The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

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The Essentials of an Efficient Limo Driver

A limo driver does more than just driving swanky limos. He provides valuable services that can make your occasion extra special and journey totally comfortable.

While hiring a limo from any limo service provider such as a Bay area limo service or a San Francisco limo service provider etc., make sure that you pay attention to the man behind the wheel. It is essential that he is professional, courteous, reliable and an excellent driver so that you can have a gala time without any difficulty. Here are important qualities that a limo driver must have:

Driving Skills

First and foremost, a limo driver must have excellent control over the steering wheel. He should be formally trained to drive the luxurious Sedans, Audis, and SUVs etc. He should be able to handle the traffic jams and take care of the parking. In addition a good limo driver must be aware of all the road codes and transport regulations.


What is the point of hiring a limo if the limo driver of the vehicle doesn’t know the routes he is taking you to? It is essential that a limo driver must have the knowledge of the area he is taking you and he must be aware of all the short routes to transport passengers on time and know the best places to go and the best sights to see in the area.

Map reading skills

A limo driver should have the ability to read the maps efficiently and transport the passengers to their desired venue without any difficulty.


An efficient limo driver is the one which respect passenger’s time as well as his own. He should be punctual and should reach the venue on time to pick up the clients be it for private or business purpose.


The job of the limo driver is to make the occasion really special. A good driver will have personal traits such as good manners, courteousness etc. Greeting passengers with a smile, opening doors etc. are the things which go a long way in making the journey fabulous. And not to forget he should be well dressed too.


The role of limo driver is not limited to driving only. He should have the serving attitude and must look after passengers’ luggage in their absence and help them carry their luggage.

Respect privacy

Apart from the professional skills, what matters are the personal qualities such as reliability, loyalty etc. A limo driver must be reliable and respect the privacy of the passengers in the back seat.


He should be able to remain calm and adapt to any kind of situations and deal with all kinds of clients happily.

Multi lingual limo drivers

The ability to speak more than one language is always an advantage. Knowing languages like Spanish can be really handy if the limo driver is ferrying passengers to say San Jose where Spanish is widely spoken.

First aid skills

A limo driver must carry a first aid box with him in case any emergency arises and should know how to provide the first aid assistance.

The above mentioned points are really important which any efficient limo driver must possess. Hence while hiring a limo while in and around San Francisco (in fact anywhere) either from a bay area limo service or San Francisco party limo service providers, make sure that the limo driver has all these qualities.

Top Reasons to Book Goa Packages during Goa Carnival

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Top Reasons to Book Goa Packages during Goa Carnival

The three main reasons why one should Goa packages during Goa carnival are to have fun, more fun and loads and loads of fun. It is always advisable to book Goa packages in advance which will help you to enjoy cheap flights to Goa and hotel reservations at extremely affordable prices during the time of Goa carnival. Goa packages are popular among the tourists from across the globe as everyone want to enjoy the natural beauty of the unending coastline of Goa marked by numerous beaches suiting tastes of different individuals.

Goa packages booked at the time of Goa carnival make the visitors not only enjoy beauty of heritage buildings but could have lots of fun by being part of samba parades. People are always on a lookout for cheap flights to Goa during the time of Goa carnival so that they can have vacation of lifetime by joining the thrilling activities of Goa carnival.

There are numerous Goa packages but select the Goa carnival tour packages that will fill your holidays with sun and smiles. Tourists have the option to select from cheap Goa packages during Goa carnival or they can go all out and spend luxurious vacations by opting for exotic Goa carnival package. Sandy beaches clustered with beautiful hues of sand makes tourists relax starting at the beautiful horizon after attending all the hectic activities of Goa carnival.

If you too are looking for direct flights to Goa to attend the popular Goa carnival then try booking your tickets a little in advance. Also try booking cheap flights to Goa using a travel website that will provide you information about which airlines would help you to get cheap flights to Goa. Also take help of the popular travel agencies like SOTC and opt for Goa packages that will help you in getting cheap flights to Goa. One can also find cheap flights to Goa on auction sites which usually auction the tickets late in night or during early morning hours. So be an early bird and catch a great deal on Goa packages especially during the season of Goa carnival.

Phuket – Visiting Thailand – Phuket – Vat Refund for Tourists Traveling to the Land of Smile

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Phuket – Visiting Thailand – Phuket – Vat Refund for Tourists Traveling to the Land of Smile

VAT refund for tourists

All Non-Thai nationals who travel to Thailand and departy from an international airport are able to submit a VAT refund application. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat –Yai, Phuket and U-Tapao are all participating international airports.

After filling out the short application, witch can be found at the airport, your purchased goods must be presented to the airport’s Custom officers for inspection. Original tax invoice (receipts) must also be presented at this time. VAT refunds process is to be done before flight check-in.

