A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show

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A Jaw Dropping International Motor Show!

Oil prices may soar and economies may stumble, however when it comes to the most prestigious and sought after motor show in South East Asia, these issues are clearly not obstacles.

The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, known for its accommodation of high quality-national as well as international events, is the home of the International Bangkok Motor Show.

Organized by Grand Prix International Company Limited, this Motor Show is an annual event that originally was hosted at the Lumpini Park. However due to its steady rise in popularity and demand, it was shifted to its present location, which can accommodate vast crowds which usually amounts to over 1.5 million people.

The Motor Show includes many innovative features and exhibitions including the Mustang Club Show, Volkswagen Club Show, the ever popular Classic Cars Show, Austin Mini Club Show, Sports Car Show, and the Classic Bikes Show.

Since the Motor Show is not just about the cars, it also includes the likes of an Overnight Rally, Off Road Contest, a Boats Show, Radio controlled cars and planes show, and even a Miss Motor Show Beauty Contest.

To top off the show, there are also various seminars, lectures and workshops dealing with relevant topics relating to energy conservation, the new technology involved and what could be expected in the future, how to get the maximum out of your motor equipment etc.

The inclusion of all this makes the International Bangkok Show a most valuable and enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Even the non car enthusiast will no doubt be blown away by some of the models displayed by the over 30 vehicle brands that participate in the show.

The visitor to Bangkok for the Motor Show may be looking for a comfortable yet more affordable accommodation option, and if so should consider an apartment hotel in Bangkok. The Citadines Bangkok Sukhumvit 23 is one such Bangkok serviced apartment that offers its visitors the ultimate in comfort and privacy, affording the traveller the opportunity to feel right at home.

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Top Five Celebrity Hotspots

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Top Five Celebrity Hotspots

With ever-changing trends in today’s media obsessed society constantly influencing the current generation, the developing face of travel sees the conventional package-holiday begin to lose its spark. Holiday-goers are instead now choosing a far more alluring and exhilarating option for their annual getaway.
From themed vacations, to fun-filled adventure packed holidays, we’re here to suggest an alternative twist on your average holiday. If you fancy a taste of glamour or visualise yourself possibly rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, then look no further.
Here are our top five specialised destinations you are most likely to spot a celebrity:


Despite the persistent rumours claiming that Ibiza has had its day, hordes of visitors and celebrities continue to grace the stunning soil of the ‘White Island’ in search of its beautiful Balearic beaches, worldwide famous nightlife and quaint cobbled streets of the Old Town. Ibiza has loads to offer, including striking natural coves and countryside, fantastic history, stylish restaurants and a charismatic old quarter. Celebrities such as supermodel Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, actress Sienna Miller and US rapper/producer P Diddy have all been spotted in cosmopolitan Ibiza.


You’ll be surprised how easy it is to slip into another culture when visiting the golden sands of Morocco. Expect sophisticated minarets and rugged mud-brick walls, glistening coastlines lapping upon silken sand and striped canyons carved out of the High Atlas Mountains. Whether you visit Morocco for the sunshine or to trek across the hot deserts via camel, we can guarantee that you will be charmed by its medieval cities, particularly Fez and Marrakech. Both Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted in Marrakech recently.


Berlin has slowly emerged as one of Europe’s liveliest cities. Prenzlauer Berg, once a run down area of East Berlin, is now known as one of the hippest districts, with chic bars and restaurants lining its historic streets. No trip to the city would be complete without stopping off at the Brandenburg Gate and for a relaxing afternoon, take a stroll through Tiergarten – a huge park in the city centre. The city’s annual film festival attracts an array of celebrities such as Madonna and Mischa Barton. Tom Cruise’s upcoming film Valkyrie was also filmed here and the actor was regularly visited on set by wife Katie Holmes. 

Las Vegas

Stars such as Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher have all holidayed in Las Vegas – and it’s not hard to see why! The bright lights, mega-bucks gambling and extravagant shows have made this one of the most glamourous cities in the world.  For a bite to eat in the flamboyant metropolis, visit eateries such as Wynn’s SW Steakhouse, where you may bump into regulars including Tom Cruise. You can also count on Las Vegas to have bags of style; it’s a shopaholic’s paradise. Where else can you see the sights of New York, Paris and Egypt all in one fun-filled afternoon?


Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, lies at the heart of Central Europe. An exciting history, fascinating sightseeing and good value entertainment make this one of the true must-see cities in Europe. Prague is a stunning city through which the Vltava River flows, filled with a thousand years worth of manmade structures; it is the confluence of trade routes, political interests and cultural influences. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bono and Kylie Minogue have all visited this wonderful city.

The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

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The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

Opened by Elizabeth II in February 1976, the NEC has hosted performances by many international musicians and music groups, including major exhibitions several of which return to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) every year.

In a statement by Mark Felix Travelrobe’s spokesperson, he made mention of the travel arrangements that could be made through the site including Birmingham Hotels, Flights to and from Birmingham and car hire in Birmingham.

Mark Felix also went on to say that visitors travelling from Birmingham who needed parking at Birmingham airport could do so through their airport parking site www.airportessentials.com

Some of the acts that attract international visitors to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) include:

  • Beyonc?
  • Status Quo
  • David Bowie
  • Genesis
  • Tina Turner
  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • Christina Aguilera

Upcoming major events include:

  • BBC Gardeners’ World Live (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • BBC Summer Good Food Show (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • IT Decisions (Trade)23 – 24 Jun 2010

These events as stated by Travelrobe bring tremendous travel related business into Birmingham and by reaching these visitors through adverts, ppc, email marketing or through B2B ventures, the group believes they can gain market share.

Some of the hotels that can be book on the site include: Holiday Inn, Marriott, Britannia, Hilton, The Birmingham Hotel, The Rotunda, Copthorne Hotel, City Inn Birmingham, Ibis Birmingham, Malmaison Birmingham, Novotel Birmingham, Ramada Encore Birmingham, Hatters Birmingham, Brook Marston Farm Hotel and Menzies Strathallan Birmingham.

The Birmingham airport also offers reliable, easy, traveler friendly and high class parking facilities for the travellers’.  A variety of parking options are available for the travellers’ which are custom made to suit their requirements which could be long stay, short stay or pick up and drop off. The parking facilities in offering are:

Long Stay Parking:

Long stay parking facility 1 and 2 are on site surface car parks which are meant to provide economical and reliable parking to travellers who wish to go away for more than a week. Both the car parks are situated at a convenient site for the travellers’ as they are within close walking distance to the courtesy bus terminals.

This service is available to travellers’ all round the year and they operate every 15 minutes. Long stay car park 2 is Park Mark Accredited and is open only in the summer months. The long stay parking facility also has many security features like CCTV cameras and regular patrol by the staff.

Short and Medium Stay Parking:

The short and medium stay parking are for those travellers’ who wish to park for a few hours to a few days. The short and medium stay car parks are conveniently within walking distance of the airport terminals thus making it easy for the travellers’.

The short stay and medium stay car parks 1, 2, and 3 provide disabled parking on the ground floor. It also provides good security with regular patrol and CCTV cameras. All the medium and short term car parks provide excellent value to the travellers’.

Official Valet Parking:

The Birmingham airport parking allows valet parking facility for its customers. The travellers’ can leave their vehicles in the official valet parking drop and go zone, official staff will leave the car in the parking, and on return the valets will leave the vehicle back at the valet drop and go zone.

Picking Up And Dropping Off:

The Birmingham airport parking facility also allows rapid drop and go which is ideal for those who come to send off their friends and family.

