartment. Per?n went on to become Minister of War and Vice President of the Republic, but political unrest at the end of World War II eventually led to his arrest and imprisonment. Freed in a populist revolt, Per?n subsequently married Eva and was elected President of Argentina with a huge popular mandate.
With a blend of democratic principle and despotism dubbed “Peronism,” Juan Per?n became one of the most admired and maligned leaders of the modern era. Yet even as she shared her husband’s vision of Argentina’s manifest destiny, Eva herself became the object of intense, almost mystical adoration by the country’s common people. She gained international attention during her Rainbow Tour of Europe to promote Argentinean interests, and at home she was instrumental in the formation of the Per?nist Women’s Party, as well as The Eva Per?n Foundation for charitable works among the nation’s poor. The poor, in turn, clamored for Eva to assume political office beside her husband, and despite growing dissent from military and political opponents, she was put forward as the vice-presidential candidate.
It was, however, a goal Eva would never realize; she was subsequently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Renouncing her political aspirations, Eva Per?n fell into a steep and sudden decline, and on July 26, 1952, she died at the age of 33. A measure of her enormous appeal among her fellow citizens could be seen in the outpouring of grief that followed her death. Close to a million Argentineans crowded the streets of Buenos Aires for her funeral procession, and an estimated three million filed past her casket to pay their last respects. The myth of “Saint Eva” was kept alive by frequent requests to the Vatican for her canonization. Forty thousand such appeals were received in the two years following her death.

Here the story of Eva Per?n may well have come to an end for much of the world — an intriguing, enigmatic figure tragically cut down in her prime. But 21 years after her death, her myth was revived when Tim Rice happened to hear a documentary about Per?n on his car radio and, on the spot, spawned the notion of Evita: a musical treatment of her life.
Your visit to Buenos Aires
can?t be complete without visiting:

Located at 2988 Lafinur Street in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the Evita Museum forms part of the cultural tourist trail of the City of Buenos Aires (together with the Decorative Art Museum, the National Fine Arts Museum, the Palais de Glace and the Latin American Art Museum).

Recoleta Cemetery:it is considered one of Buenos Aires’s most prized historical and artistic sites. It is a huge cemetery with incredibly ornate and detailed graves, statues and monuments. Evita’s Mauseleum is one of the most famous here and well worth a visit.

Car Hire, South Africa

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Car Hire, South Africa

Comparing Car Rental rates? What to look for…

Comparing car rental rates is not as easy as comparing two products in a store. There are a few factors that you should look out for:

1. Type of vehicle

Different categories of vehicles are charged at different prices. The factors that differentiate the vehicle groups are:

• Radio (the lowest groups of vehicles will not have a radio, but generally most vehicles will)

• Power-steering (if you drive a car with power-steering, then you should hire a vehicle with that feature)

• Air-conditioning (in South Africa, an air-con in Summer is definitely recommended)

• Automatic / Manual (If you are not able to drive a manual vehicle, specify this when getting a quote, or you will be stuck with a car that you are not able to drive!)

2. Mileage requirements

Plan your route! When you know how much mileage you require, compare the amounts of mileage that each company gives you. Some companies quote very low, and do not tell you that you will have to pay per kilometer. Make sure that the quote includes mileage, and if you feel safer, ask for an unlimited mileage quote.

3. Insurance

Some companies forget to tell you about your responsibility for the vehicle. This is called an excess or deductible. The lower the excess, the less risk you have in the event of any accident or theft. Also, make sure that the company is open about any exclusions.

4. Extra’s

Ask about any extra’s that you may need, such as:

• Baby seats

• Delivery & collection

• Extra drivers

Rates for car hire in South Africa, including full insurance and unlimited mileage are available at www.southafrica-carhire.com