Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

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Vacation Foods and How Not to Gain Weight On Your Trip

If you are sitting down to plan a vacation for you or the family, it may also be time to sit down and think about how you are going to protect your body from what you are likely going to do to it on vacation.

Most people who go on vacation completely change the way they live and eat while they are away. First, those regular visits to the gym to stay in shape tend to go right out the window! There are too many other fun things to do and besides, many people decide they want a vacation from working out too!

Next is the food. Whether you are traveling to a new destination and want to try the ethnic foods of the area or just traveling across the country to visit friends, you are going to be eating out a lot more than you regularly do. That means a lot more calories than you are probably used to taking in on any normal day.

When you put these two things together you have a recipe for disaster. Many people gain an average of one pound a day while on vacation. If you are on a cruise ship or at an all inclusive resort, you can expect that to be the low end of the estimate as you will be surrounded by delectable delights all the time and likely will not be able to control yourself. This is why it is time for disaster planning to keep your figure intact.

You can always tell yourself you will eat less when you go on the trip, but the truth is you will be caught up in the moment and totally forget. Instead, take a fat burner supplement that will help you battle those extra calories you are ingesting.

A fat burner like Phen375 will up your metabolism and get your body burning more calories than it usually does. This will help you keep burning more calories, like if you were still working out, while you aren’t. If you do happen to work out on your trip then you will be able to start burning off some of those rich foods you are eating.

Another benefit of many fat burners is that they are also appetite suppressants. So, you can enjoy all of those greats foods, but you will not want to enjoy as many of them as you usually would. This is a win-win as you get to have the food, but not overdo it, saving calories as well as that over-stuffed and bloated feeling later on.

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Reasons to Vacation in Florida

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10 Reasons to Vacation in Florida

Theme Parks – Many individuals would say this is their number one reason for taking a vacation Florida.  Theme park fanatics, most especially Disney fans, often head to The Sunshine State every year to get their dose of magic. Orlando, of course, is at the center of the theme park kingdom, with the four parks of the Walt Disney World complex, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and SeaWorld Orlando.  However do not forget about Tampa’s Busch Gardens Africa, which is also an excellent amusement park, almost always landing on annual top 10 lists for theme park enthusiasts.

Beaches, beaches and more beaches – according to many people, this is the number one reason for coming to Florida.  The ability to sit on The Sunshine State’s incredible beaches and enjoy the soft sand, warm water, and beautiful sunsets you will find there.  Florida has thousands of miles of coastline and the beaches are many and quite varied in their type.  Choose your favorite, from Tony South Beach in Miami, the place to see and be seen, to the white sanded family oriented beaches of Siesta Key, near Sarasota.  There are also the Panhandle beaches like popular Destin or the beaches of the northeast, including Fernandina and Ponte Vedra, as well as the beaches of the Keys and those in the southwest, like Sanibel and Marco Islands.  Wherever you go, you will find a Florida beach where you can sun, swim, and enjoy the view.

Sports – Major league sports are a very important part of life in Florida.  With teams like the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays calling Florida home, it is no wonder some visitors head to The Sunshine State annually just to enjoy the sports that take place there all year round.  From NFL football to NHL hockey to pre-season and regular season baseball.  Add to that all the wonderful college teams in the state and it’s easy to understand why Florida is a sportsman’s mecca.

Nightlife – Nightlife sizzles in many parts of the Sunshine State.  On the east coast, the most popular nightlife spots are Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale (especially during Spring Break), West Palm Beach, and the other towns in that area.  In central Florida, the Walt Disney World complex has its Pleasure Island area 9currently being refurbished), where adults can party as if it is New Year’s Eve each and every night.  Universal’s City Walk appeals to nighttime revelers as well, with its many restaurants and bars.  On the west coast, Tampa’s lively Ybor City area is a favorite with the under 30 crowd, but the remainder of Gulf Coast beach towns also offer a good collection of nightclubs and other popular party spots geared towards various age groups.

