Kerala Travel & Tours

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Kerala Travel & Tours

Kerala attracts the independent traveler with its beautiful palm-fringed backwaters, sandy beaches, Ayurveda resorts, green hill ranges, some of the highest tea estates in the world, wildlife sanctuaries and rich cultural heritage with spectacular temple festivals and thrilling snake boat races. The tourists can also get a delight of the mouth watering sea food, generous people, delicious cuisines, blue azure waters, swaying coconut and palm trees of Kerala make it a perfect holiday location.
Kerala is ideal for holidays, honeymoons, wildlife and bird watching, or simply relaxing on the beaches and boats. The pure fun of lazing on the golden palm fringed beaches and riding the motorboats are unparallel experiences. Take a tour to Kerala and soak in the sun, feel the cool sea breeze, and breathe in the aroma of fragrant spices. Stay at hotels in Kerala and visit Kerala’s scenic tourist destinations. Take houseboat cruises along tranquil Kerala backwaters or sunbathe on Kerala Beach Tours. Visit pilgrimage sites, wildlife sanctuaries and hill stations with Kerala Tours. All of which Kerala offers the truly right and mesmerizing vacations in India.
Kerala is also well-known for its Ayurveda centers and the treatments they offer are sure to get you back on your feet. The science of Ayurveda is an ancient one, which is being revived again in the contemporary world due to its highly effective qualities. There are many resorts and health centers that provide services of Ayurveda in Kerala to locals as well as just about anyone who are interested in living, instead of merely surviving.
The food of South India is World-famous, combining fresh spices, fruit and coconut to make unforgettable vegetarian, fish, and meat dishes. Experience its rich cultural heritage and enterprising denizens who are epitomes of hospitality, which adds vibrancy to its diverse and bountiful natural wealth. All in all Kerala still remains one of the popular destinations to vacation to, Its sandy beach is great for relaxation. Travelers can bask under the sun on the beaches or take a short stroll on the beaches. Watching sunrise and sunset from the beaches is also a charming and memorable experience. Your Travel to Kerala will be a delightful experience of lifetime.
Author: Nesh Parera

Reasons to Vacation in Florida

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10 Reasons to Vacation in Florida

Theme Parks – Many individuals would say this is their number one reason for taking a vacation Florida.  Theme park fanatics, most especially Disney fans, often head to The Sunshine State every year to get their dose of magic. Orlando, of course, is at the center of the theme park kingdom, with the four parks of the Walt Disney World complex, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and SeaWorld Orlando.  However do not forget about Tampa’s Busch Gardens Africa, which is also an excellent amusement park, almost always landing on annual top 10 lists for theme park enthusiasts.

Beaches, beaches and more beaches – according to many people, this is the number one reason for coming to Florida.  The ability to sit on The Sunshine State’s incredible beaches and enjoy the soft sand, warm water, and beautiful sunsets you will find there.  Florida has thousands of miles of coastline and the beaches are many and quite varied in their type.  Choose your favorite, from Tony South Beach in Miami, the place to see and be seen, to the white sanded family oriented beaches of Siesta Key, near Sarasota.  There are also the Panhandle beaches like popular Destin or the beaches of the northeast, including Fernandina and Ponte Vedra, as well as the beaches of the Keys and those in the southwest, like Sanibel and Marco Islands.  Wherever you go, you will find a Florida beach where you can sun, swim, and enjoy the view.

Sports – Major league sports are a very important part of life in Florida.  With teams like the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays calling Florida home, it is no wonder some visitors head to The Sunshine State annually just to enjoy the sports that take place there all year round.  From NFL football to NHL hockey to pre-season and regular season baseball.  Add to that all the wonderful college teams in the state and it’s easy to understand why Florida is a sportsman’s mecca.

Nightlife – Nightlife sizzles in many parts of the Sunshine State.  On the east coast, the most popular nightlife spots are Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale (especially during Spring Break), West Palm Beach, and the other towns in that area.  In central Florida, the Walt Disney World complex has its Pleasure Island area 9currently being refurbished), where adults can party as if it is New Year’s Eve each and every night.  Universal’s City Walk appeals to nighttime revelers as well, with its many restaurants and bars.  On the west coast, Tampa’s lively Ybor City area is a favorite with the under 30 crowd, but the remainder of Gulf Coast beach towns also offer a good collection of nightclubs and other popular party spots geared towards various age groups.

