Ski Resorts You Don't Want To Miss

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Ski Resorts You Don't Want To Miss

Do you ever find youself stuck in a rut when it comes to getting over the winter blues? Well, there’s no better way to beat these blues than by surrounding yourself with the sparkling mountain snow at a world-class ski resort. Below, you’ll find a compilation of snow-kissed properties that are sure to get you excited for the winter season. Many of these resorts have amenities that allow you to relax at the spa and grab a bite to eat, just a snowball’s throw from the bunny slopes and the black diamond runs.
Aspen, Colorado; The Little Nell
The Little Nell is a resort that gives you the best of both worlds, a down-home country inn atmosphere with sophisticated urbanity. You just might find yourself wanting to discover this kind of oasis in the middle of the city, but the fact that it sits at the base of Aspen Mountain makes it even better. The Little Nell is nestled among many other resorts in the area, all of which are appealing for one major reason, you can ski, ski, ski! As you’re skiing leasurely down the Montagna you can stop and have a nice lunch, or you can head over to the Elevator Shaft on the Silver Queen run to feel the brisk snow gently blowing in your face. One great amenity about The Little Nell is that they have a full concierge ski team that is dedicated to making your ski vacation all that it was meant to be. You have the option of having your boots warmed, your snowboard or ski’s tuned, or they can pre-order your lift tickets. After a rigorous day on the slopes you can head back to the hotel to enjoy a deep tissue or a sports massage.
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire; Mount Washington Hotel
If luxury is what you are after, then the Mount Washington Hotel just might be the right choice for you on your ski vacation. This wonderful resort embraces an old-fashioned formality that gives the property its unique charm. You’ll enjoy such luxuries as colonial style decor in the bedrooms, an atmosphere of class where jackets are required in the dining room, and a beautiful orchestra to serenade you while you enjoy your cuisine. This old world hotel opened its doors in 1902, after two years of construction by 250 master craftsmen. Because it boasts such old world charm, it is a Natioal Historic Landmark.
As you step outside the doors of the hotel you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of acres of ski terrain. While you’re exploring which slope is right for you, you’ll find 101 trails and glades, including plenty of black diamond glades, White Mountain National Park for cross-country skiing, high-speed quad lifts and a gorgeous landscape for night skiing. If it is great-American skiing that you are after, look no further than the Mount Washington Resort at Bretton Woods.
Park City, Utah; Stein Eriksen Lodge
When thinking of the perfect place to stay while on your ski vacation, what better place to stay than at a rustic lodge, founded by an Olympic gold medallist, Stein Eriksen. He founded this wonderfully charmed lodge in 1982 when he wanted to bring full-service luxury to the slopeside. The lodge features blond wood and mountain decor which may give you the feeling that you are in Scandinavia, but while the look is rustic, the ambiance surrounding you is anything but. You are sure to experience world-class service while you stay here. You’ll be able to enjoy access to Deer Valley Resort and experience what the rush of gliding on white snow is really all about. Did you forget your skis, boots, or other snow accessories? No problem, just head on down to Stein Eriksen Sport, which is an onsite retailer who sells and rents their inventory. The lodge features a full-service spa that includes treatments suited to a long day on the slopes. Maybe you got a little sun from the bright reflection off of the snow, if so try the Nordic Princess treatment. If it’s the muscles that are giving you trouble treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing deep tissue massage.
Teton Village, Wyoming; Teton Mountain Lodge
Teton Mountain Lodge is among many other fine ski resorts situated amid Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Here you will enjoy 120 runs and one of the country’s longest, steepest, continuous vertical drops. Jackson Hole is a favorite for skiing and snowboarding because it sits slopeside and makes sure you are as close to the action as possible. As you make your way out the doors of the resort, you will be just steps to the resort tram and the Bridge Gondola.  Here in Jackson Hole you get the full rustic experience of a mountain ski vacation. After your day of skiing on the slopes, satisfy your appetite with a genuine Black Angus beef dish or a native game dish at Cascade Grill House and Spirits. Coming to Teton Mountain Lodge is an experience beyond the standard. You’ll come away feeling as if you never left home because of its homey atmosphere, featuring stone fireplaces and custom kitchens.
This winter season head out of town and hit one of many first-class ski resorts to enjoy an experience unlike any other. Even if you don’t ski, there is plenty to keep you busy and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated unwinding in the many spas that are available. What says luxury more than a mountain full of glistening diamonds beckoning you to take a ride? Find your thrill this season on the slopes.