National Parks/Natural Sites – Florida is home to about a dozen national parks, monuments, and seashores, all of which are a joy for the visitor to explore.  A must see is expansive Everglades National Park, which occupies much of the southwest portion of the state.  The largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S., the Everglades is home to many rare species of animals, birds, and plants, and an airboat ride to view them is a must.  State Parks throughout Florida are excellent as well, like Sarasota’s Myakka River Park where guests can experience a diverse natural area of wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands; or the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, where visitors can take a prairie buggy ride along one of Florida’s largest stretches of dry prairie.

Watersports – Florida is a state surrounded by water and for this reason you will no doubt want to take advantage of the many watersports available there.  You can take your pick, from calm water related pursuits like fishing or sailing to more exciting adventures, such as jet skiing, SCUBA diving, kite or wind surfing, wake boarding, parasailing, and more.  With 8,500 miles of shoreline, 7,800 lakes, 320 springs and 35 rivers, the possibilities are endless!  Many beach hotels offer free use of non motorized watercraft and outfitters throughout the state peddle charter fishing cruises, dive lessons, and other opportunities which enable you to enjoy Florida’s beautifully warm waters.

Shopping – Every good vacation has a little shopping time built in (and why not).  In Florida, the shopping options are many and varied, ranging from upscale shops in ritzy South Beach, Miami and beautiful St. Armand’s Circle near Sarasota to popular outlets in Ellenton (near Tampa), St. Augustine, Naples, Florida City, and Orlando.  You’ll also find everything in between at the many malls that dot the Florida landscape.  For real bargains also try the Farmers Markets and Flea Markets dotted all around the state.

Key Lime Pie – Okay, you can get this pie in some other parts of the South too but this delightful confection originally had its start in the Florida Keys.  In fact, nearly every restaurant in the Keys, especially in Key West, serves this dessert.  The key lime tree arrived in Florida in the 1500s and recipes for the pie began appearing as early as the late 1800s, though it became really popular in the 1930s.  Some restaurants make it with graham cracker crust, others with pastry crust.  Either way, it’s a Florida must have several times over.

History – While most people tend to visit Florida for the recreation, the state’s interesting history is one of those side perks visitors can experience while exploring the region.  From the Spanish style architecture of St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European established city in the U.S., to Tampa and its ties to the cigar industry, to the rich military history of the Panhandle, Florida excites and educates visitors who enjoy gaining a little knowledge while on vacation.

Arts and Culture – Florida is filled with museums and entertainment venues both up and down both the East and West coasts and everywhere in between.  Visitors can buy tickets for rock concerts, Broadway style shows, dinner theatre, and much more, in major cities like Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville etc.  Other cultural sites include incredible art museums (check out the Ringling Museum in Sarasota), history museums (found in nearly every county), aviation museums (like the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola), and science museums (including Tampa’s excellent Museum of Science and Industry).

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Taking a Gap Year

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Taking a Gap Year? a Taste of the Non-conventional

For many people a Gap Year is their only opportunity to do something non-conventional before delving into university or 9-5 employment. Many people consider a Gap Year a last hurrah before a string of responsibilities set in, such as school debts, mortgages, and marriages.

Need a break? Need a bit more time to discover who you really are and what you want to do? A gap year might be the right recipe, so now you have to decide what you’d like to do. The opportunities are endless, and they are all very tempting. A modern Gap Year tends to involve a healthy mix of volunteer work, educational travel and relaxation. How does learning Spanish in Guatemala sound? Have you ever dreamt of working with Big Game in Africa? There are orphanages in Nepal that could use your help, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

More and more young people are taking the opportunity to take a year out before continuing their education or embarking upon careers whether it is to work, study or travel. These are what have come to be known as “Gap Years” or a “Year Out”, an idea that has been popular for many years in the UK and Germany and that is catching on phenomenally in the USA. For many people, a Gap Year is a chance to see the world, visit other countries, learn new skills or do voluntary work. Gap Year travellers enrich themselves while also giving their CV/r?sum? a real boost. While traditionally a Gap Year referred to the time before starting university, young people now take Gap Years during university, after university, before settling down with a “real job” or pretty much whenever they feel like it.