National Parks/Natural Sites – Florida is home to about a dozen national parks, monuments, and seashores, all of which are a joy for the visitor to explore.  A must see is expansive Everglades National Park, which occupies much of the southwest portion of the state.  The largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S., the Everglades is home to many rare species of animals, birds, and plants, and an airboat ride to view them is a must.  State Parks throughout Florida are excellent as well, like Sarasota’s Myakka River Park where guests can experience a diverse natural area of wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands; or the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, where visitors can take a prairie buggy ride along one of Florida’s largest stretches of dry prairie.

Watersports – Florida is a state surrounded by water and for this reason you will no doubt want to take advantage of the many watersports available there.  You can take your pick, from calm water related pursuits like fishing or sailing to more exciting adventures, such as jet skiing, SCUBA diving, kite or wind surfing, wake boarding, parasailing, and more.  With 8,500 miles of shoreline, 7,800 lakes, 320 springs and 35 rivers, the possibilities are endless!  Many beach hotels offer free use of non motorized watercraft and outfitters throughout the state peddle charter fishing cruises, dive lessons, and other opportunities which enable you to enjoy Florida’s beautifully warm waters.

Shopping – Every good vacation has a little shopping time built in (and why not).  In Florida, the shopping options are many and varied, ranging from upscale shops in ritzy South Beach, Miami and beautiful St. Armand’s Circle near Sarasota to popular outlets in Ellenton (near Tampa), St. Augustine, Naples, Florida City, and Orlando.  You’ll also find everything in between at the many malls that dot the Florida landscape.  For real bargains also try the Farmers Markets and Flea Markets dotted all around the state.

Key Lime Pie – Okay, you can get this pie in some other parts of the South too but this delightful confection originally had its start in the Florida Keys.  In fact, nearly every restaurant in the Keys, especially in Key West, serves this dessert.  The key lime tree arrived in Florida in the 1500s and recipes for the pie began appearing as early as the late 1800s, though it became really popular in the 1930s.  Some restaurants make it with graham cracker crust, others with pastry crust.  Either way, it’s a Florida must have several times over.

History – While most people tend to visit Florida for the recreation, the state’s interesting history is one of those side perks visitors can experience while exploring the region.  From the Spanish style architecture of St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European established city in the U.S., to Tampa and its ties to the cigar industry, to the rich military history of the Panhandle, Florida excites and educates visitors who enjoy gaining a little knowledge while on vacation.

Arts and Culture – Florida is filled with museums and entertainment venues both up and down both the East and West coasts and everywhere in between.  Visitors can buy tickets for rock concerts, Broadway style shows, dinner theatre, and much more, in major cities like Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville etc.  Other cultural sites include incredible art museums (check out the Ringling Museum in Sarasota), history museums (found in nearly every county), aviation museums (like the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola), and science museums (including Tampa’s excellent Museum of Science and Industry).

This article was written by Phil Cornish.  Designer and owner of Orlando Florida private vacation villas and Disney World rental homes web sites and also where you can get great deals on Florida vacation villas

Top Three Summer Mississippi Tourism Ideas

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Top Three Summer Mississippi Tourism Ideas

Has your family decided where you want to go on your summer vacation? You are not alone, most families have not yet decided where they want to go. It can be a quite time consuming activity to find that perfect vacation escape, so explore the choices for your Mississippi Tourism opportunities. You will discover lots of alternatives and it may not be a simple choice!

Good news, if you are careful and appreciate the commitment to do some planning, it should make your summer vacation easy and one of those “family stories” that you will treasure forever. The most common mistake people experience is first selecting a “destination.” The best vacations start when you first select “what you want to do”! Do you want to go hiking, tanning on a beach, playing and relaxing at a pool, or touring cultural or heritage attractions? By deciding “what you want to do” to start with, you are off to the best start of choosing that perfect family tourism destination!

Once you know “what you want to do” – you can sift through the various tourism destination regions and find those perfect attractions that you hope to go see or do. By spending a little time planning, you can also choose those destinations that include a variety of attractions that are interesting to both you and your whole family. Online destination guides are available that can help you find detailed information about activities that are more comprehensive than a vauge attraction name and address. Once you know “what” you want to do and “where” you want to go, a professional high quality online attraction guide will provide you a comprehensive article describing each attraction to help you make an educated decision about what you want to do and where you want to go.