While in Phuket you have probably seen stores displaying a ‘’ VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS’’ sign.

There are thousands of shops and businesses throughout Thailand where you can receive VAT refund for your purchases. Phuket alone has over 136 stores. An extensive list of these shops can be viewed at the Revenue Department of Thailand website.   

On the purchasing day, present your passport and ask the sales assistant at the store to complete the VAT refund Application for tourists form (P.P10) and attached the original tax invoices to the form. Each application form (P.P10) must show a value goods of 2,000 bath or more. Purchased goods must be taken out of Thailand within 60 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for a VAT refund.

There is a small fee of about 100 Bath applied to refund requests. Airline crew members departing Thailand on duty or those who carry a diplomatic passport and reside in Thailand are not entitled to VAT refund.

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Traveling Through Memories

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Traveling Through Memories

There are times we look forward to family gatherings. We look forward for those fingers that we held when we learned how to walk and those shielding shoulders, which protected and shouldered our happiness and grief. With all those accomplishments of our one-on-one relationships; romantic, professional, or friendships the experience of being together with our entire family is an entirely different experience.

With all those comments and cornering, which won’t effect you in your personal life, are made which requires a totally different skill to handle and with enjoyment and sharing of sorrows you go on and on amazing your wife of how different you are and they watch you in amazement. You might run all around yelling eureka! Eureka! When you taste your mom’s dish at this gathering, the taste, which was submerged for years, surfaced; with your wife and children watching jaw dropped thinking “what’s wrong with him?”

Yes! Celebrating holidays is such an unforgettable experience, which you always remember when you return back to your busy life. And on of those busy days when you are down and sitting quite the memories come up in the form of happiness, smile, and tears. The fiery comments that could pierce your heart, the sorrows of hospitals visits, will make your eyes filled with tears of memories both good and bad which you shared with family members.

It is always best to arrange a trip for the family on a destined location far from all the hassles of life where you and only you remain with your family on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and or New Year.

Planning ahead is always a clever thing. You need not have to work hard nowadays to arrange anything physically. Everything, which is planned, can be executed online today. The site like is the best site to visit for every daily need you can get with free coupons, which will fetch discounts too.

It is always better to find out what your family is looking for in a vacation. The focus should be on spending time with your family. Some cruises have now come up with onboard programs and games that not only feature family together time, but they also arrange imperative alone time for parents. Contact a trusted site for your traveling needs and arrangements.

Family vacation decision includes beach time, shopping, tours, water sports, and freshwater fishing, hiking, and your favorite sports. The most important things to remember is that vacations are supposed to be fun. Always remember if you fail to plan ahead of time it can make your family vacation very disappointing.

You should always think of a theme for this very special reunion and carry it out with the invitations, decoration, food, wine etc. A lot of things today can be made available through sites as I mentioned, so make a decision go on vacation for resurrection of your memories.

How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble In Thailand

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How To Avoid Getting Into Trouble In Thailand

When we visit Thailand or any other country, it is easy to assume that our values apply there also, or that other people think like we do. This can lead to very embarrassing situations when we find out that we just unknowingly insulted someone or made a fool of ourselves.

Here is a list of Don’ts in Thailand:

  • Never say anything negative about the king. This can land you in jail or get you thrown out of the country.
  • Don’t say anything negative about monks. Although everyone in Thailand knows that not all monks are saints, they are still highly respected and fulfill a very important function in society.
  • Don’t show anger or impatience. If you do, you will not accomplish anything and you will  ‘lose your face’, meaning that any respect that the Thais might have had for you is gone. It is not acceptable to show strong emotions, especially the negative kind.
  • Don’t wear your shoes in anyone’s house or in a temple. A good tip is to wear shoes that you can easily take off.
  • Don’t point your feet at any person or at a Buddha statue or picture, or at a picture of the king or members of the royal family.
  • Don’t speak quickly or use difficult words. If you do, nobody will  understand you.  Slow down your talking pace to about half your normal speed and  consciously use simple words.
  • Don’t try to touch, hug or kiss any Thais. They would be very embarrassed. Shaking hands is not done in Thailand, and hugging and kissing is confined to the bedroom for the most part.
  • Don’t ever reprimand anyone strongly or tell someone flat-out they are wrong. You will make them lose face and they will dislike you for it. You need to make suggestions or drop hints instead. Just be more subtle. Losing face is a big issue in Thailand.
  • Don’t expect that people will tell you the truth about everything. Generally Thais don’t like to say “no”. They will say what is convenient, polite, what helps everyone keep their ‘face’, and what is pleasant to hear. To the Thais, this is more important than if it is true or correct or not.