Finding money a deterrent? Wait until you have a mortgage and a family! If you don’t win the lottery and your family isn’t particularly keen on funding your adventure, then get a job. If you are considering a volunteering program then the opportunities for fund raising are endless. Alternatively, there are opportunities where you can spend time abroad and actually earn a paycheck!

A properly planned gap year can be one of the most rewarding, challenging and exciting periods in your life. However, a well planned gap year takes a considerable amount of work, and it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to do? Volunteer? Learn a new skill? Speak a language?
  • How will you fund your gap year and how much money will you have to work with?
  • How long do you want to go?
  • Will you be happier going by yourself or with friends? 

Ready to go?

A host of Gap Year programs await you. If you fancy a program, do your homework about the organisation. If you have any doubts, ask for alumni references. Farewell and have fun!!

Safari Holidays – Time To Live It Up

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Safari Holidays – Time To Live It Up

Sticking to your daily routine, going to the same boring office and working mundanely till it is time to go home all sounds like a recipe to end up hating yourself. You can put a stop to all of this by opting for a much needed vacation to take with your family or even just your loved ones. Nowadays, many individuals are opting for safari holidays for the sheer pleasure they get from going in for them as well as the adrenaline rush of returning back to nature. If you are interested in learning more about this, read on!
Wide choice to pick from
The beautiful continent of Africa has so many different destinations that one can head out to. You might just end up falling in love with this place and never want to return home, like what Jane Goodall did! But, for the others that just want a getaway, opting for an African safari might just be the perfect remedy. You get to enjoy the outdoors without having to spend as much time browsing through options or even looking at other things. A packaged safari will include everything and you should be able to have a very good experience without too many compromises.
Cost effective
Compared to other international vacations, holidays of this kind are actually very light on the pocket. In fact, you can go in for a Tanzania safari and enjoy everything to your heart’s content without breaking your bank balance. Hence, it is definitely a highly recommended trip to go in for. The sheer number of things that you get to enjoy is beyond imagination, and that too all of which you can do without ever emptying your bank account. People often find it hard to believe that they can get so much for so little, but actually going out and finding it for themselves will have them believe otherwise.
Wholesome experience
Depending on whether you want it to be a family affair or a honeymoon package, you can customize your safaris. Hence, if you like a particular safari, like the Kenya Safari, you can tailor the package according to your requirements. This is something that you would most definitely want to look into and be a part of. Your kids would most definitely love the experience of seeing exotic wildlife in such a close manner. They might probably drag you to the safari once more at a later time!
Hence, with all things taken into account, you should know that these safaris are one of a kind and essentially something that you would cherish for a long time to come. Safaris are inherently something that you take part in for the sheer pleasure of being a part of them. Hence, with your loved ones, you can be sure of having a lot of fun and creating some cherished memories. In fact, go on the safari holidays to get to know how much fun it can be to get away from your daily routine and take a much deserved break.

Lagos, the Promising Place and flights from UK

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Lagos, the Promising Place and flights from UK

