Nairobi Safari Experience

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Nairobi Safari Experience

Nairobi more than lives up to its name of ‘Safari Capital of the World’ with scores and scores of exotic safari options. The city will definitely satiate the ones bitten by the nature bug.  After all, it is an unthinkable but nonetheless welcome break to play one of those daredevil Discovery Channel hosts by coming across a pride of lions in the desert of wilderness after the monotonous routine of city life in London. This destination is the gateway to different wildlife reserves of Kenya.

Your once in a lifetime will more than make up for the cost of those air tickets to Nairobi. Start your itinerary with a visit to the Nairobi Safari Walk facility for unforgettable memories of the wild. This walk takes one through forest, savannah, and wetland landscapes. The wetland serves as the entrance and its terraced layout accommodates a bewildering array of flora life. As one moves to the ground floor level, a captivating sight of exotic fauna life greets the onlooker. Right from the relatively tamer varieties like antelopes, zebras, and wilbeests, one can come up close to cheetahs, leopards, lions, rhinos, and hyenas. Rigid standards of safety are maintained but the experience leaves nothing to the imagination as one gets to behold animals roaming in simulated but absolutely natural habitats.

Further ahead is a release boma serving as a rhino enclosure. As one proceeds to the tropical dry forest, a melody of sounds from a colourful variety of bird life treats the ear. Here, it is a good idea to spend serene idyllic moments on one of the benches. The walking route opens into a look out zone offering mesmerising views of a water hole in the Nairobi National Park. Here, the lucky ones can spy on every type of animal. A board walk at tree top level finally caps the walk. There is a leopard blind here and you can behold the animal without the constraint of a glass barrier. The entire 1.5 km stretch of walk safari spells sheer natural bliss.

Though every wildlife reserve is a jewel in the crown for Kenya, the most widely known ones are Nairobi National Park, Tsavo National Park, Samburu and Shaba National Parks, and Maasai Mara National Park. As you take a safari through these wonderful gifts of nature, it appears that you have entered an overpopulated thriving city. The only difference is that these are green cities, where towering trees replace skyscrapers and exotic animals, both tame and aggressive, replace human beings.  Watching these animals from the confines of your vehicle gives an unparalleled high.

To make the most of your cheap air tickets to Nairobi, try to stay in one of the theme accommodations. One place that immediately comes to mind is the The Giraffe Manor. In this 120 acre property, you can feed giraffes right from the dining table of your second floor room. A safari in Nairobi cannot be described. It has to be experienced to be felt.

Fears and Questions That Tourists Have About South Africa

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Fears and Questions That Tourists Have About South Africa

Visitors coming to South Africa don’t always know what to expect or what they are going to see. Below I have selected some of the most asked questions and have supplied some suggestions but there are numerous things to do and see. So numerous in fact that if I had to write it all down here this article will turn out to be a book. So please use the suggestions but know that there are many more things on often in this incredible country.


South Africa is a land of incredible beauty but as a developing country you definitely have to be security conscious and inquire about the guidelines that need to be followed in regard to this at the airports, tourism information desks and police station. By following these guidelines you will have a hassle free and enjoyable holiday.

Should I visit Johannesburg?

Johannesburg isn’t a bad place to visit and there are a lot of interesting attractions in and around Johannesburg. If you enjoy shopping then this is definitely a shopper’s paradise from the Oriental Plaza to Sandton City there is a wide selection of boutiques, interesting items and many more. Most malls have restaurants, cinemas and much, much more. If you enjoy the gaming zone then go and look at some of the casinos such as Emperors palace, Carnival city and Gold reef city.

There are amusement parks and tours for everyday sight seers. If you’re feeling adventurous then take one of the township tours or stay in the 4star Protea hotel in Soweto.

If it’s wild life you’re after then Johannesburg offers a few day parks such as the lion park or elephant sanctuary and Johannesburg zoo is also a very popular attraction. All in all look at spending about 4 days in Johannesburg to see the sights and attractions and don’t miss out the night life.

Where are the good hiking areas?

If you are a hiking enthusiast then there are many hiking trails to be tried. My personal favourite is the hiking trails in Barberton near Nelspruit. The scenery is exquisite with its ruggedness and beauty. If you are looking for more information on different trails around South Africa then go to  to see some of the best trails in and around South Africa.

What type of safari is the best?

The best safari type outing is definitely the Kruger National Park which offers a wide range of accommodations from camping to luxury chalets. It is roughly the size of great Britain, so there is definitely a lot of exploring to be done. The best thing you can do is stay for about a week to experience some of the wonderful things to be experienced in the park such as night drives and sunrise guarded walks through the wild. There are a few other parks to be looked into like the Pielansberg nature reserve. For more information about South Africa’s parks and reserves go to southafrica-traveL on the net.