Here are three vacation ideas that you might want to consider:

Idea #1: The Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, Mississippi. Nature-lovers and knowledge-seekers visiting Mississippi love to plan a tour of the Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. Established in 1932 by founder Fannye Cook, the museum boasts over 870,000 specimens of Mississippi’s natural treasures. A 73,000 square foot indoor facility, 300 acre landscape and 2.5 miles of nature trails provide several options for family activities.

Idea #2: Soak in the History at the Redding House. Biloxi, Mississippi is a beautiful city with a unique atmosphere and history. Visitors to the area will find plenty of great things to do and see while on vacation. They can sample some of the fine food, go fishing, or visit some of the historic locations. One of the most important and more often visited historic locations in Biloxi is the Redding House. In it often named one of the top ten attractions in the entire state.

Idea #3: The Catfish Capitol Visitor’s Center in Belzoni, Mississippi. Belzoni is located in Humphrey County, Mississippi, and is commonly called the “Catfish Capital” of the state. Catfish farming is an important commodity for Mississippi’s economy, as more than 117 catfish farms are located there. Humphrey County contains 35,000 acres of ponds averaging 6,000 catfish per acre.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options available to your family when it comes to selecting that perfect family vacation escape. Take your chance to plan carefully what you want to do and where you want to go. Select a quality travel guide to help you discover those perfect Attractions in Mississippi. And you will know that you will experience a family vacation with a lifetime of stories.

Take A Voyage Of Discovery On A Family Day Out In Glasgow

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Take A Voyage Of Discovery On A Family Day Out In Glasgow

As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow boasts an impressive array of activities, attractions and entertainments from which to create a memorable family day out.

The Glasgow Science Centre is a hugely popular attraction for families and the attraction, situated on the city’s Pacific Quay, offers hundreds of interactive exhibits spread over three floors where kids young and old can explore and discover the wonders of science by performing an array of tasks and experiments that are both fun to do and educational.

Meanwhile, the Science Show Theatre offers visitors the chance to see live science experiments take place which are guaranteed to both inspire and amaze.

Alternatively, the museum’s planetarium offers visitors the chance to see the night sky in all its glory away from the light pollution of city life. Visitors to the planetarium can marvel at the thousands of stars and celestial bodies that can be viewed through the facility’s Zeiss Starmaster projector.

For those hankering to take in a film, the centre boasts an IMAX Cinema which lets movie-goers experience movies on a whole new level than conventional cinemas. With a screen that measures larger than a 5-a-side football pitch and accompanied by a 12,000 watt sound system, the IMAX broadcasts films in both 2D and 3D formats that will amaze and astound viewers.

Round off the day with a ride up the Glasgow Tower which offers spectacular aerial views over the city and surrounding countryside.

Most younger children are fascinated by machinery and vehicles, and if your child falls into this category then a trip to the Museum of Transport is sure to please. Situated in the Kelvin Hall, the Museum of Transport is one of the most popular transport museums in the British Isles and attracts half-a-million visitors each year. Many of its exhibits have national and international significance.

Visitors to the Museum of Transport can discover the story of transport in Glasgow by both land and sea and visitors can see the oldest surviving pedal cycle in existence as well as a finest collection of Scottish-built cars to be found in the world, including models built by Argyll, Arrol Johnson and Albion.

With exhibits ranging from horse-drawn vehicles to fire engines and from motorcycles to caravans and farm machinery, the Museum of Transport even features a toy vehicle exhibit.

In the Clyde Room there are some 250 ship models detailing the huge influence held by Glasgow and the River Clyde in the shipbuilding industry. Several of the world’s most famous ships were built on the river, including the QE2 – the Queen Elizabeth 2.

In addition to shipbuilding, Glasgow is also well renowned for its manufacture of locomotives and the Museum of Transport carries an impressive collection of famous locomotives from through the years.

Of course, the city offers much more in the way of attractions, including leisure centres, parks, galleries and others and visitors to the city will be spoilt for choice for something to do. As a result, it might be necessary to investigate cheap hotels in Glasgow in order to spin a family day out into an impromptu mini-break.