A New York City Sports Vacation

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A New York City Sports Vacation

There’s no city in the world like New York City if you want to see what a sports vacation feels like.  No matter which time of the world you decided to visit, there’s always some kind of game or sporting event going on, whether it’s professional or college.
Everything starts and ends with Madison Square Garden.  This is the home of the New York Knicks basketball team, the New York Rangers hockey team the St. John’s College basketball team, and many professional boxing matches.  It’s located right in the heart of Manhattan on 7th Avenue, known as the Fashion District, and is surrounded by stores, restaurants, bars, and within a short walking distance to both Broadway and off-Broadway shows.  Even on days when there’s no game going on, you’re apt to see a professional athlete hanging around the Garden.
Once you decide to leave the middle of the city, there’s so much more.  There’s obviously the new Yankee Stadium, which is close to the original Yankee Stadium, and it’s a $1.5 billion dollar masterpiece that was properly inaugurated in its first season of existence by bringing a world championship in baseball for the New York Yankees.  And when you’re ready to leave the Bronx, it’s a relatively short drive by distance, if not by time, across the city to Queens and Citi Field, home of the Amazin’ New York Mets.
Maybe you want football instead.  You can decide go to Shea Stadium to see the New York Jets, or head through the tunnel or across the ferry into Bergan County, NJ, to see the New York Giants play at Giants Stadium.  We’re also not through with hockey, as you can head out to Long Island to see the New York Islanders have a go at the Stanley Cup.
There’s more, of course.  Every year there’s the New York City Marathon.  There’s the Belmont, one of the Triple Crown horse races.  There’s the New York Red Bulls soccer team, which also plays at Giants Stadium.  There’s the annual Big East Basketball Championships and the National Invitational Basketball tournament.  There’s the U.S. Open tennis tournament held every late summer.  There’s the annual Millrose Games, indoor track and field held at Madison Square Garden, and the Golden Gloves Championships, also held at MSG.
All those professional games, more minor league and college games, and there’s even cricket.  You can hardly find another place where you can get your fill of sports.  And, in some circumstances, you can book your event at the same time you book your travel arrangements.  This is proof that there’s always more to see in New York City.

Take Flights to Chicago U

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Take Flights to Chicago U.S.A This Summer and Watch Chicago Air and Water Show!

The Chicago Air & Water Show on Lincoln Park’s lakefront Chicago presents two fun-packed days of spectacular air and watercraft demonstrations. This spectacular showdraws millions of people through flights to Chicago U.S.A each year to the lakefront, contributing significantly to tourism and economic development for Chicago. This show is the oldest and free show of its kind in United States. He displays take place at the edge of the lake. Shell Oil Products US is proudly presenting sponsor of the Chicago Air and Water Show since 1995 and is continuously becoming major contributor of Chicago U.S.A flights every summer by bringing this free event to the Chicago shoreline.

Timings and Other Information about Show:

Over the past many years, the show has become a summer tradition featuring aviation’s top military and civilian pilots.  Death-defying stunts on sea and in the air in front of a crowd of millions will attract a large of flights to Chicago U.S.A from UK through a number of air travel operators like flights to Chicago he 2010 Chicago Air Show will run 11am-4pm on 14th and 15th August. Activities at Show are pre published but if there is a specific performance that you want to see, there is no way to know what time it will occur. Times are determined by the pilots on the day of the event because of variations in logistics and flight conditions. The only way to come to know about that is to take cheap flights to Chicago U.S.A and personally attend the event. You can get great views of event from North Avenue Beach or plant yourself at Oak Street Beach. It is one of the largest spectator events in the world. The event has become a summer tradition in United States.