Here is a list of Do’s in Thailand:

  • Whenever confronted with a difficult situation or person, keep a smile on your face. Thailand is called the “land of smiles” for a reason. A smile will open many more doors than a direct, confrontational or pushy approach.
  • Tell people that you like Thai food. Everyone loves to hear that, since eating is one of the most important aspects of life in Thailand.
  • Learn a few words in Thai, and your acceptance ranking will move up a few notches.
  • Smile at strangers. You will be amazed how  many beautiful smiles you will get in return. Thais are shy people, but they are not shy about smiling.
  • Slow down your pace, take time to talk to strangers. It is very easy to strike up a conversation with just about anyone in Thailand and people love to talk to you. Almost everyone will make time for a little chat. You will learn a lot about Thailand and it’s people that way.
  • Speak slowly and clearly and use simple words. This way you will be understood and it will make conversations much more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Use common sense. Just because Thais are smiling at you does not mean they love you. Just because they are friendly does not mean they are your friend. If anything does not feel right, stay away from the situation.

Following these few guidelines can make your stay much more pleasant and it will help you to avoid stepping on people’s “cultural toes”.

THE SMART BACKPACKER: Student Traveller Tips to Keeping Your Things Safe

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THE SMART BACKPACKER: Student Traveller Tips to Keeping Your Things Safe

Congratulations! You have just made your choice of lugging around wherever what would be technically your “home” for the duration of your trip. Choosing the indie backpacker way for travel is already a decision to keeping your thingamajigs safer. However, backpackers continue to ask the immortal question of how you really keep your things safe during voyage, with extreme stress to travel in most parts of Asia or Africa.

Hit the Sack.

This is among the most vital things you should hit right. The backpack need not be simply sturdy and reliable. It has to be the right pack for the traveller and the traveller’s custom needs. This sets apart the genuine backpackers from the wannabees. Three C’s: comfort, convenience, and capacity.  

Comfort equals padding, padding on the belts and straps of the hips, waist, chest, and shoulders. The major weight of your bag must set on the hips, and minor on the shoulders. Convenience also pertains to design, particularly the loading. Also, compartments and chimney make all the difference. And Capacity…your pack should stay within the carry-on limit in terms of size, weight, and contents. Airlines may vary in maximum weight allowance from 10 – 30 kg each for checked and carry-on bags. Remember to lock and label, and ensure it can stand against knife-slashing.


Animals are smart to take this on instinctively. Dress up or down as locals do to avoid eliciting unwanted attention and be the target of felons. Looking as though you’ve spent a long time in the area might reduce threats of stealing and even getting ripped. Keep that Submariner in your pocket and use that cheap mobile you got on a bargain to check the time. In some countries as SEA, the mobile is a socio-economic status indicator, so definitely, the uglier the better. Learning the basic conversation pieces in local vernacular will also help a lot.

Stick It. If you have a safe deposit box in the hotel you’re staying, GREAT! You can leave SOME of your money and valuables here. Still, keep your things on you like your passport and credit cards. These two are the top concerns when travelling. Your original passport is best kept in a hotel safe if provided. Instead, carry around 2 certified photocopies of your passport with your National ID. Have a small travel bag for these essentials, or a sling bag you can hang around your neck and tuck under your shirt.

The key is to diversify your hidey-holes. Then, stash money in your shoes, socks, belt bag, and deep side pockets (never the back pockets). So should the traveller come across such a situation, know for a fact that a thief has not so much time. Effective…albeit unglamorous and undignified.

String It.

One cool strategy is stringing your stuff together, so when a no-good doer attempts something unlawful at you, it will surprise the pickpockets as if he’s been had with a bag of tricks. The crook might freak out and just drop what he tried to take from you. This is highly suggestive in some parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, specifically in an overly crowded area as the market. In addition, this makes for an innovative organization technique presenting a less painful way of looking through your paraphernalia. Know, though, the fundamental, that is to stuff the bulky in your pack, and never your valuables.

Leave It.

Understanding all the issues and hassles of bringing valuables in backpack travel, it is vital to reassess how badly you need to take some of your pricey loot with you, like a laptop or camera. Theft, loss, and damage are absolutely important considerations when preparing your stuff. The less you bring, the less you worry. In Johannesburg, South Africa, for instance, no amount of safety precaution will save you and your valuables when a robber spots you. Discretion is not a word in their vocabulary, unlike slick pickpockets in Thailand or Philippines.

Travelling with your pack, it is rather hard to refrain from carrying your valuables. Some quirky advices involve using and abusing people’s vulnerability for religion. In a Muslim country, lug around a book of sayings of the Prophet Mohammed, or in Christian nations, a Bible. Yet all the advice in the world will not ever beat this one word, AWARENESS. Treat your things as an extension of your body and keep a close eye to people and surroundings. The article is not to advise against trusting people and making friends. In fact, make a million friends, smile and be nice so people will be discouraged against doing you wrong. The most important thing is that you enjoy your trip.