Disney secrets – get the #1 Disney-World vacation & resort plan book

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Disney secrets – get the #1 Disney-World vacation & resort plan book !

I admit it – I AM LIKE A KID… I love everything about Disney. Especially Disney World. There’s so much to see and do and experience – you could spend a month at each park and still not get to it all! So….what about taking your kids there…and cheap? Sounds like a dream…right? After all – it’s got to be expensive. WRONG!

I can teach you ways in whivh you can take a full blown DISNEY WORLD TRIP AT A FRACTION OF WHAT OTHER FAMILIES PAY.

There are ways to track the Best Bargains On and Off Line – You’re going to find the best places and sites to buy your advance tickets. (You’ll probably be surprised at the answers!). One way, for example, is by using unique E-bay Bargains – Think those “discounted” Disney Pass Ticket Prices are a great deal? Many times they’re not the bargain you think! I’ll tell you exactly what you have to know -before you make that bid!

If you’re reading this article, you’re at the same position I had been a few months ago. I was really looking forward to take my whole family on the vacation of their dreams, at Disney world vacation resort, but the high prices deterred me. I could not afford to spend that much money on one vacation….know the feeling, right?

Needless to say, my kids were really sad, they cried that I was not being fair. I knew, there had to be a better way to get the, on that trip at a much cheaper cost.

Start recognizing this saying  – “You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have An Extravagant Disney World Vacation”.    No….you really don’t!

In fact, You can have a Disney World vacation every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as the family who spends 2, 3, or even 4 times as much money!

First and foremost, Disney World Tickets can be acquired at a much cheaper rate, including meals and trinlets! Given the right tools, you can very easily find all the different ticket types and the best buys – with tips that’ll literally save you hundreds of dollars. This tip alone may make enough money to pay for all your meals in the park for the entire week.

What about airlines, lodging, resorts etc? no problem! I won’t leave you hangin’.

I don’t have to tell you – it sometimes seems finding great airlines prices is more of a lottery than a science. Well … I can’t affect what the airlines charge – but I can fill you in on what to look for! My Guide includes my insider’s tips for getting to Disney World, staying at Disney World, dining at Disney World, and more.

There are ways to learn how to find the cheapest deals ever, which I’m afraid I cannot cover in just one article.

For more information on getting A Disney World Vacation For A 
Fraction Of What Others Pay – click here!

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Explore Lilongwe with Flights to Lilongwe

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Explore Lilongwe with Flights to Lilongwe

One of the most beautiful and well developed city, Lilongwe is the capital of Malawi and popularly known as the Garden City. The reason is that the city is surrounded by many colorful flowering trees that perfectly describe its modern architecture and parklands. This city is the considered the second largest city of Malawi and a commercial zone as well. Travelers from different parts of the world having their cheap flights to Lilongwe find this city well accommodating and friendly. The history of this old city is not very complex but the recent developments has changed the plot completely and the central govt. of Malawi is emphasizing more and more on the beauty and cleanliness of the city.
The infrastructure of this city is very welcoming for the tourists as there are many hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and even a casino for facilitating the visitors and tourists. Lilongwe has an old town and along with a new, modern quarter. While the New Town is getting full of commercial structures, the local govt. is restructuring the old town which is built around the former village of the city and has a lovely old world which seems to be quite charming for those who are coming from different parts of the world by booking their cheap flights to Lilongwe.
For adding to the outstanding beauty of the city there is a sanctuary named as Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary which is located in the centre of the city and is a rich natural reserve. Along with wildlife, a tourist can easily find rare wildflowers and exotic plants. This sanctuary also serves as an education centre for environmental sciences. Likewise this important place, there is place known as Capital hill considered to be a seat of power as this area is full of important government buildings and institutions, and is situated amid wooded slopes of beautiful trees. Another added advantage of this place to visitors and tourists flying with their cheap flights to Lilongwe is that this place is surrounded with restaurants, shops and cinema theatres which is also highly appreciated by them.
Several markets and shopping plazas are also a source of visitor’s attraction as several bustling African markets on Malangalanga Rd, and ahead to the old Indian spice and cloth shops are very popular among these tourists who visit this beautiful destination by reserving their cheap flights to Lilongwe. Quite similarly the most exciting stop in the city is the Tobacco Auction Floor where several buyers and sellers can be seen in action at the public gallery of the auction house.