All about Eco accommodation

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All about Eco accommodation

Eco tourism has helped in places like Brazil and Costa Rica where the main aim is to educate people about living in harmony with nature and conversing resources. It is a new way of living and even holidaying! A lot of research and development has gone into eco tourism and it is being adopted by countries the world over.

It compels you to think and be more responsible towards Mother Nature. With Eco tourism we have eco hotels, eco lodges and many other types of eco accommodation.Eco Accommodation is used to describe any hotel or eco lodge that helps the environment by making significant structural changes in its day- to- day working. Here you live off the earth, for the earth. You will find many eco accommodations in Australia that are certified by The International Ecotourism Society. An eco accommodation must be able to sustain in ordinance with eth the environment and be dependent of its natural environs. It has to be able to walk the talk and prove that is can make or will make significant efforts for natural conservation. Educating staff and even tourists becomes a very important part of eco tourism; you have to spread the word. The locales have to be involved and there should be a stipulation for economic return.

There are basic ground rules for eco hotels or lodges; they are:

• No smoking is allowed on the premises

• Use of solar or wind energy for generation of power

• Encouraging recycling by placing recycling bins in the rooms and the main lobby

• Using totally organic soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents

• Only cotton, and non-synthetic material is allowed for linen; that includes sheets, beds and towels

• Provisions have to be made to reduce waste, like encouraging common amenities

• Using energy saving lighting all over the premises

• Making amenities for natural light as far as possible

• Using only hybrids for airport pick up and drop off

• Serve food that is organic and locally grown

• Curbing or negating the use of plastic

• Reusing kitchen and bathroom water of on the garden

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Superb Family Holidays During The May Bank Holiday

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Superb Family Holidays During The May Bank Holiday

Money is still an issue for most people which is why a trip abroad may not be possible and also given the recent problems with the volcano in Iceland and flights being cancelled you do not want to miss out on any of your days away. Flights are very reliant on many external circumstances and as a result holidays can often be problematic and when you only have a long weekend you do not want to waste any of your days waiting around an airport.

This is the reason why UK holidays have become more popular amongst many people and with the range of destinations and activities to choose from there are plenty of reasons why you should stay in the UK to have some fun this May bank holiday. One possible destination is the lakes as there is some superb scenery to take in and with some great accommodation available they provide all families with a great UK break.

Accommodating for the needs of your little ones is always something parents consider and this is not always easy. However the holiday parks have made some great arrangements so that your children can have some fun playing games and meeting new friends whilst under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff members.

Another option is to choose one of the holiday parks that can be found in the UK. These holiday parks have long been a favourite of many people because they offer something for the whole family as well as some great entertainment and plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax. All families look for something different from a holiday but the holiday parks offer something for everyone with a range of sports, activities and great accommodation on offer you will not be disappointed.

There is a great range of activities available including archery and dance classes so if you fancy getting your grove on you can show and impress everyone with your moves. For all you sporty people there are regular tournaments for football, tennis and basketball that you can take part in. If you just want to let your hair down and have some fun the holiday parks are the best option for you and there is plenty for the kids to do as well so no need to worry about that.

If you are looking for a range of UK weekend breaks available the best place for all family holidays is the holiday parks that are available in the UK as there are some great family holiday deals to be found.

To tip or not to tip, that is the question

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To tip or not to tip, that is the question

The amount you should be tipping staff in a restaurant will actually depend on the level of service that has been provided.  If you feel that the staff offered a high level of service to you and your guests then of course a tip of around 15% of the actual bill before inclusion of tax should be paid. 

However when it comes to tipping you shouldn’t only be taking into account the level of service provided but also the quality of the food.  If you are at all unhappy with the food served then it is important you voice your opinions to the manager of the restaurant.  But if the level of service the waiting staff provided was good then of course it is important that you provide them with a tip of the same or slightly less. 