Lagos, the ex-capital city of Nigeria, is steadily rising as tourists’ destination after the successful accomplishment of development projects initiated by the administration. As one of the mega destinations of Africa; the number of reservation for flights to Lagos has been increased notably for few years. The much exposed event “The 2009 Eyo Carnival” that held on 25th April served as a huge leap to achieve the status of world city because several tourists took the flights to Lagos across Africa and worldwide only to join in the carnival. Earlier, Lagos was reputed as the most beneficial business center of Nigeria but now it is stepping forward to become a global tourist’s destination. Now people take the flights to Lagos not only for the business dealings but also to make an outstandingly memorable tourism experience.
Generally, the word “Lagos” means “lakes”, so it’s no surprise that much of this city’s attraction is measured through its close immediacy to waters. It is located on the banks of Atlantic Ocean, that’s why several beaches and water sports are of great tourists interests. These beaches and shores get jammed with the tourists who planned the flights to Lagos for leisure holidays. The huge Lagos Harbor is also a Lagos attraction; Harbor’s inspiring facade is supplemented by its impressive function: helping to consume the Lagoon into the ocean. Moreover, Lekki Beach, Akodo beach and Bar Beach are some of the best attractions of Lagos. Startlingly, a zoo has also been opened in Lagos in January 2009 and it is home to various animals that are specific to Africa. All these attractions have made tour operators and travel agencies providing cheap flights to Lagos from UK in to a great competition with attractive holiday plans, discounted tickets and many other benefits.
Lagos cuisine gives a classic blend of setting and dishes for every traveler to this region in Nigeria. Select from valid Chinese recipes, conventional Nigerian flavors and many international tastes. International tourists who get in there by flights to Lagos will enjoy the complete local zeal in Nigeria. Vegetarians will be contented with the diversity of cuisine available at many of the elegant and stylish restaurants in Lagos.
For the tourists who book the flights from UK to Lagos for the first time will find it so esay to get the accommodation in their desired location with their desired budget, there exist a huge selection of starred hotels in Lagos which satisfying every pocket size. Sheraton Hotel, Ikoyi Hotel, Federal Palace Hotel, Sofitel and Moorhouse are some of the best recognized hotels in Lagos.

Food And Culture Tips To Enjoy Travel To Morocco

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Food And Culture Tips To Enjoy Travel To Morocco

What I love most about travelling is the first hand knowledge of other cultures. There is something unique about discovering the traditions, the way of life, the arts & crafts and especially the food. All Countries are fascinating in their own way; however there are places in the world that are richer than others in a way of traditions and history. Morocco is one of them. Not only Morocco sprouts history from every corner with its beautiful architecture and the Medina, which has kept the unspoilt status of old city and seems to guard its hidden secrets, but the traditions are just as evident in everyday life. You just need to visit one of the famous Moroccan markets to see the abundance of their arts and crafts, and if you are lucky enough you might even barter yourself a deal and take home one of the renowned Moroccan rugs or a precious handmade piece of silver jewellery.

Food lovers who travel to Morocco will be able to please their taste buds during their visit to Morocco where traditional food is well known for its succulent Tajine and couscous dishes. Moroccan food is based on meat, usually lamb or chicken, vegetables, couscous and a large selection of bread. Each recipe tends to carry very strong flavours, and will surely provide a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Soups are very popular and often a meal starts with a rich and spicy pulse soup called the Harira. As well as a first course pulse soups are often served for breakfast at cafes. Just like Harira, Bisara is a popular breakfast dish, a rich chickpea soup with fresh olive oil poured over the top. Many cafes specialize in soups and they are usually recognized by the piles of cups on the counter.

The other succulent Moroccan dish is the famous Tajine, which takes its name from the dish – a heavy ceramic covered dish – rather than the food itself. Classic Tajines are usually made with a generous portion of meat in the middle of the dish surrounded by vegetables and fruit. The dish is central to the success of a good Tajine that needs to slow-cook with the lid on. Lamb Tajines are usually cooked with almonds and prunes, while chicken Tajines are made with green olives and lemon. If you happen to be invited for a meal in someone’s house, the Tajine will be in the middle of the table and the custom is to eat the vegetables in front of you accepting the pieces of meat the host offers you.

Couscous is the most renowned Moroccan dish, coarse semolina steamed with vegetables and spices served with lamb or chicken. Traditionally couscous is not a dish you would find at restaurants, but it is the food the locals eat on special days and the best couscous you could have is at a Moroccan household. If you wish to eat it at the restaurant remember to order it a few hours before you go.

Dates, yoghurt, fresh cheese and olives are popular snacks accompanied with the many types of bread available. Mint tea is the national drink and is often offered in sign of friendship and during negotiation over price in shops.