What is a good Wine tour?

The wine tours in the Western Cape are fantastic with a lot to offer. It is always a good idea to book a tour to the various wine routes but if you wanted to do so yourself then why not hire a car from places such as and please remember that South Africa has a strict policy against drinking and driving. A good site to go to for different tours on offer is wineanorak so look them up for more information.

What else is there to do?

Some other wonderful spots are on the Kwazulu Natal coastline and if you like fishing then don’t miss the Amanzimtoti Sardine run which occurs yearly and has turned into a wonderful festival called the Amanzimtoti sardine splash. Go visit the Grahamstown Arts festival for a cultural explosion occurring yearly this celebration of the arts is always a good fun and enlightening experience.

Should I fly, drive or go by train from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

The question of flying driving or going by train is a bit of a conundrum as it depends how much of South Africa you would like to see and how much time you have. To drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg can take 1 to 2 days depending on whether you stop half way or not but driving can be a pleasurable experience as you will be able to see a whole lot more of the diversity South Africa has to offer but word of warning try to plan the route before you go as it can be a very long journey if you don’t. Why not hire a car or get more information from Going by train is also a lot of fun to experience life in South Africa. It is a set journey that can take up to 5 days but you see some beautiful country side and have some fabulous experiences. Flying is obviously the quickest way to go as it takes an average of 2hrs to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg with many service providers for your flight booking. Shop around and you can probably find a very, very cheap ticket. 

Go and explore this welcoming and absolutely amazing country and see diversity and things of interest that you would never have imagined seeing or experiencing.

The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

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The Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) the Perfect Target For Travelrobe

Opened by Elizabeth II in February 1976, the NEC has hosted performances by many international musicians and music groups, including major exhibitions several of which return to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) every year.

In a statement by Mark Felix Travelrobe’s spokesperson, he made mention of the travel arrangements that could be made through the site including Birmingham Hotels, Flights to and from Birmingham and car hire in Birmingham.

Mark Felix also went on to say that visitors travelling from Birmingham who needed parking at Birmingham airport could do so through their airport parking site

Some of the acts that attract international visitors to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) include:

  • Beyonc?
  • Status Quo
  • David Bowie
  • Genesis
  • Tina Turner
  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • Christina Aguilera

Upcoming major events include:

  • BBC Gardeners’ World Live (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • BBC Summer Good Food Show (Public) 16 – 20 Jun 2010
  • IT Decisions (Trade)23 – 24 Jun 2010

These events as stated by Travelrobe bring tremendous travel related business into Birmingham and by reaching these visitors through adverts, ppc, email marketing or through B2B ventures, the group believes they can gain market share.

Some of the hotels that can be book on the site include: Holiday Inn, Marriott, Britannia, Hilton, The Birmingham Hotel, The Rotunda, Copthorne Hotel, City Inn Birmingham, Ibis Birmingham, Malmaison Birmingham, Novotel Birmingham, Ramada Encore Birmingham, Hatters Birmingham, Brook Marston Farm Hotel and Menzies Strathallan Birmingham.

The Birmingham airport also offers reliable, easy, traveler friendly and high class parking facilities for the travellers’.  A variety of parking options are available for the travellers’ which are custom made to suit their requirements which could be long stay, short stay or pick up and drop off. The parking facilities in offering are:

Long Stay Parking:

Long stay parking facility 1 and 2 are on site surface car parks which are meant to provide economical and reliable parking to travellers who wish to go away for more than a week. Both the car parks are situated at a convenient site for the travellers’ as they are within close walking distance to the courtesy bus terminals.

This service is available to travellers’ all round the year and they operate every 15 minutes. Long stay car park 2 is Park Mark Accredited and is open only in the summer months. The long stay parking facility also has many security features like CCTV cameras and regular patrol by the staff.

Short and Medium Stay Parking:

The short and medium stay parking are for those travellers’ who wish to park for a few hours to a few days. The short and medium stay car parks are conveniently within walking distance of the airport terminals thus making it easy for the travellers’.

The short stay and medium stay car parks 1, 2, and 3 provide disabled parking on the ground floor. It also provides good security with regular patrol and CCTV cameras. All the medium and short term car parks provide excellent value to the travellers’.

Official Valet Parking:

The Birmingham airport parking allows valet parking facility for its customers. The travellers’ can leave their vehicles in the official valet parking drop and go zone, official staff will leave the car in the parking, and on return the valets will leave the vehicle back at the valet drop and go zone.

Picking Up And Dropping Off:

The Birmingham airport parking facility also allows rapid drop and go which is ideal for those who come to send off their friends and family.