Of course when it comes to tipping you also need to look closely at the bill before you lead anything for the staff.  In some cases restaurants will automatically include this item on the bill and put it down as a service charge.  If this is the case then of course there is no need for you to provide a tip to the waiting staff as well.  However, you can if you feel that the level of service that they provided to you throughout the meal was exceptional. 

Certainly tipping the staff a little extra should be considered in situations where they had to work much harder would be considered normal. Plus in those situations where they worked on ensuring that the meal was an extremely pleasant one.  If you do so the first time then of course should you return again the level of service they will provide you with then will hopefully be the same once more.

Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in India

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Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in India

Kingfisher airlines is one of the major airlines in Indian airline industry based in Mumbai. Kingfisher has their registered office in UB tower Bangalore and its head office is in Kingfisher house Vile Parle (east) Mumbai. Kingfisher airlines India is one of those six airlines in the world that got five star ranking from Skytrax.
It was honored in 2003 when they implemented their operations in May 2005 from Mumbai to New Delhi. Presently Kingfisher serve 71 destinations in total including domestic and international across Asia and Europe. Kingfisher has their own lounges in various cities of India.
Kingfisher passengers can avail these if they are Kingfisher first members, King Club silver or King club gold members. King club is all for frequent fliers to give them convenience like extra baggage allowance, priority check in, Lounges and Bonus miles. King club divides its members in to four categories Red, platinum, God and silver. King silver and King club gold can avail maximum benefits.
Kingfisher airlines fleet with its high class luxury aircraft promises well dressed, hospitable and highly friendly staff. Apart from this, the meals provided in the flight are up to the standard with reasonable prices. Entertainment is well under consideration when you travel through Kingfisher.
Kingfisher India is one of its kinds that provide you journey of lifetime. Kingfisher sets very high standard in the industry of airlines. Planning your journey well before is always advisable for many reasons and the most important is to save money. Kingfisher booking provide you convenience to book your journey with great ease as it contains the following features that helps in planning
Booking your journey tickets including Kingfisher Airways ensure that you get to travel comfortably to any part of the public. A digit of travellers now very to buy Kingfisher air tickets for their journey as the airlines provides them including the most brilliant deals and discounts for their journey and thus makes it undemanding for them to afford air travel.

The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

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The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

Opened by Elizabeth II in February 1976, the NEC has hosted performances by many international musicians and music groups, including major exhibitions several of which return to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) every year.

In a statement by Mark Felix Travelrobe’s spokesperson, he made mention of the travel arrangements that could be made through the site including Birmingham Hotels, Flights to and from Birmingham and car hire in Birmingham.

Mark Felix also went on to say that visitors travelling from Birmingham who needed parking at Birmingham airport could do so through their airport parking site

Some of the acts that attract international visitors to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) include:

  • Beyonc?
  • Status Quo
  • David Bowie
  • Genesis
  • Tina Turner
  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • Christina Aguilera

Upcoming major events include:

  • BBC Gardeners’ World Live (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • BBC Summer Good Food Show (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • IT Decisions (Trade)23 – 24 Jun 2010

These events as stated by Travelrobe bring tremendous travel related business into Birmingham and by reaching these visitors through adverts, ppc, email marketing or through B2B ventures, the group believes they can gain market share.

Some of the hotels that can be book on the site include: Holiday Inn, Marriott, Britannia, Hilton, The Birmingham Hotel, The Rotunda, Copthorne Hotel, City Inn Birmingham, Ibis Birmingham, Malmaison Birmingham, Novotel Birmingham, Ramada Encore Birmingham, Hatters Birmingham, Brook Marston Farm Hotel and Menzies Strathallan Birmingham.

The Birmingham airport also offers reliable, easy, traveler friendly and high class parking facilities for the travellers’.  A variety of parking options are available for the travellers’ which are custom made to suit their requirements which could be long stay, short stay or pick up and drop off. The parking facilities in offering are:

Long Stay Parking:

Long stay parking facility 1 and 2 are on site surface car parks which are meant to provide economical and reliable parking to travellers who wish to go away for more than a week. Both the car parks are situated at a convenient site for the travellers’ as they are within close walking distance to the courtesy bus terminals.