Performers at Chicago Air and Water Show:

Performers at Chicago Air and Water Show one can see by taking flights to Chicago U.S.A Includes; U.S. Navy Blue Angels, Chicago Fire Department Air and Sea Rescue Team, AeroShell Aerobatic Team, Lima Lima Flight Team, The Firebirds, Sean Tucker & Team Oracle, Ed Hamill and his Air Force Reserve Bi-Plane, Red Bull MiG, U.S. Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team, and U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights.It is such a great show that every year on average 2.2 millions of visitors come to the city to attend this event. Visitors residing in Europe reserve their cheap flights to Chicago U.S.A from UK

Jet Rescue

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Jet Rescue?s New Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Mexico City – Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is proud to announce the opening of a new business unit based in Mexico City. The “Critical Air” business unit offers emergency evacuation by means of its A-119 Koala air ambulance helicopter.

Quick response teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in most weather conditions to ensure rapid and reliable medical retrieval in times of emergency. The helicopter, an A-119 Koala, is specially equipped to transport patients and medical crew. The helicopter can be deployed to even the most remote locations.

The A-119 Koala Helicopter is unique amongst single turbine powered helicopters, with a cabin volume that is approx 30% greater than other helicopters in its class. It has a cruise speed of 270 km/h and a maximum range of 1000 km.

The specially equipped air ambulance helicopter can accommodate up to two stretchers together with the medical crew. The internal layout includes provision for the installation of all necessary medical equipment to treat patients during transport. Two standard rails are positioned both in the cabin rear bulkhead and on upper side panels that include outlets for oxygen, emergency air and power.

Critical Air Helicopter Operations

  • Urgent responses to major accidents, emergencies and neo-natal cases.
  • Typical emergency scenarios include accidents where specialist on-scene medical care is required.
  • Rescue of patients who find themselves in rugged terrain or remote locations.
  • Helicopter retrieval incorporates both pre-hospital rescue and inter-hospital transfer services.

About Jet Rescue:

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance provides Domestic and Worldwide air ambulance service, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We provide specialized medical teams to critically ill and injured patients anywhere in the world and have the capability to organize the most complex repatriation mission.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is dedicated to providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care air ambulance to the ill or injured. Our specially trained doctors, nurses and paramedics use helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and ground ambulances to bring a tertiary hospital level of care to our patients.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance stands apart through a passion to deliver a quality service.The commitment to quality starts with our staff selection and is further evidenced by our investments in state-of-the- art-technology.

Garden Island Relaxation Therapies Poipu Massage 4 Vacationers Island Wide Kauai HI

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Garden Island Relaxation Therapies Poipu Massage 4 Vacationers Island Wide Kauai HI

Best Locations To Get A Massage In Kauai Is In Your Own Kauai Condo Near The Golf Green On Poipu Beach At Kiahuna Shopping Villages On The Southside Of Poipu Koloa.

Sports Massages In Oahu Events Is Also A Bonus 4 Reading About Professional LMT’s Kauai and Oahu…. Their Mission Is Immediate Therapy 4 Chronic Sufferers In All Sports – Golf – Tennis, Surfing – Swimmers – and More…. read relax and unwind…” The journey to wellness starts with 90 mins of total body massages in your Poipu Kauai locations,’ you can find therapist at your request…just read carefully as we motivate your most anticipated interest in wellness rewards….”