For more information on Travelrobe visit www.travelrobe.com

For Birmingham Airport Parking, Birmingham Airport Lounge visit www.airportessentials.com

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Five Sights to See on a Barcelona City Break

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Five Sights to See on a Barcelona City Break

Barcelona is a Spanish city with a population of about 1.5 million. It is the second largest city in Spain. With a busy port, one would expect the city to be bustling with activities day and night. It has a seasonal climate, with the coldest months in December, January and February. In those months, temperatures can drop to as low as 9 degree centigrade. However, during summer, the weather can be as hot as 38 degree centigrade. So be prepared to dress appropriately depending on when you visit Barcelona. Here are some sights that may wish to consider visiting.
Ciutat Vella (The Old Town)
Every city with rich heritage and history will have a city center. For Barcelona, the name of the city center is Ciutat Vella. In ancient times, Barcelona was only a small Roman settlement that was protected by a massive defense wall. During the 14th and 15th century, the little settlement started to grow quickly. Buildings were erected, and winding streets were laid. The best way to explore this ancient town center is by foot. To appreciate the town center, one must not be in a hurry. Take your time to soak in the breath taking architecture of the ancient town center.
El Raval
Raval is a place that is distinctly different from ordinary town centers. The buildings are shabby, and the alleys are dark and narrow. They often appear more sinister than inviting. As you can expect, shady activities seem to take place in this area. For instance, some streets in El Raval make up part of the red light district in Barcelona. You can also find dodgy bars.
This place was once known as a poor district. However, that is changing rapidly. Because of its central location, more and more shops are starting to line the streets. As a result, the district has brightened up considerably. Perhaps the immigrants who are hungry for success will be hardworking enough to impact the district in a positive manner.
Las Ramblas (La Rambla)
Las Rambla is perhaps the most well known boulevard in Barcelona. The street is about 2 kilometers long, and is right smack in the middle of the city. That means you can expect it to be one of the most densely populated street in Barcelona. There is a lot of space for pedestrian to walk. As you walk, you will be able to buy all kinds of unique and interesting products from the traders that line the street. It is also common to find street traders performing on Las Ramblas.
Parc Ciutadella
Parc Ciutadella is right beside Ciutat Vella, the Old Town. It is a park that was created in the 1860s. This is where you can find time to relax and enjoy the greenery.
Hill Montjuic
Hill Montjuic is a landmark in Barcelona with considerable significance. It is over 200 meters above the busy harbor, and is a very popular tourist attraction. As it was used as a venue to host huge events such as the Olympic Games (1992), most tourists have already heard about this hill.

Spiritual Tourism in Uganda

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Spiritual Tourism in Uganda

It’s a pity Uganda has a not yet figured out a way to make this religious given situation as a tourist potential capable of eclipsing all other amazing, the level of reverence Uganda martyrs command globally. In the US alone there over 100 institutions named after the Uganda martyrs. Thirteen year old Kizito and Charles Lwanga seem to have a special appeal in the western world; many schools, churches and youth Associations are named after them.

Spiritual tourism is rated amongst the fastest growing businesses in the world. Just take a look at Saudi Arabia; Holy land to the Muslim faith, whereby the total number of pilgrims visiting the country every year is estimated to be 82,000 in the 1990 s to over 2million in 2007.

To facilitate the pilgrims on their Hajj, traders from all over the world, go to the holy land to do business; generating billion of dollars from Mecca and medina. However in 1980s the Saudi Authority imposed quotas to limit the number of pilgrims to around two million. This created a black market for places in the waiting lists established by Muslim government.

The wait in Iran, for example, could take 12 years. Some people would register as candidates for the pilgrimages and they sell there torn to others, for up to $ 10,000. Several countries like Israel and the Italy have also for years reaped big from the increasingly growing lucrative spiritual tourism sector.

Uganda has always been a popular tourist destination for all sorts of tourism, cultural, wildlife especially for gorilla trekking. This could explain why spiritual sub-sectors have not been in the spotlight, in spite of its huge potential.

The market for spiritual tourism is considerably small in the western world yet at the same time some of the potential attractions like the Uganda Martyrs are gaining ground. For Example many Black Americans in their campaign to get back their roots are adopting Uganda Martyrs as their patron saints. For years a number of them have been making annual pilgrimage to Namugingo to torch base with spiritual and racial roots.

Spiritual tourists are not easily turned away by things like poor weather. They are more tolerant, accommodative, dependable and generous. Take the example of Israel in the Middle East. Although the country has been in covered with insecurity since its inception the number of pilgrims that die in the hajji in Mecca every year has not stopped Muslims from going for the same activity.