For more information on Travelrobe visit

For Birmingham Airport Parking, Birmingham Airport Lounge visit

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The Great Joys of Shopping in France

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The Great Joys of Shopping in France

Shopping In France

France is the ultimate shopping destination for the sophisticated consumer. It offers everything from the ultimate in haute couture to perfumes to wines and cheeses. And shopping in France is not the

utilitarian experience it can be elsewhere. Rather it’s a serious activity that demands attention and a certain flair.

First we look at Paris where the shops make up an important part of the fabric of the city’s cultural identity. Then we’ll head to Bordeaux which offers more than just its famous wines.

Shopping In Paris

Think of Paris and you think of designer fashions, perfumes, and accessories with brand names famous for their chic the world over. But of course they come with hefty price tags. Here’s a tip. Bargain seekers should do their window shopping at the grand fashion houses to get a feel of what’s in vogue. Then head to the budget shops and markets to get similar items at pennies on the dollar.

If you’re short on time you can get all your designer labels under one roof at one of the large French department stores. The two queens, les grands magasins Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, sit side-by-side on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement. Fully exploring them could take days.

If you want the real Paris shopping experience, head for one of the unique wonders of the city – the galleries or passages. These are glass-roofed shopping arcades that date back to the 19th century. They ooze charm and transform rainy days into episodes of romance and discovery.

Don’t’ forget that Sundays are closing days for most stores in Paris. But fear not, one of the city’s many flea markets will provide a great alternative shopping experience.

Shopping In Bordeaux

Bordeaux is truly one of Europe’s best kept shopping secrets. In the scenic charm of the city you’ll find the world’s most popular brand names: Cartier and Rolex for watches, Hermes and Christian Lacroix for fabrics and clothes, Louis Vuitton for luggage, Mont Blanc for pens, the list is endless.

Bordeaux is home to the longest pedestrianised street in Europe. Rue St. Catherine runs from the stately Place de la Comedie to the student district near the place de la Victoire. And its entire length is graced with some of the country’s premier shopping outlets.

Bordeaux’s epicenter for shopping is known fittingly as the Golden Triangle. This triangle contains the prime shopping zones of the All?es de Tourny, the Cours de l’Intendance and the Cours Clemenceau. In its heart is the Place des Grands-Hommes, where you’ll find Bordeaux’s most prestigious outlets.

If such luxury doesn’t tempt you, don’t worry. Bordeaux is home to a plethora of chain stores that offer good value purchases. And the local boutiques offer distinctive items without the brand name mark ups.

And of course don’t forget the wine. The Bordeaux region is France’s premier wine making area and you can get sublime local vintages by the bottle or by the case.

For shoppers who want to spend some time in France, check the internet for cheap France hotels and find Paris hotels or cheap Bordeaux hotels.

Hire Mozambique – Why Mozambique in a 4×4 will exceed your best expectations

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4×4 Hire Mozambique – Why Mozambique in a 4×4 will exceed your best expectations

Mozambique is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for European travellers looking for an adventurous 4×4 “island-like” sea holiday in Southern Africa. With some research and creative planning it is possible to visit Northern Natal, Swaziland, Mozambique and the Kruger National Park with Mozambique as the main destination.  To get the most out of a visit to Mozambique a traveller needs to hire a reliable and well equipped 4×4. Unfortunately there are no 4×4’s for hire in Mozambique. The nearest city to Mozambique, with an International Airport and 4×4 rentals is Pretoria or Johannesburg.

When hiring a 4×4 make sure you do business with a reputable 4×4 rental company with good testimonials, track records and vehicles. Also make sure that the vehicles are well maintained and in a good condition. A breakdown in Mozambique is not the end of the world, but being a poor 3rd world country it usually takes longer to get sorted out.

One of the best things about having a rental 4×4 in Mozambique is that many of the best resorts, campsites and viewpoints can only be reached by 4×4. The EN1 is the main road along the coast leading from Maputo to Gorangosa National Park in Central Mozambique, parts of this road is in a terrible condition. The risk of a puncture or suspension damage is multiplied by ten when driving in a regular sedan.

Most travellers are so focussed on Mozambique that they forget how much more they can get out of their 4×4 holiday.

When hiring a 4×4 to visit Mozambique one of the main concerns are the border crossings with the rental 4×4. Unfortunately Mozambique is a very popular destination for stolen vehicles as well. Due to this stigma many travellers are worried about the legal aspects of a hired 4×4 and border crossings. According to Ivory 4×4 Hire, border crossings with the correct documentation is painless and quick except for the KomatiPoort border. KomatiPoort is the busiest border post between South Africa and Mozambique, it is advisable to rather travel through Swaziland or the Kruger National Park, that way you’ll not encounter any problems or long queues at the border post.