Visitors Kauai HI you want to be relaxed in paradise throughout your destiny vacation travel to Kauai,” Massage in Kauai is the best therapy you’ll ever acknowledge while sipping pina-coladas at Kiahuna plantation cottages, Kauai vacation rentals at Poipu Beach’s top resorts; Poipu Kai Resort, Kiahuna Plantation, near Poipu beaches an the amazing site of Koloa landing near the utmost scenic view of spouting horn water spout funnel on Lawai Rd. Sports massages in Poipu Kauai is perfect 4 golfers pounding the green at Poipu Bay and amateur pro golfers paring up at the Kiahuna golf course. In this Kauai massage articles vacation Poipu Golf mastery letter,” vacationer can find the best qualified sport massage therapist to hep aid in massage therapy for golfers and tennis players looking to heal those tires arms after a long day swinging the club and racket. The business owner of Kauai is a 15 yr veteran in sports medicine and sports massage for all types of athletes in Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Football and other therapies. The scope on wellness begins with a traditional overview on how well your body adapts to physical activity and work over loading in any given day. Vacation where meant to relax and revitalize a persons body while your pro therapist massages out tightness and stiffness in joints and back.

As a sports authority therapist in Kauai Hawaii Ximena Arestizabal has massaged Kobe Bryant, Derick Fisher, Tiger Woods, Troy Palamalu, Coah Phil Jackson from the 2010 LA lakers championship winners team and many sports stars to name.

Their modalities are tuff enough to build a positive flow of natural energy and muscle relief to name a few. Even Jillian Michaels from the biggest Looser has attested to physical therapy massages as the best theorist in Hawaii bar NONE.

The next marketing even or sports event in Kauai or Honolulu Hawaii make sure you check out their team player massage website called

Thats a partner sports massage website also webmasters by both sites are perfect on finding local sports event therapist 4 marketing chair massage therapy services at offices, meetings, conventions, trade shows, for managers, event planners, most sports massage pre event, sports massage, pre event article, post event massage techniques, on site chair massage and sports massages Oahu Hawaii. They encourage your insight and welcome you to try the best sports medicine therapist in Hawaii …4 more insight on their event massage and full body table massage business the goes to your locations in Oahu and Kauai Hawaii please visit them buy going here 4 Kauai Therapy or here 4 even chair sports massages You can call their professional sports massage therapy hot line toll FREE at 877-644-3209. Mahalos for reading about the best Hawaii sports massage and medicine pros Hawaii….”"

Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country

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Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country? Air Ambulance to the Rescue!

We may equate medical evacuation with the military but med-evac services can save the life of ordinary citizens faced with extraordinary circumstances. Whether you are injured while rappelling down a mountain or experience chest pain while strolling through a museum, an air ambulance can save your life when traveling abroad.

Stan and Jenny were spending their two week vacation in Costa Rica. They were staying at a friend’s home and using his jeep while there. While navigating the twisting roads, Stan hit a rock and the jeep flipped over. Jenny escaped with minor cuts and bruises but Stan needed to be hospitalized. Both wanted to go home immediately but Stan could not travel on a commercial air flight. Not knowing what else to do they remained in Costa Rica for 4 weeks until Stan was well enough to fly home.

It’s hard enough to experience illness or injury at home but being in need of medical services while traveling in a foreign country can be disconcerting. You are away from the support of family and friends and the familiarity of your health system. A little advance planning can help you prepare if you need emergency medical care while traveling abroad.

We often see med-evac teams traveling by helicopter. However, the mode of transport may be ground, air escort, jet or even a Cessna. The staffing, medical equipment and mode are all dependent on your medical condition and needs. The air ambulance company can suggest several medically appropriate alternatives to meet your needs.

An air ambulance service can safely transport you from a hospital abroad to a hospital in your town. Your medical support team coordinates bedside to bedside service ensuring your safe transport back home. The medical team can also provide medical assistance while traveling.

If you are injured or hospitalized while you are traveling abroad, you or a family member can call the air ambulance service directly to arrange transport home. Having their number with you will facilitate this process. The air ambulance company can manage the communication between the hospital facilities, physicians, insurance company, airports and your family.

When planning your travel abroad, include the number of an air ambulance company in your emergency contacts. If you are injured or become ill while on vacation, air ambulance teams can safely and quickly arrange to transport you back home.