Therefore traffic jams; the bad roads, bad food, poor accommodation facilities, the stuffy air and noise around the Namugongo shrine on every 3rd of June only make the pilgrims feel the worthiness of pilgrimage, Some pilgrims spend weeks walking; others sleep under trees all this in the name of attending Uganda martyrs day. The declaration Uganda martyrs both catholic and protestants and even a number of Muslims murdered by Mwanga in 1886 and Mutesa 1 respectively by the church has already gone along way in promoting the attraction. The government of Uganda needs to double its efforts in marketing and promoting the attraction in the outside world thereby increasing on the visitor numbers especially on Martyrs day.

Besides Namugongo, Uganda has other shrine in places like Munyonyo, Mityana, old Kampala, Nakivubo and Kyamula. Plans are in place to construct Mucuni Acholi Land, where Bishop Janan Luwumu was buried. Another place of worship worth being mentioned is the Bahai Temple on kikayi hill in Kampala. These are all potential tourists sites, where all sorts of business can be set up especially to cater for the need of spiritual tourists.

The only way of developing Uganda’s tourist potentials an be through embarking on aggressive world wide marketing strategy by stakeholders especially tour companies operating in Uganda like Africa Adventure safaris, Primate Adventure company being one of the leading Uganda gorilla safari provider and other safaris like Chimpanzee, rafting, wildlife and many more.

Its from this that the government of Uganda and church has tried to market the martyrs by declaring June 3rd a public Holiday thus giving the local population time to participate. Still there is a lot more that these institutions can do, for instance the government marketing the martyrs through the Ministry of tourism and the church in the pulpit and the pilgrims who go abroad for their various pilgrimages.

Manila Holiday – Travel Guide

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Manila Holiday – Travel Guide

Numerous locals call Manila as the city that never rests due to its very active commercial districts and nightlife The City of Manila is one of the 17 municipalities and cities that total Metro Manila. It is actually the capital city of the Philippines. With much of its populace coming from diverse ethnicities and traditions from all over the country. It is the center of trade, business, finance, politics and entertainment. This gorgeous and highly urbanized town houses the country’s major movie and music industries. For many Filipinos, it is the main city in the Philippines where dreams are made. Because of this , why many Filipinos from many provinces come to Manila to discover their luck, making it the largest heavily populated cities on the planet. Manila takes pride in many of its scenic spots and tourists destinations. Five star international resorts and other luxurious lodging are plentiful as well. Casino Filipino branches that are scattered inside the city are favorite destinations of tourists and casino aficionados. It is recognized as the top entertainment spot in the country with its hundreds of bars, cafes, dining places and night clubs.

It has been influenced greatly by the western culture especially when it comes to tunes and fashion. One of the places that you ought to not miss going to is the country’s center of government, the Malacanang Palace, the dwelling of the President of the Philippines. You can also take delight at century old church buildings and buildings such as Intramuros, San Sebastian Church, San Agustin Church, the Manila Cathedral and more. Other famous tourist destinations are the Manila Ocean Park, Metropolitan Theater, Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden and Rizal Park. If you love the nightlife, you can go to a bar strip with almost a hundred of different kinds and themes in Malate area.

Manila is also perfect for those who like to shop because it is littered with many beautiful shopping malls and shopping arcades in each turn. Additionally, it has a wide variety of restaurants from other countries such as Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and international fast food chains such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Shakey’s Pizza Hut and more.

Climate: The climate in Manila just like the remaining country is generally hot and humid throughout the year except summer months Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, which has very cool weathers throughout the year. This is because Manila lies inside the tropics and so temperatures don’t go lower than 20C degrees. It has only two months, the dry season from January to May, the hottest weathers occur during summer from March to May, and also the rainy season that occurs from June to December.

Transportation: Manila includes a very advanced public transport system which includes railways such as the Metro Railway Transit and the Light Railway Transit systems. Its main roads and highways in many cases are overloaded with many buses, metered taxis and colorful jeepneys. Jeepneys are public services that can occupy up to 16 passengers. It has two long seats facing each other, the only one of its kind on the planet.