A well planned trip can include a visit to the biggest above ground granite rock in the world, let you sleep in a traditional Swazi Hut, visit the St Lucia Wetlands World Heritage site, scuba dive on the spectacular reefs at Ponta Malongane, visit the Mozambican capital – Maputo, drive all the way North along the beautiful Mozambican coastline to Inhambane where you can stay at Paindane right next to the sea. From Paindane you can drive to a South Africa/Mozambique border post inside the Kruger National Park and spend your last few days in the world’s most famous National Park.

I’ve not come across a single person who travelled Mozambique in a hired 4×4 who wasn’t well impressed by the beauty of the country, friendliness of the people and unspoilt beaches of Mozambique. It is well worth your while to venture out of your comfort zone and hire a 4×4 to visit this beautiful country in Southern Africa.

Old People can Travel to Moon

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Old People can Travel to Moon

Are there people and places you wish to visit, like old friends from high school, out-of-state relatives, a new country you’ve never been to, or even a favorite vacation spot you’d like to revisit? This is a great time to make some travel plans and with a little prior planning, your trip can cost you very little while giving you memories that are worth a fortune. Research is important as it will educate you about the area and help create excitement and motivation for actually taking it. As a person looking for seniors travel insurance you should visit that site.
Are you aware that doctors believe the greater the activity as we get older means the more energy and good health we will enjoy? Traveling is an ideal way to stay physically active and mentally alert. When you are traveling to new places you’re engaging both your mind and soul in a variety of ways, keeping both of them sharp and feeling good. People over the age of fifty are starting to outnumber younger travelers, thanks to advances in the medical field that have allowed people to live longer lives on the whole.
Here are some tips to help you stay safe when traveling so your trips will always be enjoyable instead of stressful. Seek out a travel agent that knows how to provide special care to senior travelers. Be selective when choosing your traveling partners. You always want to travel with at least one other person for safety and enjoyment. While family is always a great choice, don’t forget to think about neighbors and friends, as well.
Group travel will usually get you a discount on airfare and accommodations. Another tip is to learn to travel light. Very lightweight luggage is available with or without wheels. Wheeled luggage is very easy to maneuver through airports, train stations and car rental agencies. If you take medications, it’s recommended to have a copy of the prescription with the doctor’s signature on it, especially for medications such as narcotics. Doctor’s notes and this evidence will greatly simplify moving through airport security with these medications. You can get the bestover 70 travel insurance information by visiting this website.
In addition,travelers insurance is also available.If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, the cost of your trip could be refunded to you. Many cover medical expenses while traveling, but be sure to ask the insurance company before you leave. Every insurance company has different policies, so it is best to know if you are covered before you leave home. Take the time to research the place you plan on visiting ahead of time.
For senior travelers being prepared ahead of time assures them of a problem free vacation. A few of the following safety tips may be of help to you.
Be prepared to take along enough prescription medication to last the length of your trip and extra seven days. It’s better to be over prepared than to wind up in a far flung back country without the medication you need. Many seniors check with their doctor, get a physical, before taking vacations or extended travel. Talk to your physician about the steps you should take in case the unexpected happens.
Be sure to keep a list with you all the time that lists information about your health conditions and medications you may be taking, and contacts for your family and doctor. Give copies to your traveling companions and place a copy in your wallet. Make your travel buddies aware of any health conditions you may have and when to contact emergency personnel.
Remember to ask your doctor about proper times for medication, if you’ll be crossing time zones, and the best way to handle that situation. Also be careful that the local foods you eat are not going to interact unfavorably with those medications. Boost current vaccinations or get new ones. Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to get specific immunizations before you go–sometimes up to six weeks in advance. Drink lots of water during each flight, as the air inside planes is quite dry. Sitting for long periods of time can leave you with stiff joints and a high level of fatigue. Avoid this by occasionally walking up and down the aisle, as well as frequent stretching.
When packing your suitcases, try to limit your items to only those you know you will actually need; this prevents you from having to carry more than necessary. Don’t forget to pack one item for weather that might be unseasonably warm or cold. A sweater or throw will be handy for cool evenings and air-conditioned buildings, even in tropical locales. If possible, take along clothing that you’ll be able to wash and then wear again.
Make sure you take along shoes that will be supportive on long walks. However, be mindful of what your clothing could possibly say about you. Fanny packs and large totes may advertise that you are a tourist. Be aware of your surroundings and carry a bag that can be zipped closed and worn across the chest.Do not keep all of your money or valuables in one place in case of loss or theft. Today air travel is very efficient but luggage can be lost or directed to the wrong destination. Mark your luggage with your name and the destination you are traveling to. This will help the airline reunite you with your belongings as quickly as possible. Make sure you let others know where you are going and how long you plan to be away. Have a neighbor collect your mail and newspaper and keep an eye on your home. Provide a relative or friend with a list that includes all your destinations, the time frame in which you expect to be traveling to those areas, and contact
information for your hotels.