This service is available to travellers’ all round the year and they operate every 15 minutes. Long stay car park 2 is Park Mark Accredited and is open only in the summer months. The long stay parking facility also has many security features like CCTV cameras and regular patrol by the staff.

Short and Medium Stay Parking:

The short and medium stay parking are for those travellers’ who wish to park for a few hours to a few days. The short and medium stay car parks are conveniently within walking distance of the airport terminals thus making it easy for the travellers’.

The short stay and medium stay car parks 1, 2, and 3 provide disabled parking on the ground floor. It also provides good security with regular patrol and CCTV cameras. All the medium and short term car parks provide excellent value to the travellers’.

Official Valet Parking:

The Birmingham airport parking allows valet parking facility for its customers. The travellers’ can leave their vehicles in the official valet parking drop and go zone, official staff will leave the car in the parking, and on return the valets will leave the vehicle back at the valet drop and go zone.

Picking Up And Dropping Off:

The Birmingham airport parking facility also allows rapid drop and go which is ideal for those who come to send off their friends and family.

For more information on Travelrobe visit

For Birmingham Airport Parking, Birmingham Airport Lounge visit

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Parking your Car at Glasgow Airport

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Parking your Car at Glasgow Airport

The Glasgow Airport is positioned within a short distance from the city centre. To reach the facility by car takes approximately 20 minutes. The airport lies north of the M8 motorway and is excellently connected to major highways serving the surrounding area. The airport has one terminal which features three piers, Central (Domestic), East (Lo-Cost & Ireland/Northern Ireland) and West (International). It is the United Kingdom’s sixt largest airport complex.

I used the airport in Glasgow probably more than hundreds of times as I fly three times per month out of the complex to London. The past five years I’ve parked my vehicle at almost all the car parking lots Glasgow airport has on offer including several off airport parking services. Because I have used the parking services so many times I guess I’m not bragging if I say that by now I’m an airport parking specialist. I always choose to park my car at one of the parking facilities before my flight takes off. At Glasgow airport you do not have to consider near which terminal you want to park as the airport operates only one comprehensive terminal.

I’ve had the chance to try all the provided services and I think that they all are quite the same. They are all sufficiently secured and professionally operated. The only difference between the firms is obviously the situation and the prices they charge for the various car parking options they offer.

Directly outside the airport terminal is the dedicated area for pick-ups and drop-offs. The Glasgow airport itself has a multi-storey car parking lot proving spaces for short-stay and fast-track parking. Before you drive your car into this modern facility you’ll have to get a voucher from the barrier and when you return from your journey the parking fee can be paid at one of the pay stations which you can find in the multi-storey park. Alternatively you can pay by credit card at the barrier close to the terminal exit of the long-term parking amenity.

Direct access to the airport terminal building is provided by the short-term parking facility which is most convenient for those who wish to park their car for two or three hours. Attractive daily parking fees are available at the fast track facility on the ground floor. However, these special prices are only for passengers who pre-booked their parking online. There is a transfer service to and from the terminal, which runs every ten minutes, departing from the long-term parking car park. This facility is the best choice for fliers who are going on a long holiday or voyage. Services are reasonably priced and for those who booked car parking beforehand online are lucrative discounted fees available.

You also have the option to make use of the services which the valet parking option offers. It is by far the most laid-back way of having your car parked. One of the company’s staff will meet you at a certain time at the airport terminal. He or she will drive your car to a well-secured compound not too far from the airport where it will be parked for you. Once you come back in Glasgow a driver will meet you at the same spot again and have your car ready for you. Obviously this service is more expensive compared with the other available options.

The best way of arranging your parking needs at Glasgow airport is by booking it in advance online. There are several excellent internet services which offer the easiest and fastest way of booking car parking. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of arranging parking through the internet. The aggregated car parking companies which serve Glasgow Airport offer simply the finest deals across all the available options. Booking online using the below mentioned websites is guaranteed hassle-free.